With the popularity of pod mods taking over the vape industry, companies keep gunning to come out with the next big thing. The Aspire Breeze 2 does just that by creating a variation on a form. If you’re familiar with the Aspire Breeze, you’re probably already aware of how simple it is to use. This article will walk you through the differences and upgrades you’ll find in the Aspire Breeze 2, along with some tips on how to use it. The design of the Aspire Breeze 2 is not all too different from the original Aspire Breeze. It’s compact, with a brushed matte finish that’s available in the same standout colors as its predecessor.  In fact, the Breeze and Breeze 2 coils are even cross compatible. I’d say the biggest difference that sets the Aspire Breeze 2 apart from the original is the mod’s function. Whereas the Aspire Breeze has a built-in refillable tank, the Aspire Breeze 2 uses a refillable 3 ml pod system to hold its liquid. That ends up giving you an extra 1 ml e-liquid over the standard Breeze’s built-in tanks. You’ll also get a slightly longer battery life with the Aspire Breeze 2, which uses a 1000 mah battery compared to the Aspire Breeze’s 650 mah battery. The revamped tank/pod design on the Aspire Breeze 2 works with the increased battery power and the company’s U-shaped coils to deliver a solid mouth-to-lung hit that’s exactly what you’re looking for if you’re a smoker just starting to vape. Try the Aspire Breeze 2 or the Aspire Breeze (or try both!) and let us know what you think.