Some of my first V4L e-cigs were Vapor King automatic batteries I got in the starter kit the first time I tried switching over. Because I was topping off old carts (and  wasn't  aware of the forums for newbie advice), I quickly made the mistake of flooding a cart. While it was attached to the battery. Ooops. No more battery. When I looked up what the issue was, I found out about flooding and shorting batteries. I never bought another auto again. I happily used the manual V4L Diamond batts. Then I bought a Handle. Later I got a couple Dial-A-Volts (DAV). It never even crossed my mind to get another auto. Then V4L introduces an Automatic DAV. Pretty cool idea. No gigantic post hole for juice to run into? Awesome. I will try it out. So here I am a couple of days later, with my thoughts.
  • It's great to finally have an auto battery again. It's nice to just sit on the couch and be able to puff away without thinking. I didn't know I missed my old autos until now.
  • It is working great with both my carts and the tanks. I think carts tend to look a little tiny on the DAV's in general, and the auto is the same. But with a 3.5 ml tank threaded on, it looks great. The tank on the auto DAV just looks sleek.
  • I think this is a real step up from the first generation of autos I had. Some of those you really needed to take a hard puff on to get vaping. This auto is really responsive to taking even a light puff.
  • I can't really feel a difference between the manual and this new auto DAV as far as power is concerned. If anything, I think I am taking slightly shorter puffs on the auto for some reason.
Overall, I think this is a really great addition to my personal vaping gear, and I highly recommend it to anyone that misses (or didn't realize they might miss) their old auto batteries.