Mini Vape Showdown

Mini Disposable Showdown: Myle vs Stig vs Mojo vs Twst


Disposable Vape Popularity


There are two major types of disposable vape on the market: stick disposables and disposable mini vapes. It is time to take a closer look at the mini vapes on the market today and see which one has the best combination of flavor and performance.


The competitive disposable vape market is fueled by potent nic salts and a wide selection of the flavors that adult vapers prefer. Disposable vapes sales was already surging when Juul pulled their top four flavors from the market.


Most adult vapers are just looking for a convenient, flavorful and discrete device. And there is no easier way to vape than disposables. If you are looking for an alternative to your favorite Juul flavor, make sure you check out our comprehensive resource pages:


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Nic Salts


Disposable ecigs have been around the early days of the vaping revolution but the current crop of disposables are much more effective than their first generation predecessors. The secret to their efficacy is nic salt. This type of nicotine has a lower pH than the standard freebase nicotine. This allows ejuice makers to ramp up the nicotine level without making the inhale too harsh for the average vaper to tolerate.


For the full story, check out our deep-dive: What is Salt Nic?


Nic salts allow for nic strengths that were previously unheard of. The typical box mod user will use a high VG ejuice of between 0 and 0.6 percent. Anything about 2.4 percent is pretty rare with regular ejuice, even for cartomizer users. Nic salts on the other hand are typically sold at strengths between 2.5 and 5 percent. Disposables take this a step further, with the Eon St!k using a 6.8% nic salt and several rivals hitting the 6% mark.


What this greater nic strength means is that it does not take much vapor to satisfy your cravings. This allows for a device which generates less vapor. Less vapor means less ejuice and battery juice expended per puff. This opened the door for smaller designs. Juul was the first company to cash in big time on the nic salts revolution.



Zaero Disposable Vape



Although the subject of this article are mini-style disposables or mini vapes, the discussion of nicotine strengths leads us to the primary drawback of disposable vapes in general. This is a lack of nicotine strength options. All of the mini vapes reviewed have a nic strength of 5 or 6 percent and no other strength options.


If you are looking for a lower nic strength, you will have to turn to the stick style Zaero Disposable. It is available in four nicotine strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. The lower nicotine strength options are still nic salts, which translates into silky smoothness, and the flavors are sharp and bright. For more information on the Zaero, check out our complete Zaero Disposable Vapes review


Teen Vaping Epidemic


The small form factor and minimal vapor production of nic salt vape pods and disposables allows for very discrete vaping. This is great for an adult looking to get a quick fix on break at work or while grilling in the backyard. But the downside is that odorless and tiny vaping devices are easier to conceal, and pack a bigger nicotine punch. This has drawn unwanted attention in the midst of the teen vaping epidemic.


At Vapor4Life, we have no interest in selling our products to minors, non-smokers and adults who do not vape. Our goal is to help smokers switch to vaping and for vapers to gradually reduce their nicotine level before quitting. If you are concerned that a minor in your charge is vaping, make sure you check out our Guide to Spotting Teen Vaping.


It is often difficult to spot teen vaping due to the use of small devices. It turns out the fanciful, and oft-vilified, flavors and service revolver sized box mods are used almost exclusively by adults.



The idea that children are lured by names like Unicorn Milk and Scooby Snacks is a figment of some vivid Baby Boomer imaginations. Vaping among US teens directly coincided with the introduction potent, easy to conceal, odorless and nearly vaporless prefilled vape pod kits and nic salts. When using these pods, it also seems natural that minors would prefer the flavors that adult vapers have determined taste superior.


There is a misconception about “kid-friendly” flavors, Juul Mint was the most popular flavor among minors until it was discontinued. On the flip side of the coin, retro e-juice packaging targets adult vapers. Now that Juul Mint is gone, it seems unlikely that teens will now embrace low-nicotine, high VG vaping and mods, even though these have the sweetest and most complex flavors. Their motivation seems to be nicotine and discrete form factor.


Disposable Vapes


Most of the disposable vapes on the market fall into one of two categories. There is the classic stick style disposable. These are about four inches long, quite narrow and rectangular. They generally have a metallic outer shell and small plastic mouth piece at one end. The ejuice and coil are located at the top of the device and the battery takes up the bottom half. We reviewed the full array of disposables in our feature The Best Disposable Vapes.



The second style of disposable is the mini. We are reviewing this style today. In the mini design, the battery and ejuice reservoir are laid parallel to each other inside of a plastic shell which is slightly wider than the stick disposable. This packaging layout allows for a shorter device. The minis all measure less than 3 inches in length.


