MyBlu versus Vuse Alto

Note: The federal flavor ban decimated MyBlu's lineup of the fruit and dessert flavors that adults prefer and also removed Vuse Alto Mixed Berry from the US market.


Disposable Vapes


Adult vapers looking for an easy to use device that requires no filling should check out disposable vapes. They have not yet been hit with a flavor ban and are available in the bright and buoyant flavors that the majority of adult vapers prefer. Vapor4Life has the widest selection of disposable vapes. This means that even if your favorite brand and flavor combination is out of stock, we will still have plenty of viable and delicious alternatives.



MyBlu and Vuse Alternatives


We are working on a guide to alternatives to MyBlu's extensive lineup of banned flavors. Click here for a list of the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives.


You can also check out our feature on the best prefilled vape pod and cartridge alternatives for the best way to enjoy the flavors that adults vapers prefer. 





It is amazing how vaping has come full circle. The classic gas station cig-a-like ecigs and tobacco vape juices were once the major players in the vaping game. Gradually, powerful box mods and sweeter flavored ejuices began to seize market share.



The appearance of nic salts changed everything. Prefilled vape pod kits in general and the Juul Device in particular skyrocketed in popularity. The potency of nic salts allowed undersized and underpowered devices to provide an extremely satisfying vaping experience. For more information on how Juul shook up the vaping market, check out our feature:


The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed


Juul Alternatives


Not surprisingly, Big Tobacco wanted in on the prefilled vape pod party. Vuse, a subsidiary of RJ Reynolds, strengthened their existing ecig lineup with the Vuse Alto.


The Alto is an unapologetic Juul fighter. Fueled by nic salts, the Alto was originally available in only 5 percent nic strength. The Vuse Alto is a vape pod kit through and through. If you are looking for more of a classic ecig, check out our review of the Vuse Vibe.


Imperial Tobacco went a slightly different direction. Rather than developing a new vape pod kit in-house, they purchased VonErl. This Austrian company had already developed a prefilled vape pod kit and all MyBlu needed to do was bolster the flavor line-up and market the device.


The MyBlu is unusual because it offers both nic salt and regular ejuice options. It is easy to tell the difference. Their nic salts are all sold under the MyBlu Intense banner. If it doesn't say intense, it isn't a nic salt. This is the easiest way to distinguish the two, as there is some overlap between the most potent regular vape juices and MyBlu Intense Liquidpods at the lower end of the potency spectrum.


Flavor Bans


Juul has decided to abandon the flavors that adults prefer in response to government pressure regarding the Teen Vaping Epidemic. It is hard to believe that less than a year ago Juul was defending flavored vapes. Public sentiment has turned heavily against Juul. Marlboro-maker Altria now owns 35% of Juul and is all for a flavor ban.


Implausibly, many of the flavor bans proposed and implemented ban flavored vapes would have left the flavor most popular with minors, Juul Mint, on the market while banning the flavored vape juices that are designed for use in box mods.


But in a startling turn of events, Juul opted to cede the field to big tobacco and ceased selling Mango, Mint, Cream, Cucumber and the oft-reviled Fruit Medley. The lack of vaping flavors leaves a wide open field for the FDA approved iQOS, which has received FDA approval and was developed by Phillip Morris.


If you are looking for an alternative to your favorite Juul flavor, we have created a series of comprehensive guides to the best Juul flavor alternatives.


The Best Juul Mint Alternatives


The Best Juul Mango Alternatives


The Best Juul Crème Alternatives


The Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives


The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives


Battle for Brick and Mortar Supremacy


With Juul downsizing their lineup, it stands to reckon that their primary gas station and convenience store rivals will benefit. We have pitted the market leading Juul against the Vuse Alto and the MyBlu in earlier features.


Juul vs Vuse Alto




MyBlu vs Juul



We found the Vuse Alto be a particularly compelling product, hamstrung only by its shortage of nicotine strength and flavor options. The Vuse Alto is now available in 2.4% nic strength and Juul has eliminated their best-selling flavors, eliminating this disadvantage.


The MyBlu was always available in a ton of flavors and nic strengths, making it a very viable contender from the start. But what is the result when the Vuse Alto is pitted against the My Blu?


