Over the years we've all seen some pretty outrageous valentine's day cards. We've seen them in stores, been the receiver (and hopefully not the offender). There's the seriously cheesy sayings: "You're just "write" for me" or "You're sweet and I'm not lion" or how about "No bones about it - you're top dog!" Today in honor of the February 14th holiday, we're sharing some silly valentines with you. First up is this little fish who pleads "Please don't 'bait' me Valentine! To 'land' me you won't need a hook, line, or sinker --all I want is affection --start usin' your thinker!" Miss Tracey Nolan captured several valentines in her blog article "A Children's Treasury of Offensive Vintage Valentines." Next we have a card perfect for the artists in your life. Check out this valentine depicting Van Gogh painting a heart with a bandaged ear saying "Ear's hoping you'll be mine!" Umm gross?! Our thanks to Tom Bagley of "7 Deadly Sinners" for finding this gem. This blog also found this ridiculous animated cigarette lifting his hat and holding a heart. How silly is that! What's even funnier is to imagine someone picking this out for their mate. How's this one for a laugh -  "You're smokin' in bed! You're not so bad yourself!" I love that the man is handing his lady friend a note that says "I love you." How about telling your sweetheart "you certainly satisfy!" Sure, she'd love to get this card...not! Well, in case you're not aware, the Chesterfield cigarettes slogan was "They satisfy." So now this valentine makes sense. Or does it? Now admittedly this little kitty is kind of cute. Well, except for his giant cigarette that's spelled wrong! So what do you think? Would you ever give your loved one a card like one of these?