The wider shape of the mini also lends itself to a larger shaped mouthpiece. With the smaller size, there is a slight tradeoff in ejuice capacity. The mini disposables reviewed today hold between 1.0 and 1.2ml of ejuice. The stick style disposables range between 1.2 and 1.8ml. Both generally rely on a battery that is 280mAh.


Mini Vapes



Mini disposables are also a bit different than stick style disposables in that they use closed vape pod of ejuice rather than a polyfill soaked in ejuice.  In theory, this should give the mini style a bit more shelf life staying power but in practice, you are talking about a one-time use device that isn’t intended to be used a year down the road.


Here is an image of a dismantled Mojo and Eon St!k, with laid next to an intact Blow Stix and Twst Disposable. These dismantled devices have been in my desk a while and the ejuice would not normally be quite this dark or dry in the case of the Eon.



You could repeat this process on the dozens of devices on the market and discover there isn’t a lot technologically speaking that separates the mini disposables from each other, or that distinguishes the many stick style disposables.


The lone outlier is the Posh Plus Disposable Vape. It is a much larger device, with a 450mAh battery and has a cylindrical shape. The polyfill in a Posh Plus looks an awful lot like an eGo cartomizer or Smileomizer. In fact, it would seem to only need a rechargeable battery to be a fully functioning ecig.


A used, empty and now headless Posh Plus showing off its cartomizer roots. 


Within the two major categories of disposables, there is little to distinguish the competitors but flavor.


Stig Vape



The Stig was an early entrant in the nic salts powered, disposable vape arms race. In our review of the Stig Disposable Vape Pod from earlier this year, we were huge fans. The term pod may seem a bit confusing in one time use device. Presumably, they are referring to the fact that the ejuice is stored in an internal pod and not in a soaked polyfill, which is the case in stick style vapes.


Described as “ultra-portable”, the Stig is said to be the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. This lofty number can be traced to a potent 6 percent nic salt formula and a 1.2ml ejuice capacity.  Unlike like some of the suspiciously inflated numbers being thrown around by disposable vape makers, the estimated 230 to 270 puffs does not seem too outrageous.


The Stig is an autodraw device and simplicity is one of its primary selling points. It has a nice draw and finely formed mouthpiece. The plastic finish is smooth and it feels well put together.


The Stig Disposable is also just about as portable as possible. But with other competitors offering similar performance and packaging, the Stig’s selling point is flavor. There are four to choose from. Two are formulated by ejuice powerhouse VGod: Lush Ice and Iced Mango Bomb. The other two flavors are Cubano and Mango, which is a great Juul Mango alternative.


The Stig is sold in three packs and is an excellent price performer. Despite being a disposable, it ends up costing less per ml than a Juul and is comparable to its prefilled vape pod rivals the Vuse Alto and MyBlu.


Stig Disposable Vape Pod Flavors


Lush Ice Stig Vape


This was the first Lush Ice disposable vape I ever had a chance to sample. And it was immediately clear that the Lush Ice Stig Disposable was going to be a smash hit. VGod gets a lot of credit here. This 6 percent nic salt is ideal for a disposable vape or nic pod. The frigid finish really enhances the mild watermelon flavor, which is quite light and not overly sweet. This is quite simply a tasty, cool and refreshing flavor. It has all the flavor components that a fruit vaper is looking for with an icy finish that appeals to fans of arctic menthol vapes.


Iced Mango Bomb Stig Vape


Iced Mango Bomb Stig Disposable is the second VGod offering available on the Stig Vape. Menthol vapers will love the coolness but there is plenty of sweet, juicy and ripe mango flavor on inhale and exhale. The combination of menthol and fruit seems custom designed for tight drawing disposable vapes and the Stig delivers crystal clear flavor from start to finish.


Tropical Mango Stig Vape


A great Juul Mango alternative, this is a very solid fruit nic salt formula. Mild and balanced, this is not an overly candied mango but has stronger flavor notes than many of its competitors. Overall, the Tropical Mango Stig Disposable is a very fine fruit vape and certainly a solid contender in competitive field.



Cubano Stig Vape


The danger of a flavor ban still looms over the vaping industry but there are some excellent tobacco ejuices on the market. If you prefer tobacco nic salts to regular ejuice, it is worth giving the Cubano Stig Disposable a shot. It is a rich and complex tobacco, with the depth of a cigar in flavor but the convenience of a disposable.


Myle Mini




The Myle Mini is an all-in-one disposable vape. With a nic strength of 5 percent and an ejuice capacity of 1.2ml. The number of puffs you can extract from a disposable depends on how deeply you inhale but figure the Myle is good for a couple hundred. Despite its miniature size, less than 3 inches, it has a quality feel and delivers packs great flavor and tight draw. The Myle Mini is sold in packs of two and is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes.