Vuse Alto versus MyBlu



Anyone who has ever shopped for ecigs at a gas station knows that the Vuse Alto and MyBlu are natural rivals. Both are autodraw devices that use prefilled vape pods.


MyBlu has the has the far larger lineup of flavors and nic strengths. In fact, you have a choice of regular vape juice and nic salts when using a MyBlu. Nic Salts for the MyBlu are sold under the name MyBlu Intense.


This gives you a potential nic strength range of 1 to 4 percent, although no single flavor is available in this full spectrum of strengths. The easiest way to tell if you are looking at a nic salt or a regular ejuice pod is the MyBlu Intense logo at the top.


You can get a slightly more potent nic salt for the Vuse Alto, your choices are 2.4 and 5 percent nic strength. MyBlu apparently has trademarked the name "LiquidPods", and you will see this terminology sprinkled across their product lineup.


As mentioned earlier, the MyBlu was once sold under the name VonErl and was purchased outright by Imperial Brands. The Vuse Alto is an RJ Reynolds product.


Vuse Alto versus MyBlu Specifications



There is not much to separate the MyBlu and Vuse Alto devices on paper. The Vuse Alto uses slightly larger pods, 1.8ml versus 1.5ml. Both devices are powered by 350mAh batteries.


Vuse Alto pods have slightly lower resistance, 1.1ohms versus 1.3ohms. This is not a huge difference but the Vuse does seem to generate a bit more vapor and has a slightly more open draw.


Size-wise, the devices are separated by a mere gram. The MyBlu is fractionally longer and has generates 10 watts versus 8watts for the Vuse. They even share the rounded form factor, versus the straight-edged lines of a Juul.


One distinct advantage held by the MyBlu is the charger. As a vaper, I have no shortage on mini-USB chargers and this is what you use to recharge the MyBlu. The Vuse Alto has a propreitary cup shaped base and cord. It may be ergonomically superior and hold the Vuse in place better, but I would much rather have the convenience of several hundred backup USB cables.


If you don't have a bunch of mini-USB cables laying around, then this distinction will not make much of a difference and the Vuse Alto has the Edge as the base holds the device nicely in place while charging.


As far as pod leakage, this is the bugbear of all prefilled vape pod kit users. Until the arrival of the Zaero Disposable, the Vuse Alto was my fallback, travel and emergency vape. I have never had an issue with leaking and the My favorite MyBlu flavor is Blueberry, which is not a MyBlu Intense nic salt but one of their standard ejuice flavors.


I have never encountered leaking pods with a Vuse but there are some complaints that date back to the products release. The MyBlu LiquidPods should be fairly reliable, although an ancient stash of MyBlu samples I located at the bottom of a crushed box showed some sign of leaking. But they were also about to expire and they certainly had a much harder life than the typical MyBlu LiquidPod.


On the flip side, some long forgotten Vuse Alto Tobacco pods I had kept in my desk did not leak but they did look a bit dark after being neglected for 7 months.


MyBlu vs Vuse Alto vs Juul



It should be noted that both the MyBlu and Vuse Alto easily surpass the Juul device on paper.  And in the world of brick and mortar stores, they also win in the all important price performance category.


Unfortunately for MyBlu and Vuse Alto, they may have outsmarted themselves with their packaging. A quick perusal of message boards on these devices will reveal that the full extent of their price advantage is not easily ascertained or understood.


It is too easy to fixate on the apples to oranges aspect of the packaging and the fact there are two Juul pods in a package versus two for the MyBlu or Vuse Alto.


Too many customers are in a rush at checkout and will not take the time to do the math. The reality is that two LiquidPods or Vuse Alto podscontain more ejuice than four Juul pods.


We have done the math for you above. The MyBlu is a smidge less expensive that a Vuse Alto per ml. We calculated the price per 30ml to make it easier to compare these devices to refillable vape pod kits and 30ml nic salt bottles.


It costs significantly more to vape a 0.7ml Juul pod. It is also worth noting that a Juul battery holds a mere 200mAh. But at the end of the day, it really boils down to flavor preferences. Juul once was the leader but they scrapped their best flavors. MyBlu certainly has more flavors than either but does quantity does not outweigh quality. But it has to be mentioned that more options may increase the likelihood that you will find a flavor you love, as taste preferences are subjective.


