This is a guest post written by Joyce B., an emergency management professional who has been enjoying Vapor4Life products for just over a year. No Techspeak Here There are a couple of things you need to know about me. First, I don't do
technical reviews because I don't have that skill. I don't know an amp from a mah or an ohm. People in the know tell me what they are and what they do, and go on about resistance and load and I nod and smile, my mind wandering. Actually, it's not quite that bad, but I just have difficulty retaining what I have learned past the actual conversation at hand. Fortunately, I have knowledgeable friends that are very tolerant of my mental block. I have great respect for those with that talent, and am everlastingly grateful to them for their help. Secondly, ease of use is possibly the most important ratings factor of a new e-cig for me. If the parts of assembly and operation go much beyond screwing the whatchamacallit into the hickydoodle and putting the juice in the thingamabob to suck, I'm probably going to lose interest very quickly. Coming Attractions In coming days, I'm going to be reviewing the Aurora and the OMG. I tried or attempted to try these units on the same day, using the same two juices, WOW Pineapple and WOW Nuport. Common Denominators There are two factors that generally do not affect performance that the units had in common. The first is directions, or lack of them. The directions of the Aurora unit is translated from Chinese and does not translate to English well at all. It's not just that it is comical, it is sometimes indecipherable. The OMG came with no directions at all. This is an issue, as I had to go online and find videos and help to get it operating. The second common factor is packaging, again, except for the OMG. The OMG came only wrapped in bubble wrap, with the batteries and charger in a plastic blister pack that was impossible to open without liberal use of a knife, whereas the Aurora was lovingly nestled in a black velour-lined tray in a premium box like a precious gem. While this has absolutely no effect on function or performance, it is a touch my beauty-loving soul appreciates. I also value not having to use a knife to open my packages, as I am dangerous when handling one. Next time, my view of the Aurora. Until then, that's all from some hotel room, somewhere in the great USA. Joyce loves feedback!   Contact her at [email protected] or leave her a message at