The Myle feels well-built and is nicely weighted. It is impressively small and cleverly packaged. The black livery may be a feature for adult vapers who prefer not to wheel around luridly colored vapes. The plastic has a nicely textured feel and the mouthpiece is well-tapered, if smaller than some of its rivals.


Iced Watermelon Myle Mini Vape


Like many of the disposable vapes on the market, the Myle Mini lineup is anchored with a lush ice flavor. The Iced Watermelon Myle Mini Disposable has a soothing and sweet watermelon inhale. The exhale is extremely cool and packs in plenty of menthol freeze. There is a reason Lush Ice and Iced Watermelon flavors are a huge hit with vapers and the Myle delivers a crystal clear flavor that is easy to enjoy all day.


Iced Quadberry Myle Mini Vape


Mixed berry formulas just work when it comes to vaping, and the Myle Iced Quadberry Disposable is no exception. A blend of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and black currant, is a simply irresistible. The flavors complement rather than compete. As a result, Iced Quadberry is a deep flavor. There is a nice level of tartness and an icy cold finish. The discerning vaper can easily identify each berry and will appreciate how the diverse flavors work together as a team. This is a disposable vape that does not sacrifice flavor.


Iced Apple Mango Myle Vape


Mangoes are nowhere near the most popular fruit in America but mango inspired nic salts are almost certainly the most popular fruit flavored vape juice. The reason is simple. The distinct flavor of mango is sweet, refreshing and balanced with just enough tart to make for a great all day vape. But vapers are beginning to demand more than just plain mango and the Iced Apple Mango Myle Disposable delivers big-time. Juicy apples add sweetness and depth. An icy cold mint serves as a perfect counterbalance and makes the Iced Apple Mango Myle Mini an ideal disposable for fans of fruit vapes. 


Pink Lemonade Myle Vape


Fans of disposables can now enjoy one of the most popular flavors of summer year round. A refreshing all-day vape, the Pink Lemonade Myle Mini Disposable is a delectable blend of tart, sour and sweet. The kick of fresh lemons is balanced out with a sugary inhale. This smooth nic salt formula has a strength of 5 percent and each Myle Mini contains 1.2ml of vape juice. Myle Mini disposables are sold in packs of two, which is the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes.


Mojo Vapes



With a tight draw and designed to emulate the smoking experience, the autodraw Mojo Disposable Vape is an all-in-one, single use nic salt ecig with an ejuice capacity of 1.2ml and a nic strength of 5 percent. One of the earlier releases in the mini-disposables arena, the Mojo is available in seven unique flavors. Less than 3 inches long and a real feather weight, the Mojo is one of the easiest ways to vape and the flavors are competitive with its fellow mini-disposable rivals.


The Mojo uses colored plastics rather than black for the shell. This makes it easy to tell the flavors a part and adds a panache to proceedings. That being said, the plastic is smooth and this gives a slightly cheaper feel versus the Twst and Myle. But that is all perception and subjective, as the reality is that all of these rivals utilize a similar design and comparable hardware.


Lemon Dessert Mojo Vape


Adults have been transitioning from cigarettes to vaping for a decade now, and surveys have shown that these adult smokers prefer flavored vapes over tobacco flavors. Dessert vapes were once one of the most popular category of flavored vapes but they are not particular common in disposables, where fruit and ice flavors are the order of the day. Lemon Dessert Mojo Disposable is nice change of pace. A sharp blend of vanilla, lemon, cake and blast of sweetness make this an extremely enjoyable flavor.


Menthol Mojo Vape


The clean and enjoyable flavor of menthol appeals to former smokers who switch to vaping, whether they once used menthol cigarettes or not. The Menthol Mojo Disposable is cold, crisp and the flavor quite clear. You get the frigid exhale and plenty of minty flavor tones on inhale. This is a solid Juul Mint alternative.


Pineapple Ice Mojo Vape


The distinct pineapple flavor of the Pineapple Ice Mojo Disposable melds seamlessly with the cool menthol exhale. Fruit and ice combinations are right in the wheelhouse of tight drawing and flavorful disposable ecigs, and Mojo did a great job when formulating this ejuice. The tanginess and depth of the pineapple is positively mouthwatering.


Mango Mojo Vape


A sweeter mango flavor, the fruity goodness of the Mango Mojo Disposable shines through in every puff. The flavor is light and delicate, less ripe and perhaps more candied than many of its mango nic salt rivals. A worthy contender in a crowded field, this is a superb Juul Mango alternative.  