I will state unequivocally that Mixed Berry Vuse Alto pod was my favorite, widely available prefilled vape pod. I prefer it to the now discontinued Juul Mango and I found it to be worlds better than the objectively objectionable Juul Fruit Medley.


I understand the appeal of Juul Mint and the good news is that both Vuse and MyBlu have some strong mint/menthol options. These were clearly formulated to step to the throne and challenge the world-beating Juul Mint flavor.


Whether they accomplished this or not has been rendered moot by the discontinuation of Juul Mint. I like the Vuse Alto Menthol but it is not as cooling as the Juul Mint or MyBlu Intense Mint-Sation or MyBlu Polar Mint.


Vuse Alto Flavors



Vuse Alto Original Tobacco


A traditional tobacco flavor, Vuse Original Tobacco delivers an extremely realistic cigarette flavor that heavy smokers are bound to appreciate. Free of ash and smoke, it is a great transition to the world of vaping. This flavor never strays into the coffee-esque realm that some tobacco ejuices do, but it is a slightly sweeter tobacco.


This is the milder of the two Vuse Alto Tobaccos and really benefits from the 2.4 percent nic strength option. This flavor good enough to be viewed as a competitor to the wide range of tobacco e-juices on the market.


Vuse Alto Rich Tobacco


It should be no surprise that RJ Reynolds has formulated two fantastic tobacco flavors. Vuse Rich Tobacco has sturdier and heartier flavor than Vuse Original. This is a robust flavor and quite authentic. The depth and richness of the Vuse Rich Tobacco was a bit much for me at 5 percent nic strength. But heavy smokers and fans of deeper tobacco flavored ejuices are bound to be impressed.


Vuse Alto Mixed Berry


Easily my favorite prefilled vape pod flavor, Vuse Alto Mixed Berry is a jammy and delightful. It has a sweet inhale and the exhale is rich and slightly tart. Presumably, this flavor was formulated to challenge the now defunct Juul Mango but I have always preferred Mixed Berry.  Now it stands near the top of the vape pod world as an extremely balanced and complex flavor.


There are layers of sweet and nectary flavors here. The tartness and complexity of the fruits are easily distinguished. Vuse Mixed Berry is a fruit vape juice that appeals long-time adult vapers. It is perfectly suited to the lower 2.4 percent nic strength. If you shop exclusively at brick and mortar locations, it is worth considering Mixed Berry Vuse Alto as a Juul Mango alternative.


Vuse Alto Menthol


Vuse used a strange naming convention with their Mint and Menthol flavors. Vuse Menthol is their 5 percent Juul Mint alternative and Mint is their 2.4 percent formula. Vuse Alto Menthol is pretty good, it has a nice spearmint flavor, but it does not pack the chill that I have come to expect from this type of flavor. It is actually kind of creamy. More silky than cold, it is still a smooth and refreshing vape. It compares favorably to many menthol ejuices.


Vuse Alto Mint


Vuse Alto Mint has been removed from the market but the similar Vuse Alto Menthol is still available. If you are looking for the icy chill of menthol with hints of bright flavor, Vuse Alto Menthol is one of the last great prefilled vape pods still available.


MyBlu Flavors


As mentioned above. The well-rounded lineup of MyBlu flavors has been decimated by the federal flavor ban.



Melon Time MyBlu Intense


Melon flavors and nic salts work together so well and MyBlu Intense Melon Time is their fruit flavored contender to the convenience store vape throne. The sweetness is well matched with the crisp melon flavor notes. A smooth 4 percent nic salt formulation, this is a great choice for vapers who love fruit ejuices which do not overpower with cloying sweetness.


Tobacco Chill MyBlu Intense


MyBlu Intense Tobacco Chill is a good fit for menthol smokers looking to switch to vaping. The taste is closely mimicks a combustible cigarette. The earthiness and darkness of the tobacco flavor is blends smoothly with a bold and icy finish. MyBlu Tobacco Chill is a nic salt formula and available in 4 percent strength. It lacks the throat kick of the regular MyBlu ejuice tobaccos.


Honeymoon My Blu Intense


MyBlu Intense Honeymoon is sweet and nectary. The exhale is a smooth. Creamy and silky, this is another 4 percent nic strength formula. MyBlu Intense Honeymoon is a well-balanced flavor.


