This is a guest post written by Clover, a college student and vapaholic from the Midwest. 14 Months Ago When I first heard of e-cigs, I didn't think of them as something serious. They had to be just a gimmick. But when I was getting desperate for a solution, I thought why not? What did I have to lose besides a few bucks? Plus, I could always return it. When I decided to begin vaping, I didn't have much support. I bought my first kit and my boyfriend said I was wasting my money. Who could blame him? Once the package arrived, and I started using my e-cig, I loved it. To his surprise, I haven't looked back since. Benefits
E-cigs are an alternative to smoking. I loved smoking as much as I hated it. Smoking relaxed me and gave me a sense of control. I didn't want to give that up. I didn't want the bad smell and other negatives. Not to mention, that when I smoked I was potentially putting other people at risk. Vaping means that instead of harmful second-hand smoke, I now expel an inoffensive vapor that quickly dissipates. Instead of 4,000+ chemicals being introduced into my body every time I inhale, I am only inhaling propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food grade flavoring, nicotine, and water; all of which are used in products we come in contact with every day. There is even nicotine in vegetables like tomatoes and potatoes. Maybe that explains my obsession with anything potato! Since I started vaping I feel so much better; my teeth are whiter, my hair smells like my shampoo, even my complexion is better! I can't think of going back to smoking analogues. I love vaping so much. It has changed my life in so many ways. I feel better, look better, and best of all I have made so many new friends! Now If and when you decide to start vaping, know that it is truly a journey. You have to figure out what works best for you and that may take some time. You have to try out different batteries, different cartomizers, and most importantly decide on what juice and nicotine strength suits you best. It is a journey that can take months. You may have days where you feel discouraged, but hang in there and try something new. You may have to spend some money in the beginning but it is worth it in the long run. I am glad I decided to take the plunge 14 months ago. I'm still glad I made the decision to switch, even when people give me weird looks and think I'm silly. It works for me. Vaping is normal to me now and its part of who I am.