Myle Slim versus Myle Mini Disposable

Myle Mini versus Myle Slim


The federal ban on flavored vape pods and carts has left adult vapers looking to enjoy the flavors they prefer only two options. One prefilled vape pod alternative is a refillable vape pod kit filled with nic salt ejuices. This is a great and cost saving option. There are plenty of great devices like the Smok Novo 2 and VGod Nic Salts to choose from.


The second option are disposable vapes. These are closer to the spirit of the prefilled vape pod kit like Vuse Alto and Juul. If you are looking for a specific flavor alternative, check out our many features, including The Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives.


The Best Disposable Vapes


Until very recently, there were only a couple styles of disposable vapes that dominated the market. There was the stick style disposable like the Puff Bar, Zaero and Blow Stix. Check out our feature comparison of the Best Disposable Vapes for additional information. If you would like to check out our industry leading selection of disposable vapes click here.


The second style of was the disposable mini vape. The Myle Mini falls in this category and was included in our comparison of the Best Disposable Mini Vapes.


Disposable mini vapes are different than the classic stick style disposable in that they store their ejuice in an actual vape pod rather than in a cotton polyfill. The sealed nature of the pod allows mini vapes to move the ejuice reservoir parallel to the battery. This always disposable mini vapes to measure less than 3 inches in length.


Greater variety has been added to the disposable market in recent months. The Posh Plus, compared here in the show down: Posh Plus versus Posh versus Zaero. Although the Posh Plus relies on a cotton Polyfill, the design is much closer to a classic eGo cartomizer than a stick disposable. If you tear a stick battery open, there is actually little to distinguish one from a classic disposable cigalike, apart from the fancier shell.



The Posh Plus has a big 2.0ml ejuice capacity and strong 480mAh battery. Puff counts are generally optimistic when disposables are concerned but it certainly is a long lasting vape.


Another style of disposable has hit the market in recent weeks, card style disposables like the Sea Air. Inspired by the Suorin Air Plus, this disposable is even larger than a Posh Plus with a capacity of 2.6ml and a 450mAh battery. Relying on a polyfill design, the Sea Air Vapes delivers the same great flavor that vapers have come to expect from disposables but with a lot more staying power. We compared the Sea Air to the Sea Stix and Posh Plus here.



Myle Slim



The leeway for innovation in the disposable vape realm has not been exhausted. The Myle Slim has a number of features that make a worthy and potential replacement for the Myle Mini. On paper, there is a lot of parity. A similar selection flavors and identical nicotine strengths.


The Myle Slim is slightly longer than the Myle Mini, and fractionally skinnier. The difference is not significant and both have an identical ejuice capacity of 1.2ml. The information is not available at the time of publication but presumably the Myle Slim uses the 280mAh battery that powers the Myle Mini.


The obvious and measurable feature that sets the Myle Slim apart is that the ejuice is stored in a transparent pod inside the mouth piece. The pod that stores eJuice in a Myle Mini is nowhere in sight and located below the duckbill mouth piece. This is huge, as determining how many puffs are left inside of a disposable is no easy matter.


The Myle Slim is also a much more attractive and upscale looking device. Even though the actual hardware and innards of a Myle Mini, or disposable mini vapes in general, are robust and high quality, the entirely black plastic matte shell gives the Mini the vibe of a children’s toy or a plastic part from the interior of an unusually cheap car.


This does not effect performance one iota but it certainly does scream high quality. The Myle Slim on the other hand looks substantial and has a nice metallic alloy shell. The transparent pod full of ejuice feels at least equivalent in quality to a prefilled vape pod. If not for the lack of a charger port, and corresponding reduction in length, it would be easy to mistake a Myle Slim for a refillable vape pod kit and not for a disposable vape.


Size wise, the Myle Slim slots in between a stick style disposable and a mini vape.


Myle Slim Flavors


The Myle Slim looks like a cutting edge disposable but that does not matter if it does not deliver the crystal clear flavors that adult nic salt vapers are looking for. And this is the area where the Myle Mini shines brightest. With a nearly perfect draw and convenient transparent pod for tracking ejuice quantity, this is a disposable that is perfectly positioned to take the place of your now banned prefilled vape pod. Myle has some great flavors that clearly had Juul in the crosshairs: Mango, Menthol, and Iced Quadberry.


Mango Myle Slim


If you are looking for the Best Juul Mango Alternative, the Myle Slim may be the answer. The device itself is reminiscent of a Juul, if a fraction wider and significantly shorter.. This is a tropical mango flavor, never floral and not overly sweet. The complex fruit flavor notes are all there. This is not a mango candy or a sugary mango juice vape. Myle Slim Mango is all about authentic and delicious Mango vape flavor.


Iced Mango Myle Slim


The same spot on and authentic Myle Mango is twice as nice with a blast of ice. Enjoy the same balanced fruit notes, never candied or cloying, with a cold menthol exhale. A top contender in the fruit menthol disposable arena, the Myle Slim Iced Mango is a classic and balanced flavor that can be enjoyed all day.


