Plus Pods Add Value and Flavor

Best Juul Alternatives

Update: Juul compatible pods and Juul Mango, Fruit Medley, Cucumber or Crème are no longer available on the US market. If you are looking a for a nic salt alternative to your favorite discontinued Juul flavors, check out these resource pages: The Best Juul Mango Alternatives The Best Juul Crème Alternatives The Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives The Top Ten Juul Alternatives Juul versus Vuse Alto Juul versus MyBlu

Disposable Vapes

If you are looking for a discrete nic salt device that still offers the flavors that adults prefer, consider a disposable vape. The newest generation of disposable ecigs are a great value and offer a wide range of flavors. If you are concerned that disposables lack flexibility, meet the Zaero Disposable. Available in four nicotine strengths, including zero, the Zaero delivers sophisticated flavors and tremendous performance.

Plus Pods

For years, vapers have enjoyed a nearly limitless selection of flavors, VG/PG ratios and nic strengths. The same numbers game did not always apply in the vape pod world. There are millions of Juul users but the flavor Juul manufactured flavor selection can be counted on two hands. This lack of variety is fast changing and now you can add Plus Pods into the mix. Packing a big 6 percent nicotine punch and available in five outstanding flavors, vapers will love these Juul compatible pods. Not only do they taste great but they are a great value too. Each pod contains 1.0 ml of nic salt juice, a nearly 43 percent increase over a Juul pod’s 0.7 ml capacity. With 4 pods in a pack, it is like getting an extra pod free, and at a lower price point as well. Juul compatible pods allow you to take advantage of potent nic salt e-juice formulas and Juul’s ubiquitous device while greatly expanding your flavor choices. The best part is that you can save some money in the process.  This is a huge plus. Of course none of this matters if they do not deliver the flavor experience that customer are looking for. For your convenience, here is a flavor guide to Plus Pods.

Plus Pods Flavor Guide

Plus Pods Mango

There is a reason why Mango is a quintessential vaping flavor. A sweet fruit with subtle sour hints, the distinctive flavor of mango translates perfectly into a nic salt vapor. Plus Pods Mango is authentic and refreshing. Take a trip to the tropics with a taste you can enjoy all day.

Blue Raspberry

Fond memories of ice pops will spring to mind when you puff Plus Pods Blue Raspberry. But it is more than just a summertime treat. The crystal clear raspberry sweetness and tarty kick are meant to be enjoyed all day, every day. You will love this fresh and fruity pod.

Plus Pods Strawberry

Plus Pods Strawberry really captures the bold and unmistakable taste of fresh strawberries. A dessert and a fruit rolled into one pod, the brightness and sweetness of this pod is extraordinary.  Juicy and energizing, there is a reason why strawberry is always one of the best-selling e-juice flavors.

Plus Pods Lemonade

There is something about a nic salt hit that goes perfectly with a well-crafted lemonade flavor. Plus Pods definitely hit the mark with their tangy and ice cold lemonade. Freakishly good, you won’t be able to resist the taste. The perfect mix of sweet and tart is as soft and subtle as a summer breeze.


Banana has been a popular e-juice flavor for years, but in the pod market the pickings are slim. Plus Pods is changing that with this smooth banana pod. The creaminess and fruitiness of banana makes it an optimal choice for nic salt formulas.  There are plenty of great pod flavors out there, but Plus Pods Banana is among the best of the bunch.

Pod Systems

What if you prefer a different experience pod vaping experience or are turned off by the Altria-Juul merger? Despite the departure of Myle Vapor from the US market, there are plenty of nic salt pod competitors to choose from as well. Bo Vape has a reliable pod system is a great mouth to lung pen system with a wide range of flavors and 3.5 percent nicotine hit. Phix has a larger, more powerful device and just added the beloved Dinner Lady Lemon Tart to their pod selection.

Refillable Vape Pod Kits

For even more nic salt flavor selection, there are refillable vape pod kits that open up a wide world nic salt choices. Several slick devices are available from Suorin, and Joyetech. The Aspire Spryte has swappable coils so you can enjoy nic salts or traditional e-juice.