Grape Mojo Vape


The sweet flavor of grape is a time tested favorite. The Mojo Grape Disposable is a classic Concord style flavor, but not overpoweringly artificial. There is a distinct grape flavor and deep flavor notes, rather than an overpoweringly sweet inhale. Overall, this is a fine fruit flavor that will also hit all the right notes for fans of candied flavors.


Mojo Peach Vape


After one puff of the Mojo Peach Disposable, fans of fruity nic salts will find everything is peachy keen. This flavor hits all the right notes. The distinct juicy peach flavor is there, syrupy and enticing, the smooth finish and tight draw really accentuate the quality of this vape juice. It is not too sweet by any means, but the authentic fruit notes are mostly found on inhale.


Mojo Strawberry Vape


The succulent flavor of strawberry explodes from every puff of the Mojo Strawberry Disposable. This flavor avoids overwhelming your sweet tooth with a thoughtfully blended berry inhale. Another fine fruit disposable from Mojo, this is a go-to vape for fans of strawberry salt nic.


Twst Disposable Vape



The Twst Disposable is the most recently launched competitor in the mini vape arena. A product of Twist ELiquids, it takes full advantage of the legendary line of Twst Salts. If you love these flavors, this is the disposable vape for you. If you are unfamiliar with Twist Eliquids previous work, they specialize in balanced fruit flavors which blend sweet and tart flavor elements.


A nice touch on the device is the carbon fiber-like texture which they have applied to the disposable. With an ejuice capacity of 1ml and a nic strength of 5 percent, the Twst Disposable is immediately thrust to the front of a competitive mini-vape market because their flavor combinations simply work and are designed as balanced, all-day vapes.


Click here to view a complete review of the Twst Disposable Vape.


Pink Lemonade Punch Twst Disposable Vape


A legacy flavor that can trace its roots back to the high-VG Twist Eliquid days, the Pink Lemonade Punch Twst Disposable has an inspired flavor. It is never cloying but also avoids being too citrusy or lemony. Instead, it strikes a nice balance with a nice tart inhale, sweet mouthfeel and fruity exhale. This flavor works as well as a disposable as its predecessor did in subohm box mods.


Iced Pink Lemonade Punch Twst Disposable Vape


A punchy blend of icy menthol and Twst’s famous pink lemonade, the disposable Iced Pink Lemonade Punch by Twst is a great reminder of why so many adults have made the switch from combustible cigarettes to vaping. Cool as ice on exhale but bouncing with flavor on inhale, Iced Pink Lemonade Punch makes great use of a legacy nic salt flavor and is outrageously good.


Iced Madness Twst Disposable Vape


Introducing the obligatory Lush Ice flavor from Twst. This is the flavor that fans of watermelon ice nic salts have been waiting for. The master formulators at Twst did a great job on this one, as they had to since the competition is cut throat. The watermelon is unusually fresh flavored and vibrant, it does not get too sweet or floral, instead it remains juicy and complex. The ice is plenty cool for fans of menthol vapes. Why not compare and contrast your favorite Lush Ice flavors to pick your favorite? The Iced Madness Twst Disposable certainly belongs on the short list.


Iced Fruit Punch Twst Disposable


The lamentably mediocre Juul Fruit Medley gave mixed berry and fruit punch vapes a bad name. It was easily outstripped in popularity by both Juul Mango and Juul Mint. Although Fruit Medley did have its fans but in general it was a muted flavor. This is a shame because fruit vapes can really pop with vibrancy.


The Iced Fruit Punch Twst Disposable makes a great Juul Fruit Medley alternative but in many ways it outshines the now defunct Juul flavor. It has greater depth and brightness, the fruit punch flavor is silken and refreshing. To top it off, it has an icy cold menthol finish which really enhances this sweet vape. Falling into both the fruit and beverage vape category, this is a complex and flavorful fruit punch vape.  



Final Thoughts


Flavor is very subjective and the performance of the four mini vapes reviewed is quite similar. If there is a device which has your favorite flavor, provided you are of legal age to vape, that is the right choice for you.


The Mojo has the widest selection of flavors including a dessert vape. If you like the summery flavors of Twst Salts, shopping for mini disposables is fairly easy. But the Twst is tied with the Stig for smallest selection of flavors and they are all bunched around the fruity and icy end of the spectrum. The Stig's four flavors are a veritable greatest hits of nic salt vaping: Mango, Mint, Lush Ice, Mango Ice and Tobacco.


The Myle only has one additional flavor but they managed to include a few unique takes, including the very strong Iced Quadberry and Iced Apple Mango.