Myle Vapor Leaving US Market

Disposable Vapes

2020 Update: The Myle Magnetic pod system, and its assorted flavors, are not a viable option for US Vapers. Flavored vape pods, other than tobacco and menthol, are about to be banned. So it will probably not be making its return any time in the foreseeable future. But this does not mean that fans of Myle have been left high and dry. The Myle Mini is an outstanding disposable mini vape. We compared it to several of its vaunted peers in our deep-dive: Best Disposable Mini Vapes. Disposable vapes have proven to be very popular as their pricing is competitive with prefilled pod systems and they work perfectly with nic salt ejuices. It turns out that adult vapers are just looking for a device that is easy to use, satisfying and flavorful. Disposable vapes in general and the Myle Mini in particular deliver.

Myle Mini

The Myle Mini is a compact, discrete and flavorful disposable vape. Available in the same six great Myle flavors that fans of their pod system loved, the Myle Mini is certainly one of the best disposable vapes on the market. The Myle Mini holds 1.2ml of ejuice and has a nic strength of 5 percent. At less than 3 inches in length and sold in packs of two, it is a great Juul alternative and an excellent option for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. 

Myle Mini Flavors

Iced Watermelon Myle Mini In our comparison of the Best Lush Ice Disposables, the Myle Mini Iced Watermelon was at the top of the field. It is a fruity take than the menthol-centric Stig Lush Ice Disposable. But this does not mean there isn't plenty of cooling menthol. Complex and balanced, it is easy to see why Lush Ice is one of the hottest flavors in vaping. And make no mistake, Iced Watermelon Myle Mini is a Lush Ice flavor through and through. Iced Mint Myle Mini One of the best Juul Mint alternatives, Myle Iced Mint is cold and refreshing flavor. The menthol is not overly stark, this is a disposable with faint sweetness and plenty of balance. The frigid chill is there. Fans of mint and menthol vapes will love this flavor. Iced Quadberry Myle Mini If you are looking for the Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives, Myle has created a mixed berry flavor that goes one step further. A blend of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and black currant, the icy finish perfectly complements the complex and flavorful mixed berry blend. Tart and sweet, this is an all day vape that will appeal to adult vapers and former smokers alike. Iced Apple Mango Myle Mini Mango is one of the most popular nic salt disposable flavors. Myle took a unique tact by combining an already stellar mango flavor and adding notes of mild and juicy apple. A sublime blend, the tartness of the apple melds brilliantly with the tropical and ripe notes of mango. One of the best Juul Mango alternatives, this nic salt ejuice takes full advantage of the crystal clear flavors generated by the Myle Mini disposable. Pink Lemonade Myle Mini Vapers can now enjoy the quintessential flavor of summer all twelve months of the year. The Pink Lemonade Myle Mini Disposable packs a delectable punch of tart, sour and sweet. The citrus kick of fresh lemons is balanced out with a sugary inhale. There is enough complexity packed into this little disposable to make it an all day vape. Peach Myle Mini Don’t be fooled by the staid black design of the Peach Myle Mini. This disposable is bursting with the distinct and syrupy flavor of ripe peaches. From inhale to exhale, complexity and sweetness are the order of the day.  A balanced fruit vape, this is an appealing flavor which you will find quite peachy. Lemon Mint Myle Mini Outside of vaping, citrus and menthol are an odd couple. But combined in a flavorful nic salt, disparate flavors like lemon and mint work great as a team. The Lemon Mint Myle Mini is a great example of this synergy. The tart punch of lemon is bolstered with sweet notes, but it never becomes heavy or overwhelming because of the addition of icy cold mint. The mint is subtle yet dominant. The lemon is a perfect complement for the frigid chill. Sweet Tobacco Myle Mini The Sweet Tobacco Myle Mini is a perfect device for smokers transitioning to vaping. The smooth nic salt inhale and satisfying 5 percent can be quite satisfying. The tobacco flavor itself is quite authentic.

Myle Vape Leaving US Market

We are sad to announce that Myle Vapor Inc. has decided to discontinue the distribution of their products in the US. As outlined in an email to their customers and retailers, "Myle Vape Inc will not sell or market its products within the United States after November 15, 2018, until further notice. Myle Vape Inc will continue to market its products internationally in those jurisdictions in which it is legally allowed to do so." It is always unfortunate when an established brand is forced to close their doors due to the current regulatory climate in the United States. Their flagship product was an Italian designed nicotine delivery system with a closed pod setup that held 0.9ml of vape juice and was optimized for nic salts. Myle Vapor Inc. will continue to market their products outside of the United States in those jurisdictions which have a more favorable climate for e-cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems. Their mission statement does not read like a company interested in the business of minors, “MYLÉ (my-lee) is a nicotine delivery system which mimics a similar satisfaction achieved when smoking a cigarette. Vape responsibly.”

New FDA Regulations Announced

This responsible approach provided them with no protection from the new FDA regulations on e-cigarettes. Myle made it clear that they will they will continue to work to reduce the availability of their products to minors in US, despite being compelled to abandon the market. These steps include reaching out to distributors to help develop internal control procedures to keep their products out of the hands of minors, working with the FDA to obtain market authorization for their pod system and providing guidance to help resellers work with the FDA to reduce vaping among children. We hope this responsible approach will open the door to their eventual return.

Youth Vaping versus Overregulation

Although other pod systems are still available, the closure of Myle is a cautionary tale. The e-cigarette market is viewed as booming but the growing burden of regulations is already being felt by companies of all sizes. We cannot take our freedom to vape for granted or assume that new barriers that prevent adults from obtaining the cigarette alternatives will not have an impact on the industry. Self-regulation is the key. Companies must show due diligence and do whatever they can to keep their products out of the hands of minors. At Vapor4Life, we take this very seriously and will continue to encourage responsibility with stringent age verification policies.