This is a testimonial about vaping written by Keyzygirl from Key West, Florida. Laid back and vaping in paradise. Hello, my name is Keyzy. I have  vaped  for over two years and I love  it. In my vaping  journey I have  tried a few different styles and  models and had a lot of issues with leaking fluid, faulty batteries and lack of vapor. A friend recommended a company called V4L. It was a small newer company and they really seemed to care about the future of vaping. From the moment I tried  their products I was hooked. Their e-cigs  provide  the perfect vape! In the past two years I have watched this company grow at an unbelievable rate. They are always moving ahead and staying on top by improving their products. I love their huge selection  of flavors, sizes and colors! V4L's sampler packs are amazing. No other company  offers them. My favorite batteries are  pink XL manuals. My favorite flavors are in the  chocolate and coffee sections, but I do like some fruits for a change every once in a while. I can't wait to try the new Nobacco USA juices. I think they named Beach Bum just for me! I'm excited  to see where the world of vaping  will go in the future. Every day there are new products coming out. Batteries with longer lives, and cartos  that perform  better, and carry a higher voltage. I'm not a very technical person but I do respect all the work that goes into product development. I'm amazed by how far  V4L has  come in the last  two years. Hopefully  we will  have many more years to watch it grow. For me, vaping  started out as an alternative to smoking and has turned into a hobby. I'm always on  forums or Facebook groups dedicated to  vaping, and on the lookout for good places for vapers  to share information. We seem to have developed our own subculture. I am proud to be  a part of it all. Vape on! Please join Keyzygirl  on ECF and Facebook for updates on her testimonial about vaping.