Mr Fogg Max versus Puff Bar Plus versus Posh Plus XL

Mr Fog Max versus Puff Bar Plus versus Posh Plus XL

There is an arms race in the world of disposable vapes. Nic salt disposable ecigs started as mostly stick style devices with a few even smaller devices like Stig. But they have been morphing into something altogether different: powerful devices that can last multiple days and hold more eliquid than any refillable vape pod kit.

Our feature on the longest lasting disposable vapes examines some of the biggest guns on the market. But for some adult vapers, the largest disposable possible is not what they are looking for. They want something more cutting edge than an original Puff Bar but are not interested in a device holding 6.5ml of eliquid like the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max or Sea XXL.  

Luckily, there are plenty of longer lasting disposables that hit this sweet spot. Today we look at three of the most popular.


Mr Fog Max

The Mr Fog Max is a longer lasting disposable ecig that holds 3.5ml of eliquid and has a nic strength of 5 percent. While the device itself is high quality and well-made, its most unique trait is its collection of delicious fruit nic salts. Unlike the typical “fruit plus menthol” combos, Mr Fog made an effort to create some unique and bright flavor combinations. Nothing too radical, but enhanced versions of the flavors that adult vapers prefer. It is also not an overly large device. A smidge taller than Smok Novo 2 but narrower, it fits easily in the palm of your hand.

The draw manages to retain some tautness without taking inordinate effort draw out the flavor. The Apple Peach Ice Mr Fog Disposable Vape and Blue Raspberry Lemon Mr Fog are my two favorites. But the Mango Pineapple Mr Fog manages to bring sweetness to the table without being too cloying. Berry Peach Ice Mr Fog is a second of the popular fruit and ice nic salts that are so popular with adult vapers. And the lineup is rounded off with a strong Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi. I wouldn’t mind a creamier dessert vape option, like the Strawberry Mac Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max, but overall this is a lineup that manages some unique flourishes while providing the familiar fruit notes which most adult nic salt vapers are looking for.

Tobacco Free Nicotine

Like Orchard Blends ELiquids, Mr Fog uses tobacco free nicotine (TFN). What are the advantages of tobacco free nicotine? S-isomer nicotine, the purest form of tobacco free nicotine, is a great base for salt nic. To briefly summarize, the nicotine molecule has two stereoisomers that are mirror images. But only the S-Isomer is thought to have physiological effects, while the R-isomer only appears in small amounts in tobacco sourced nicotine.

With this in mind, formulators of TFN have created a synthetic nicotine that does not contain R-Isomer nicotine. What does this mean? In practical terms, you only have to consume half as much S-Isomer nicotine to equal the effect of R+S Isomer nicotine. For this reason, they recommend steering clear of most companies steer clear of R+S Isomer nicotine as the S-Isomer more closely matches the experience of tobacco derived nicotine.

The lack of taste is perhaps the most important attribute of S-Isomer nicotine. Standard, tobacco sourced nicotine has an astringent taste almost like cinnamon. Although masked creatively with compelling flavors, it is always there. Mr Fog was able to work more subtly and more skillfully with their flavors, as there is no underlying flavor to mask and no unpleasant aftertaste.

Posh Plus XL

The Posh Plus XL is not that much bigger than its competitors in terms of exterior dimensions but has considerably more eliquid capacity. With 4.5ml of nic salts, it has a significant over the Puff Bar Plus and its 3.2ml capacity and the 3.5ml of nic salts held within the Mr Fog Max. Also appreciated is Posh tamping down the nic strength a bit.

With larger and more powerful disposable ecigs, there is no need for 6ml nic strength. While this strength makes more sense on a less powerful device with limited puffs, the volume of vapor produced is simply greater with a Posh Plus XL and you can get so many more puffs that it is no longer an issue of maximization of space. With this in mind, the 4.5 percent nic strength is just about perfect. The flavors are also great. All of the Posh classics. This means a blast of menthol in just about every one but solid fruit flavors all around. Posh recently added some beverage and mint free, limited time flavors but the corner stone of this lineup is refreshing fruits fused with a blast of chilly menthol ice.


Puff Bar Plus

The original Puff Bar was a revelation, offering great flavor and performance. A stick style disposable, it contained 1.3ml of eliquid and had a nic strength of 5 percent. It was perfectly situated to appeal to adult Juul vapers who no longer had access to the flavors that adult vapers prefer. Compared to a 0.7ml Juul, it was long-legged and extremely compact. But the design of disposable ecigs has evolved considerably in ensuing years. Puff Bar has turned out several enhanced products with greater eliquid volume and performance.

The Puff Plus XL holds a massive 6ml of eliquid and the Puff Flow has adjustable airflow and a capacity of 4.5ml. But it turns out the regular Puff Plus and not the XL may be the Goldilocks, just right. The Puff Plus has a capacity of 3.2ml and a nic strength of 5 percent. It gives you all the advantages of disposable, relatively long life but is not overly large or a bigger financial investment. You are in it for the long haul with a longer lasting, 6ml disposable. 3.2ml is a much more reasonable size.

The Puff Bar Plus comes in eleven fantastic flavors. You will find familiar favorites and few unique nic salts as well. The compact cylindrical device fits nicely in your hand and the shaped mouthpiece is a huge upgrade on the entirely rectangular design of the original Puff Bar. Lime Agava and Coco Melon compete with old favorites like Peach Ice, providing a plethora of options for adult vapers.