Vape Regulations The more than 9 million vapers who have quit smoking with the help of e cigarettes were holding their breath on December 17, as the House of Representatives released their omnibus budget bill. The hope was that the bill would include a provision that would protect the vaping industry from being subject to the high cost of a Pre-Market Tobacco Applications Process. First of all, e juices are tobacco free, so this PMTA process seems superfluous at best, and it seems intentionally prohibitive. It doesn’t make sense to classify e juice as a tobacco product, but it does make sense that the provision was excluded, considering the influence tobacco lobbyists have to try to drive this effective smoking alternative out of the market. Consider this: most of the vaping companies out there are small businesses. They don’t have the financial might  of big tobacco companies. In fact, a PMTA process could be so expensive that many of your local vape shops will be forced to go out of business.Vapor4Life itself was founded by Steve Milin, a regular guy who used e cigarettes to quit smoking after three decades of a five-pack a day habit. He wanted to create a company that would help people quit smoking. Since Vapor4Life started in 2008, we’ve received countless correspondence from customers who credit our products for helping them kick the habit. The last thing we want to see is vapers being forced back into a tobacco habit if vaping products become inaccessible. That being said, it’s not time to panic just yet. It’s time to act. What We Can Do to Prevent a Vaping Prohibition The omnibus budget bill doesn't mean the end of vaping. We have until Spring of 2016 to urge lawmakers to support HR 2058, which changes the grandfather date of items that are “deemed tobacco products.” This would protect e cigarette companies from having to undergo the costly Pre-Market Tobacco Applications process. You can support HR 2058, and help prevent a vaping prohibition by clicking the above link and contacting your local lawmaker, and by sharing this post to get the word out to others. As Gregory Conley, President of the American Vaping Association, remarked about the omnibus budget bill and vaping, “Congressional leaders have squandered a real opportunity to benefit both public health and small businesses across the country.” Sign up for our email list to stay informed on the fight for vaping rights. It’s our personal mission to protect the e cigarette industry and to keep helping people smoke smarter. Read more: