New Bubblegum e Juice Flavor Now Available!
Bubblegum-e-Juice-Flavor_11-25 Vapor4Life, your favorite e-cigarette company, just launched a batch of candy-flavored e liquids that will take you back in time. You know that feeling when you first bite into a gumball and the flavor is just perfect? Then, after you’ve chewed it for about 10 seconds, the taste disappears completely. It’s the worst. Our team of magicians (ok, they’re scientists) carefully crafted this Bubblegum E Juice to taste just like a fresh stick of bubblegum, but this vape flavor doesn’t quit. From the moment you take the first puff, a cool breeze hits your throat, leaving a subtle minty aftertaste.   There’s a smidge of sweet strawberry flavor, but you can increase the fruity taste by adding a few drops of strawberry e-juice. I like adding grape e juice because it takes me back to when I used to pretend I was a baseball player, and chew on a big mouthful of grape gum. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your favorite flavors to concoct your own snappy blend. Share your creations on our e-cigarette subforum for tips and tricks too. There are no wads of gum to spit out. No analog cigarettes to snuff out. You can’t get e Juice out of gumball machines, so order a bottle today and let us know what you think. Keep an eye on this blog for a review of our brand spanking new Sweet Orange, Lemon Drop Candy, and Black Cherry (my personal favorite) e-juices.