Menthol Myle Slim


There seems to be a trend here. If you are looking for the Best Juul Mint Alternative, the Menthol Myle Slim is certainly in the discussion. Not plagued by overly pungent tobacco notes, it is a crisp and cool hit every time. It doesn’t have a spearmint or toothpaste flavor, this is pure menthol and a refreshing flavor that adult vapers will really appreciate.


Iced Quadberry Myle Slim


The same strong flavors from the Myle Mini have made the transition to the Myle Slim. Iced Quadberry is one of the Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives and the smattering of fans of Juul’s lackluster Fruit Medley will find it is one of the best Juul Fruit Medley alternatives as well. This blend of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and black currant is a simply irresistible nic salt and perfect for the tight drawing Myle Slim disposable.


Iced Watermelon Myle Slim


The Iced Watermelon Myle Slim immediately moves to the front of the pack in the competitive Lush Ice disposable segment. With a strong fruit element, it still packs the icy punch that Lush Ice fans demand. Smooth and cold, the airy watermelon is refreshing and satisfying. A great ejuice is a very efficient disposable vape. A worthy competitor to the Lush Ice Stig.



Cubano Myle Slim


Tobacco vapers can enjoy the performance of the Myle Slim as well. The smooth and earthy Cubano Myle Slim is one of the top disposable tobacco vapes around. In pursuit of the complex flavor of Cuban cigar, Myle has captured the rich flavor of a deeply cured tobacco. Not overly sweet, and not falling prey to the old trap where tobacco ejuices taste like cigarettes smell, this is a great transition flavor for adults looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping.


Myle Mini


The Myle Mini is a quintessential disposable mini vape. With a duckbill mouthpiece that makes up a good portion of the device’s less than three inch length, it is a discrete and utilitarian device that can reliably deliver flavorful hits.


The use of a pod rather than a polyfill is also a feature, apart from allowing a reduced length, it also reduces potential spit back and leaking.


Despite its size, the Myle Mini actually has a fairly loose draw for a nic salt device and delivers a decenty sized puff. The biggest feature of the Myle Mini is that it is available in the flavors adults prefer.


The Watermelon Ice Myle Mini was a front runner in our comparison of the Best Lush Ice Disposables. There is a bold mango, a cool menthol and even rock solid tobacco flavor for anyone who prefers that style of vape or lives in a state with flavor restrictions.


Not limiting itself to Juul alternative and Lush Ice flavors, the Myle Mini also is available in Pink Lemonade. The Myle Mini is sold in packs of two, each disposable containing 1.2ml of ejuice and a nic strength of 5 percent. Myle is reportedly working on a lower nicotine disposable option as well. If five percent nic strength is a little stiff for your tastes, check out our feature on the best lower nicotine disposable vapes. The Zaero Disposable is available in four strengths, including zero. Cali Bar and Puff Bar Disposables both have a 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength disposables. Select Ziip ZPod Disposables are available in four nicotine strengths: 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 and 6.0 percent.



Iced Quadberry Myle Mini


Mixed berry nic salts work great in disposable vapes, and Myle Iced Quadberry is no exception. Blending blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and black currant, expect a satisfying vaping experience. The flavors comingle and complement rather than compete. There is a nice level of tartness and an icy cold finish. The discerning vaper can easily identify each berry and will appreciate how the diverse flavors work together as a team.


Pink Lemonade Myle Mini


The Pink Lemonade Myle Mini Disposable is a delectable blend of tart, sour and sweet. You can now enjoy this flavor of summer year round. The citrusy punch of fresh lemons is balanced out with a sugary inhale. A great beverage vape.


Iced Watermelon Myle Mini


Mixing it up in the competitive Lush Ice disposable vape competition, exemplary fruity flavors and the soft lightness of fresh watermelon are the signature flavors of Myle Mini Iced Watermelon. The ice is not an afterthought but this flavor is a bit fruitier than the pioneering Lush Ice Stig.


Peach Myle Mini


Rich and nectary, one can only hope this flavor makes the jump to the Myle Slim because it is a pure and gorgeous fruit vape. Tastes like a perfectly ripe peach.


Iced Apple Mango Myle Mini


The sort of complex flavor you might expect in a nic salt, the Myle Mini already had a credible Mango and Apple disposable. Combining the two and adding a blast of ice is simply sublime.


Sweet Tobacco Myle Mini


To the millions of adult vapers who responded to the flavor of tobacco ejuice with a resounding “Yuck”, this flavor profile probably does not deserve such a level of disdain. There are some solid tobacco nic salts on the market and one can be found in the Myle Mini. The throat hit is much smoother than a regular nicotine tobacco ejuice but it still has that raw earthiness that fans of tobacco vapes demand.


Final Thoughts


The Myle Slim is a worthy successor to the Myle Mini. It is great flagship disposable as it uses unique technology to shift the attention back to the rock solid lineup of Myle flavors. Previously, Myle had used hardware similar to luminaries such as Twist and Stig. With a unique device, they are less likely to be viewed as interchangeable.


Available in the beloved fruit and fruit menthol flavors that adult disposable vape users prefer, it is certainly worth checking out the Myle Slim. It does not provide an upgrade in size, both disposables hold 1.2ml, but the transparent pod alone is worth the price of admission. Once initiated, the beauty of the flavors is easy to enjoy.