Whether you're brand new to vaping or just looking for some other options, you're probably on the search for the best e cigs that you can find. Two terms you'll come across related to vaping, or puffing on an electronic cigarette, are "disposable" and "rechargeable." These categories refer to electronic cigarettes that are either made for one time use or can be reused again and again. So which kinds of e cigs are the best for you? Here's what you should know to help you make an informed decision: Disposables and rechargeable electronic cigarettes -- what's the difference? While they may seem nearly identical on the surface, there are many differences between disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Although they both allow users to vape with plenty of great flavors, they mainly diverge in terms of their use and maintenance.   Disposable e cigarettes are designed to be used right out of the package. They don't need to be charged or refilled. Rechargeable e Cigs are often designed to allow users to swap out vapor cartridges and batteries for continued use, while disposable e cigs are simply recycled once they have run out of e liquid. Disposable e Cigs are probably the best e cigs for someone who is new to vaping and doesn't want the trouble of refilling or cleaning their e cigarette.   Rechargeable e cigarettes need to be charged and refilled in order to use them again and again. However, they also allow the user to switch to any flavor they want, and their parts can sometimes be customized to create a one of a kind vaping experience. Rechargeable e cigs use lithium ion batteries for quick and effective charging, so you won't find yourself constantly replacing the battery like you would a regular electronic item.   What do disposable and rechargeable e cigs have in common? As for similarities, e cigs all use the same types of liquids, whether they are disposable or rechargeable. While flavoring can vary, the base for the e liquid is made from a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These bases are food additives used in many pharmaceutical formulations and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, these e liquids can be made with any concentration of nicotine, include zero and low level (six to eight milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid) nicotine concentrations. These no or low nicotine liquids tend to outsell the medium and heavier concentrations by a two-to-one margin, according to consumer research. Which electronic cigarettes are the best e cigs for you? There isn't a right or wrong way to vape -- it's really all up to individual preference. For example, if you don't want to mess with refilling e liquid or having to charge your electronic cigarette before using it, then you may want the convenience of disposable e cigarettes. However, if you want a device that is longer lasting and gives you plenty of options for flavors, then a rechargeable vapor pen or e cig like the popular Vapor Zeus e Cigarette  is probably the way to go. What do you look for when you purchase your e cigs? Tell us what you like best in the comments.