This is a guest post written by Keelalagirl, who's vapin' happy hangin' with her doggie pack in Ohio. My mother and I were going to do a joint venture into vaping. We had talked about e-cigs for months. I finally broke down and decided to give them a go and let my mom try what I ordered. If she liked it, she would order one for herself. Little did I know that I had just embarked on a brand new hobby for myself. My Orders To begin, I ordered two different starter kits, one for my husband and another for me. My choice was an epic failure. We used them very little for about a month. My mother tried them and hated them as well. I refused to give up. I wanted so badly to find an alternative habit. I started searching the internet and found ECF. I learned a ton and suddenly found myself having a blast in the Vapor4Life sub forum. It became a life saver. The next starter kits I ordered were from V4L and another company from somewhere else based on some advice I'd received elsewhere on ECF. Both kits arrived the same day and it was the V4L VaporKing  that won my heart. The other kit, within short order, found itself back in the box not to be revisited ever again. Indecision I have on several occasions ventured away from V4L. I have tried various other KR808  batteries and a few mods. I keep returning to my beloved V4L, as I have yet to find a better combination. Other KR808s  just don't compare. The experience is just not as satisfying for me. There is nothing better than a good WOW carto filled with one of my favorite juices on my pink diamond battery, or a nice CoolCart  on my lavender passthrough. Oh Mom Now as for my mom, well, she is a tough nut to crack. I did finally find a juice flavor that she was somewhat happy with. She wants the real "cigarette" experience. That exact taste is so hard to replicate. She does use a V4L passthrough  and a manual regular VaporKing with Virginia Menthol when on the computer. Unfortunately that is about it. Now if I could only convince her to try some of the other great flavors, we would probably be in business. Connect with Keelalagirl on ECF or Facebook.