This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida. V4L Website and Inventory My new year's resolution was to switch to e-cigs and find the perfect vendor. After looking at ten to fifteen e-cig retailers, all offering a generic "white ash-cap battery" and a limited selection of cartomizers, I finally found the Vapor4Life website. I was thrilled to discover that in addition to the generic ash-caps, V4L offered a variety of style and color choices. I fell in love with the King Diamond and Stealth batteries and the largest selection of cartos, batteries and juices I'd ever seen! Help! The huge selection confused me (but that happens to me even under normal circumstances) and I needed help with my selections. I decided that I needed the beautiful Gold Camo Stealth. But which type - auto or manual? What is the difference between them? How do they work? Oh, decisions, decisions. Looking for a guide, I began clicking on one tab after another and then I clicked on the "Forum" tab. "Welcome to the Forum"
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I lurked around the V4L forum for a few days, virtually peeking through all the windows and key holes. There were many people with different experiences. I found a really intelligent fellow, with a very scary avatar discussing ohms and mAHs; a really nice lady who seemed to pass out links like they were Easter eggs; a lady who seemed to "like" every comment or post that I liked; a woman who calls her pups "fur-babies"; a fellow with a wonderfully manicured set of fingernails who produces very informative and instructional videos; a lady who makes everyone laugh at her jokes; a lady from Oz, who is not named Dorothy; a fellow in love with his MOD; a very Adept young fellow, and one who Rantz; a couple whose work is restoring books; and a few who live near the Vapor4Life Smokeless Lounge. This large group of interesting folks was made up of people visiting for the first time and asking the same questions I had, along with happy, care-free folks kind and brave enough to say "Welcome to the Forum! I don't know the answer your question, but someone who knows does will be signing in shortly. Could you stay online for a while?" After a few days spent lurking, I felt I had to be a part of this group and I needed a hundred more answers to all the questions bouncing around in my head. So I put on my "big girl pants", joined the forum and bravely posted my first question. I received almost a dozen replies; all sincerely welcoming me to the forum from some of the newest members all the way to one of the forum admins, and almost as many answers to my question, plus a link from the Link-Lady. It turned out that the forum was just as unique as the products that Vapor4Life offers. My many questions are answered Some of my questions were pretty easy: "How do you know when you've "burnt" a carto?"; and I thought that some of my questions were dumb: "What's a PM?"; and some of the questions were "OT" (Off Topic). No one seemed to mind answering any of my questions or responding to some of my innate silliness! I've been a member of the forum for a little over two months and have learned the answers to all of my initial questions. The more I learn, the more questions develop, and as a result of my questions I've met many new friends - people I really think of as family. Come join the Vapor4Life forum family I know it is a little frightening for some folks to hop into a forum or ask questions, but I hope that you will come join the Vapor4Life forum family. I know you will receive the same warm welcome that I did. Ask questions, share your accomplishments, enter a new contest, find out first about new products and inventory. You will meet some of the finest folks that have gathered with one thing in common: We all vape, and we all love the Vapor4Life products! Come join the welcoming forum of fun and information! Via teaches marker rendering and Norwegian rosemaling. Contact her at [email protected], or read her personal blog at