Need to Replace Your Favorite V2 Carts and eJuices?

Your Complete Guide to V2 Alternatives

The closure of V2 last week was a shocking development and their loyal customers have been left high and dry without their favorite flavors and devices. Earlier this week we outlined Vapor4Life’s many V2 compatible products. Today we are providing a guide to help you find the best V2 alternative flavors and cartomizers. Unlike many e-cigarette juices on the market, we offer high PG liquids that provide the strong throat hit that former smokers love. We also have high resistance carts if you are looking for a cooler hit. Our flavors come in high and low PG formulations, plus we offer 7 nicotine strengths. We encourage you to contact our outstanding customer service department or visit us on Facebook. We can answer any questions you may have. Former V2 customers can also take advantage of our special promotion: 30% off and free SAME DAY domestic shipping. Just enter the promo code V2NEWS at checkout. So with no further ado, here is a breakdown of your favorite V2 flavors and the excellent alternatives offered by Vapor4Life.

Replacements For Your Favorite V2 Flavors

V2 Red: Take a trip to flavor country with our crisp and delightful Traditional Tobacco ejuice. V2 Red was their take on the classic tobacco flavor and it was formulated to replicate the taste of Virginia tobacco. We are confident that our Premium line is the perfect alternative. It has the high PG throat hit that smokers love. Or you can dial it back with our vapor rich Wow line Tobacco ejuice. We also offer Traditional Tobacco cartridges, which are V2 compatible. Sahara:  Matching the distinct flavor of Turkish tobacco was our goal when we formulated Oasis ejuice. Also available in a V2 compatible Oasis cartridges, this smooth and sweet flavor is the direct equivalent to V2’s Sahara flavor and a spot-on alternative for Turkish tobacco. Congress: This V2 replacement is easy to figure out. If you are looking to replace your V2 Congress, then look no further than Vapor4Life’s Congress ejuice.  Also available in V2 compatible Congress cartridges, we have fully captured the flavor of refined tobacco. Full flavored and smooth, this is a mellow and luxurious flavor. V2 Menthol: If you loved V2’s most popular flavor then we are certain that our Traditional Menthol ejuice is a perfect fit for your vaping needs. You get the menthol taste you need without the ash and smoke. Traditional Menthol cartridges are also available and these are a great V2 replacement. Peppermint: This is our most popular flavor. Find out why this delicious flavor has so many fans and continue your vaping journey with Vapor4Life. Snap a Peppermint Cartridge onto your V2 device and never look back. Our enjoy the chill and tingle of our Peppermint ejuice. Green Tea Menthol: The combination of Green Tea and Menthol is a natural one. So it should be no surprise that we also offer a Green Tea ejuice that is a perfect V2 alternative. This flavor is smooth, relaxing and aromatic. With a touch of wildflower honey, it is a soothing choice and is also available in our V2 replacement cartridges. Grape: Try our V2 compatible Grape cartridges as an alternative to your favorite V2 flavor. Bursting with sweet grape flavor, the WOW and Premium Grape ejuices provide a totally different experience but both are delightful. Cherry: Sweet and tart cherries make an outstanding vape flavor. If V2 cherry was your favorite then we are confident that you will love our Cherry ejuice. If you are dreading the day you run out of V2 carts, rest assured that our V2 compatible Sour Cherry cartridges are a great V2 alternative and a great take on a classic cherry flavor. Chocolate: Our V2 alternative Chocolate cartridges do not melt in your mouth or in your hands. But they do provide you with an extraordinarily rich flavor and a solid throat burn that is perfect for the chocoholic vaper. If you are looking for an alternative to V2 Chocolate, then we are sure you will love our bold, high PG Chocolate ejuice. Coffee: Does your early morning routine consist of a cup of Joe and a cloud of rich coffee vapor? We have you covered. Our Coffee ejuice is a well-balanced blend that any barista would be proud to serve. Coffee cartridges are also available.  Don’t let V2’s closing ruin your morning routine. If you liked their coffee juice then we guarantee you will love ours. Vanilla: A foundational flavor found in many popular vape juices, our Vanilla ejuice really captures the true essence of the vanilla bean. It is a flavor that stands alone or can be blended with many others. If you are looking for a delicious Vanilla cartridge that is V2 compatible, you have come to the right place. Few vaping experiences are as satisfying as a rich, sweet and satisfying vanilla. As always, you can switch between low and high resistance to completely customize your vaping experience. V2 Cola: Maybe they call it “pop” or “soda” where you live, but there is no mistaking the taste of a refreshing cola. Naturally, V2 offered this popular flavor and Vapor4Life has an outstanding replacement. A favorite flavor worldwide, our Cola cartridges are a perfect alternative to V2’s popular flavor and you will be stunned by how much ours tastes just like your favorite soft drink. You can taste the fizz in your mouth and hear the clinking of ice when enjoying this sweet vapor. Also available as a Cola ejuice, choose your nicotine strength and enjoy the throat feel of this American classic.