This is a guest post written by LadyStrick9, from Chesapeake, VA who often refers to herself as a ʺvapaholicʺ. What's in a name? The Vapor4Life Forum has hundreds of members and today I'm going to introduce "MissEmma". When I learned she is from West Virginia I instinctively pictured a sweet, southern woman living in a small town, that everyone knew by her homemade apple pie or strawberry preserves. I decided that MissEmma must be similar to one of the female characters on Mayberry  and was most likely called "Aunt Emma" or "Miss Emma" in real life.
Let me tell you folks, MissEmma  ain't no "Aunt Bea". She doesn't even come close. MissEmma's real name is Dr. Lisa Fazalare, Au.D.,FAAA, an accomplished and well-educated, woman who may very well make a great apple pie. Once you get to know MissEmma though, a baker is probably not how you would describe her. Lisa is a Doctor of Audiology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. She probably doesn't spend much time meandering about her back yard, tugging at the weeds around her strawberry plants or stirring up batches of jams and jellies.   The degrees Lisa studied at West Liberty State College and West Virginia University. Lisa received her Bachelors in Speech Pathology and Audiology in 1991 and a Masters in Audiology in 1993. Lisa took a job at Louis A. Johnson, VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, WV. Then she went back to school yet again to receive her Doctor of Audiology in May 2010 from the University of Florida. The vaping experience Lisa smoked for most of her adult life. In January 2012 Lisa was at her hair salon
Lisa vaping"
chatting with a women named Beth. Beth had just started vaping and explained to Lisa that she had researched electronic cigarette companies, and based on finding reviews proclaiming excellent customer service, she placed an order with Vapor4Life. Beth let Lisa try her e-cigarette. Lisa loved it and within a week she had placed an order with Vapor4Life for her own starter kit. She hasn't smoked since. Lisa and Beth have become close friends, getting together regularly, exchanging juice flavors and sampling new items. Both are regular, respected members of the Vapor4Life Forum. They love visiting the Forum to meet new members and chat with friends they have made since joining. A doctor with passion  €˜Passion' barely describes Lisa's love for animals, particularly her own. She has tremendous pride and passion in both her academic achievements and for her beloved dogs: Jake, Emma, Twinkle and Benny. She also keeps five  cats: Mama Cat Elliot, Petie (Townsend) Ruby (Tuesday), Sylvie(a) Plath and William.
Benny and Twinkle"
Emma was a black Lab and Border Collie mix, who as a puppy was found under a friend's cabin. Lisa fell in love with Emma immediately. Tragically, when Emma was about one year old, she was hit by a car. Her back legs were permanently paralyzed. Lisa said she wasn't going to put her down because she was otherwise in good health. First Lisa  helped Emma to heal, then learn to move around using  a unique "canine cart". Each day Lisa put fresh bandages on Emma's paralyzed feet to keep them from getting rubbed raw as she made her way around. When Emma passed  seven years ago it left a huge hole in Lisa's heart, but fond and loving memories of their time together remain. Jakie, a 2 year old Dalmatian, weighed just 35 pounds and needed a home and plenty of TLC when he came to Lisa's house for a brief "foster" stay while he gained weight and improved his health. But after Lisa saw how much Emma loved Jake, she knew she couldn't part with this scrawny, loving pile of polka dots. Jake passed in January of this year. Lisa is still grieving his loss, but happy for the time they spent together and the love and companionship he gave Emma. Twinkle is Lisa's 9 year old  Terrier and Jack Russell mix, who came to Lisa's home in 2003. Lisa was asked to keep the dog for just one night while a foster family was getting ready for her. But Lisa couldn't let go of Twinkle and her strong adoration for the newest member of the family. Lisa cheerfully describes her dog Benny's birth on Christmas Day. Her tone suggests that the importance of his arrival is just a notch or two below the birth of Jesus Christ. There are no words to describe the pride in Lisa's voice when she talks about her pet family. Lisa happily tends to her little zoo with much love and compassion. You can usually find LadyStrick9 on the V4L Forum networking with members and guests.