This is a guest post written by Joyce B., an emergency management professional who has been enjoying Vapor4Life products for just over a year. Aurora Let me say I generally despise proprietary anything.   That is why I own iNothing.   In spite of that, and in spite of the horrendous directions, I fell in love with this e-cig as soon as I saw it.   I was easily able to figure out how to assemble it, how to fill the tank, and get it working straight out of the box.   From the reed instrument-like design to the lack of an end "ash", I found this unit to be sleek and sexy.   It is designed for stealth. Everything about this unit is light.   The weight is light in the hand, and the hit is light and smooth.   There is no harsh or heavy throat hit; I wish it hit a bit harder.   It does tend to mute the flavors of liquids, somewhat, however, it produces more than adequate vapor and  battery life seems to be good.   I have only charged this unit once in 24 hours.
Unfortunately, there are a couple more drawbacks.   First, there is the less than quality construction materials.   One of the things that makes it really comfortable for use, its light weight, is going to be a downside to durability, I fear.   I have also read that the atomizer is a "lightweight", therefore, I am fearful that the unit will not hold up to heavy use.   Another negative aspect is a design flaw in the tank.   It is too easy to push the rubber cap that seals the tank down into the tank itself, and almost impossible to fish it back out without damaging the cap.   My butterfingers have already put one tank out of commission by doing this. Filling the tank tends to be messy, and I just tried to change one out; I came away with my fingers covered with e-juice.   This leaking is not going to bode well for atomizer life.   The final issue I have is getting replacement tanks.   It appears V4L does not carry them, and I have only found a couple of vendors that seem to carry them under the Ovale Elips name.   Indeed, any replacement parts for the Aurora appear to be dodos in the world of vaping supplies. In closing, I really, really want to like this baby.   Unfortunately, its flaws are going to outweigh my love. Next time:   the OMG.   Until then, that's all from some hotel room somewhere in the great USA. Joyce loves feedback!   Contact her at [email protected] or leave her a message at