This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida. Hi, I'm Via. I am proud to say that today is my two month Vapo-versary! Pardon me for a moment while I pat myself on the back. Before discovering Vapor4Life I tried two other brands. First E-Cig On January 9th of this year, my son visited me for a coffee and chat. As we were talking, he handed me a disposable e-cigarette, and said "Mom, I'd really like you to try this...because I want you to be able to play with your grandchild." Grandchild? I don't have any grandchildren. Then it dawned on me that he was telling me I was going to become a gramma. Oh, the excitement!
Shopping Mall E-Cig That news started my vaping adventure. I used the disposable, and then ordered a small starter kit that my son recommended, from a mall kiosk. The  €˜barebones' kit came with a charger, battery and two packs of 24mg refill cartomizers. It was expected to arrive in just three days, which I thought was fantastic. I continued using the expensive disposables, and was delighted when my order arrived. The company said that one cart was equal to a pack of analogs, and I was determined to keep my usage down to one cart per day. The instructions said to vape until it tasted like a burnt-marshmallow. Following instructions, I burned every cartomizer. Re-ordering When I only had enough supplies to last about a week, I ordered one refill pack to get me through until payday. I believed it would arrive in three to five days as the website stated. I waited, and waited. I pounced on the mailman every day. Each day I would count my dwindling supply of carts, and then seek out the mailman again. On day five I called customer service and got this response "Oh, no Ma'am, we only take orders, we can't help you. You need to send an email and someone will respond in 24 to 48 hours." Oh great, it was 6:00 on a Friday night, and I bet they mean "business hours". I sent my email, not really expecting resolution until Tuesday next week, plus three to five more shipping days! At this point, I was glad that they were only pulling these shenanigans on a small $18 order. I had close to $450 on my "wish list". Bad Experience That company never even acknowledged my customer service request. I did finally get that one package of replacement cartomizers. It went into a drawer for emergency use and I have never looked back. Check back later this week to hear about how I found Vapor4Life. Feel free to comment below, or send me an email about your first experiences with e-cigarettes. Until next time...happy vaping! Your Vocal Vaper, Via Via teaches marker rendering and Norwegian rosemaling. Contact her at [email protected].