New High-VG E Juices for Summer High-VG E Juice As I write this, the temperature outside is nearly 100 degrees. It’s definitely summer. This summer we want to introduce our vape fam to six new high-VG e juices from our Ultimo Vapor line. These creative flavors are unlike anything that we’ve carried before, and just like our other high-VG e liquids, they’re available in seven nicotine levels (including 2 mg) and have a 60/40 VG/PG ratio. Here’s a little bit of info about each of the new flavors. Just a word of warning: you’re going to have a hard time picking just one.   Peanut Butter Jelly Time   Yes, this flavor tastes exactly like it sounds. Inspired by the greatest sandwich ever created, this peanut butter and jelly e juice satisfies your sweet tooth and has a subtle saltiness. I know you’ve scooped peanut butter and jelly out of the jars just to eat it by the spoonful. We all have. Now, you get the same nostalgic flavor in a high-VG e liquid. It’s so delicious, it’ll be harder to get out of your head than that song is. Check out Peanut Butter Jelly Time.   Napoleon’s Fave   Three of your favoritest flavors have joined forces in this stack of yummy goodness. This high-VG ice cream e juice combines the rich and creamy flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry for an iced treat that’s delightfully delicious. I vaped it today, and I was amazed by how distinctly you can taste each individual flavor, and how well they work together! Try Napoleon’s Fave. After all, it was Napoleon’s go-to e liquid.   Georgia on My Tea   Georgia on My Tea is a high-VG peach tea e liquid that tops of a tall glass of iced tea with a sweet sliced peach. As one of our newest Ultimo Vapor E Juices, this vape flavor is great to use with a box mod, or with your Vapor Zeus and Smileomizer. If you like peach, you can’t go wrong with Georgia on My Tea. It gives you a strong burst of peach and a subtle sip of tea as you inhale. Pick your own peach tea today.       Creamy Dreamy   I’ve been anxiously awaiting this orange cream e juice. So anxiously that I’ve even tried to mix my own with our regular flavors. It tastes exactly, exactly like an orange cream bar. You can’t find Creamy Dreamy E Juice in your grocer’s freezer, but you can buy it here.   Bali Paradise   We decided to get a little exotic for those vapers who are looking for a high-VG tropical e juice. If you’ve ever indulged in pineapple sherbet, you’ve tasted the flavor of Bali Paradise E Juice. Cool and creamy pineapple swirls with smooth mango to create a faraway paradise in your vape mod. Add Bali Paradise to your vape rotation and you’ll be in heaven.     Strawberry Blonde Sometimes, when it’s scorching hot outside, all you can think about is sipping an ice-cold strawberry lemonade. This little miracle is a high-VG strawberry lemonade e juice that has all the tasty tartness of lemonade, all the succulent sweetness of strawberry, and the hint of a cool undertone that mimics the iciness of strawberry lemonade. Have a date with this Strawberry Blonde