Neon Dream MyBlu Intense


MyBlu Intense Neon Dream mixes a tart, sweet citrus flavor profile with a subtle cream finish. The smoothness of the exhale is a testament to a solid nic salt formulation, which gives MyBlu Neon Dream a nic strength of 4 percent.


Citra Zing MyBlu Intense


Available in a 4 percent nic salt formula, MyBlu Intense Citra Zing is a tart and sassy nic salt which delivers the citrus flavor that vapers love. An extra tangy kick that makes this one of their best flavors. There is a lightness to the citrus that keeps this flavor from getting too aggressive, but MyBlu Citra Zing has more than depth to make this an all-day vape.


Mint-Sation MyBlu Intense


Menthol vape fans are an uncompromising lot and MyBlu gives them plenty of icy flavors to choose from. MyBlu Intense Mint-Sation draws from a wide range of minty classic. Fresh peppermint and aromatic spearmint are the headliners. Available in 3.6 percent nic strength, this smooth and frigid nic salt formula delivers exactly what mint lovers are looking for. This flavor is a great Juul Mint alternative.


Tobacco MyBlu Intense


MyBlu Intense Tobacco was designed to mimic the robust flavor of rich tobacco. Smokers will appreciate the authenticity of MyBlu Tobacco Intense. A bit less throat kick than the regular Liquidpods, this is still a good option for smokers who want to try switching to a vape pod kit.



Gold Leaf

Smooth, bright and leafy, MyBlu Gold Leaf is a perfect alternative for anyone who loves tobacco vape juices and for smokers looking to switch to vaping. One of my favorite tobacco vapes, Gold Leaf is both subtle and aromatic. MyBlu Gold Leaf pops with flavor. Available in 2.4 percent nic strength.


Mango Apricot MyBlu


MyBlu Mango Apricot is a cheery and complex flavor. A former Von Erl flavor, Mango Apricot has a nic strength of 2 percent, and delivers a mild throat hit. The apricot flavor is prevalent throughout each puff and mango adds fresh, ripe notes to balance the sweetness.


Menthol MyBlu


A lively and icy flavor, MyBlu Menthol hits you with a rush of spearmint and peppermint. The chill flavor lingers after exhale. The regular ejuice formula in MyBlu Menthol has a potency of 2.4 percent. Each vape pod contains 1.5ml of ejuice and are sold two to a pack.


Cherry MyBlu


MyBlu Cherry is a spot-on take on sweet, plump, sun-ripened Maraschino cherries. There is a dash of tobacco on exhale, making this a fine choice if you are transitioning from cigarettes to vaping. Using regular nicotine, rather than nic salts, MyBlu Cherry still packs a nic strength of 2.4 percent.


Blueberry MyBlu


A rich and complex flavor, MyBlu Blueberry faithfully delivers the flavor of fresh blueberries. A more forward flavor than many of the other MyBlu Liquidpods, it possesses complexity and depth. A perfect choice for anyone who loves fruit vapes or is looking for a bold and balanced vape. MyBlu Blueberry is not a nic salt and has a nicotine potency of 2.4 percent.


Green Apple MyBlu


Another Von Erl veteran, MyBlu Green Apple has a crisp and sour taste that will remind you of a perfect Granny Smith apple. The tartness is upfront on inhale and exhale, but layers of sweetness fairly realistic apple notes balance the flavor.  MyBlu Green Apple is not a nic salt and has a nicotine strength of 2 percent.


Vivid Vanilla MyBlu


Known as Tabak Vanilla when sold under the Von Erl banner, MyBlu Vivid Vanilla satisfies your sweet tooth while delivering a rich and satisfying vaping experience. Using a standard ejuice formula, rather than a nic salt, there is a bit of a throat hit but overall the experience is smoothed out with the creamy vanilla flavor notes. There is a bit of tobacco flavor in the mix too, but the smooth vanilla dominates proceedings. A decent throat hit rounds out the experience.


The Winner


It will sound like a cop-out but it boils down to which flavors you prefer. Although I prefer the Vuse Alto device, it is the Mixed Berry which makes it my prefilled vape pod kit of choice. If you are looking for a wider array of flavor and nicotine options, the MyBlu easily has the Vuse Alto beat.