This is a guest blog post by Michael Britt. When I received my Vapor Zeus "vapemail" at around noon I was headed out on a road trip. Perfect time to put these new products through their paces. I switched over from a two-pack a day habit to vaping exclusively in early January. But I was so much worse in the car.   I could kill a pack in a couple of hours. All I did was smoke and listen to music. I could easily kill three packs in 600 miles, if not more. That being said, here is how the Vapor Zeus's (Zeusses?, Zeese?) held up on the trip, and what I think so far. We are dealing with two new battery types: the Vapor Zeus Auto and the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode. They  aren't  variable voltage and are set to work around 5V. I tend to set my DAV's to 4.7 anyway, so this was not a big change for me. But for the uninitiated, these voltages really pack a punch. Serious throat hit. There is a new carto type as well - the Smileomizer. It is similar to the EGO-type cartomizers in liquid volume and filler material, but these are custom-made for the new VZ's, and they thread on cleanly to make a cigar style PV. The Smileomizer also has a new rubberized mouthpiece that is very cigar-like, but is very comfortable to vape. My VZ Auto has a satin cigar pattern finish. With the Smileomizer in cigar pattern as well, you really could mistake it for a true cigar. It looks fantastic. While it is difficult to explain the sensation, the finish is soft and the unit feels substantial, but not "hard". The VZ Auto hits just like its DAV cousin. Strong, consistent power throughout its battery life. Billowing clouds of vapor using WOW carts, CoolCarts, tanks and Smileomizers (yes, I tried them all). But it is a different experience using a Smileomizer than using a tank.   Somehow it seems a little more "refined". It feels smoother than a tank to me, more like a WOW Carto, but a more real hit. Now the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode is just all around cool. It is both an auto and a manual battery, you just switch back and forth depending on how you want to vape. It has a nice V4L logo that lights up on the button that controls the dual mode feature. Five clicks to auto, five more and you are back to manual. There is no off function. This is hitting at 5V as well, and just like the auto, the vapor production is great. Fit and finish are also similar to the VZ Auto. I think these are 900 mAh batteries, so they have a great life to them.   But like I said, I chain vape in the car. I ripped through the auto in about six hours. (I was going back and forth between the auto and dual mode, I don't know how they would stand up to my habit if I was only using one). But for the first time, this  wasn't  an issue for me because they both act as a USB passthrough! I unplugged my iPhone, attached the USB cable to the car lighter, and was right back to vaping.   It was awesome! I  didn't  detect a difference running it as a passthrough. Same great vapor production. What a great feature! Both models can charge from either a Slim Line charger or the USB. This came in very handy last night. I swear hotels put the bare minimum outlets in each room they are allowed to by law. I only had three outlets to work with. I was able to charge two batts on the Slim Lines, and charged up the VZ Dual mode through the USB on the computer. I think there is something about this whole Vapor Zeus product family that really sets it apart. It really is just simple (I now understand Morandir's hint in the forums). These are just easy to use, simple yet functional, great items. The guesswork has been taken out of getting a great vape, every time. I need to thank everyone at Vapor4Life because there is one big difference between this trip and all the ones I have taken before. For the first time, I booked a non-smoking room.