Good news folks! Today, Vapor4Life's CEO Steve Milin announced lowered prices on all OMG mods. The mod line began with the Aurora kit, followed by the EGO kits. Vapor4Life's first branded mod - the OMG All Day came out at the beginning of August. At the end of August, Vapor4Life introduced their first variable voltage mod - the OMG VV. A second variable voltage device, a box mod called the V4L Handle was released at the end of last month. V4L Handle Originally $135, the price has been slashed to $79.95! This box variable voltage mod ranges in power from 3-6 volts, determined by the user. The shell comes in blue, magenta, green, or black. A 2800mah 18650 battery and charger is included in the gift box. V4L Handle Kit Originally $162.50, this kit is now $89.96. It comes with a 6ml dual coil tank and a 30ml bottle of juice. Tanks are available in green, yellow, lavender, white, magenta, lime green, blue, and red. There are 10 e-liquid flavors to choose from. OMG VV Base Kit Was $75, now $65, this basic kit comes in a nice box with a variable 3-6 volt mod shell, a 18500 battery, and battery charger. The unit is 510-threaded and comes with a 510 to 808 adapter. With the adapter, the OMG VV is compatible with  Vapor4Life's CoolCart and WOW cartomizers, and tanks. Choose either blue or black. OMG VV 1 Tank 1 Juice Kit The introductory price of this kit was $89.95 and has been lowered to $79.95. This kit comes packaged with the OMG VV, a 6ml dual coil tank, and a 30ml bottle of juice. OMG VV 2 Tanks 2 Juices Kit Originally  priced at $163.30, this kit is now just $89.95! Two 6ml dual coil tanks, two bottles of juice, a 510 to 808 adapter, and the OMG VV mod are included. OMG All Day Kit This kit was introduced at $107.40, and is now $59.95. This mod is KR808D-1 threaded, operates at 4.2 volts and is offered in black, blue, yellow pink, and grey. It comes with the OMG All Day mod, one 18500 battery, a battery charger, two 6ml dual coil tanks, and a bottle of juice. EGO Kit 1 Was $29.95 and is now $24.95! This kit comes with an EGO battery, a 5ml dual coil mega cartomizer, and a slim charger. The EGO battery is KR808D-1 threaded and compatible with Vapor4Life's CoolCart and WOW cartomizers, and tanks. Choose green, pink, black, or silver. EGO Kit 2 Originally $55.95, this kit now sells for $49.95. The EGO Kit 2 comes with two EGO batteries, five 5ml dual coil mega cartomizers, and a slim charger. Aurora ECigarette Kit Was $39.95, this kit is now $29.95! It comes with two 350mah black batteries, two atomizers, five 1.5ml Aurora tanks, a USB charging cable, and a USB wall adapter. The Aurora battery has a unique oval-shaped mouthpiece. Rather than using cartomizers, this kit uses a tank and atomizer system that does not have any filler material. If you haven't tried these mods yet, what are you waiting for - lower prices? Well your wish has been granted! If you are already  using one or more, now is the perfect time to buy one for a friend. The holidays are quickly approaching and you won't want to miss out before they're all snatched up! Do you have questions about choosing a mod, or hearing what other vapers think about them? Come join us in the V4L Forum!