MyBlu versus Blu Plus+

Some ecig designs just work. They make sense aesthetically and have the function to back up their convenient form. The Blu Plus+ is proof of this concept. In some ways the exact antithesis of a box mod, it is a simple and affordable device that targets smokers who are looking for ash free alternatives.

But the Blu Plus+ is not Imperial Brands only entry in the vaping market. They also have the MyBlu, which is a popular prefilled vape pod kit. The current MyBlu device is actually the Von Erl Liquidpod device, purchased lot, stock and barrel and then rebranded to compete with Juul.

Category MyBlu Blu Plus+
Style Vape Pod Cig-A-Like
Nic Salt Flavors 2 0
Nic Strengths 1.2 to 4.0% 0 to 2.4%
Battery 350mAh 140mAh
Coil Resistance 1.3ohms 3.5ohms
Power 10.5w 3.9w
Size 4.2 x 0.71 x 4.8" 3.9 x 0.36 x 0.36"

We have compared the MyBlu head to head against its primary rivals. First in the matchup of MyBlu versus Juul and later in a comparison which pitted the MyBlu versus Vuse Alto. With both nic salt and regular ejuice options, the MyBlu is certainly competitive with its two rivals. But how does it compare to its doughty stablemate the BluPlus+.

Vape Pod versus Cigalike

In terms of appearance, the MyBlu and Blu Plus+ do not look all that much. But they are designed for a similar purpose and are closer in performance than the specifications indicate.

The difference between a Cigalike and a Vape Pod is how the cartridge or pod affixes to the device. The BluPlus tank screws onto the base like classic ecigs have for the last decade. The MyBlu pods snap into place snuggly and are held firmly in place. Blu refers to the eliquid cartridges for the BluPlus+ as tanks and the MyBlu uses Liquidpods.

As far as design, the BluPlus+ is a smaller and cylindrical device. Now it is time to take a closer look at Blu’s top selling ecigarette designs.

MyBlu Vape Pod Kit

Both the MyBlu and BluPlus+ are designed for mouth to lung vaping and focus on flavor rather than cloud production. The MyBlu is rather more powerful. It has a much lower resistance coil (1.3ohms versus 3.5ohms), which it needs as the eliquids used in the MyBlu are significantly thicker. It also has a much larger battery, 350mAh versus 150mAh. The lower resistance coil of the MyBlu requires more output. As a result, it kicks out 10.5w where the BluPlus has 3.9w.

MyBlu once came with a rich selection of Liquidpods. But the federal ban on prefilled vape pods neutered their lineup. All that is left is are tobacco and menthol options. Choosing between the Juul, Vuse Alto and MyBlu will probably come down to flavor as all three devices have similar performance. It is worth noting that Juul pods are far smaller than Vuse Alto and MyBlu pods, making it the worst price performer. Vuse Alto has two tobacco flavors while Juul is paring down their lineup to just one. 

Tobacco Chill Intense MyBlu is an authentic menthol tobacco flavor. Available in 4 percent nic strength, it competes head to head with Menthol Vuse Alto and Menthol Juul flavors. The tobacco notes are pretty realistic and the menthol has a nice cooling exhale. The Tobacco MyBlu Intense is another excellent flavor. A classic tobacco, it is offered in 2.4 and 3.6 percent nic strength.

Blu Plus+ ECigarette

When comparing the BluPlus+ and MyBlu, it is important to keep in mind that the difference in longevity and number of puffs per charge is not as great as the numbers on paper suggest . BluPlus cartridges hold 1ml of eliquid. MyBlu Liquidpods hold 1.5ml. But they last a comparable period of time, if anything the BluPlus seems to last a bit longer, because less vapor is being generated per drag and thus ejuice consumption is lower.

The Blu Plus Express Kit provides everything a smoker needs to make the switch to vaping. Unfortunately, it is under the same restrictions as the MyBlu in terms of flavors. Only menthol and tobacco are permitted. Fortunately, the Blu Plus Tobacco and Blu Plus Menthol are both excellent. The tobacco base has that earthiness that reminds the user of an actual cigarette, rather than just the smell of an open cigarette pack.

The Blu Plus uses regular eliquids, rather than nic salts, so it has a more authentic throat hit. It is a lower wattage device, which means less vapor, but the 2.4 percent nic strength is comparable to the lower nicotine offerings of the major vape pod makers and the MyBlu.

The Cigalike design itself is easy to use and understand. These are huge features for a smoker looking for a simple and easy to use alternative to cigarettes. Blu Plus+ tanks are sold in 3 packs and are worth considering if you are looking for a convenient and flavorful cigalike. It may not be a mod. But it certainly gets the job done reliably. The major knock on the Blu Plus kit is that the charger does not have a cord. Instead the device must be placed in a dock. The MyBlu uses a standard mini-USB. Which is easy to use and is compatible with the charging cords that come with most vapes. 

The primary rivals of the Blu Plus are the more powerful Vapor Titan and the larger Logic Pro. 


Final Thoughts

While mods and larger vaping devices were once all the rage, it turns out that vapers were looking for an easy to use to device that is satisfying. While the federal limits on flavors and superior price performance on refillable vape pod kits makes these a great option, the MyBlu and Blu PLUS deliver as advertised.

If you prefer the smoothness and strength of nic salts, the MyBlu is the obvious choice. But long-time smokers my find the affordability, reliability, discrete lack of vapor and throat hit of the Blu Plus to be the more compelling alternative.

If you are like most adult vapers and prefer sweet flavors to tobacco, a refillable vape pod kit or box mod is your only option. Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of nic salts and refillable vape pod kits. But if you are looking for a widely available ecig and tobacco flavor, the MyBlu and Blu Plus should work for you.