This is a guest blog post by Morandir835. With the release of the 1300mah Vapor Zeus and Large Smileomizer, V4L  now has two size offerings on their latest personal vaporizer. I figured people would want the technical scoop on the new products along with my short review. Large Smileomizer These are the same diameter as the 1300mAh Dial-A-Volt and 1300mAh Vapor Zeus, meaning they are a few millimeters larger in diameter than the small Smileomizers. This means they match up perfectly with the larger batts V4L  sells. All my tests show they hold between 5.25 to 5.5ml's, which is more than the EGO mega carts and slightly less than the 6ml  tanks. Airflow is exactly the same as the small Smileo though. The only truly noticeable difference is the size and thickness of the silicon tip. The large Smileo tip is thicker meaning it's much harder to chew through. Some people will enjoy that, but others may not like the added size. Large Vapor Zeus It shares every aspect it of its smaller brethren save for size and mAh rating. As mentioned earlier they are the same diameter as the XL Dial-A-Volt, but even with that bit of added weight, they are still very light and easy to hold in your mouth for hands-free vaping. With the higher capacity you can expect to get three times as much usage in-between charges compared to the small Vapor Zeus.  The amp limit is still 3.6, meaning with 1.5ohm dual coils you'll be looking at an output of 4.4 volts or so. Just like with the 900mAh  version though it holds its voltage output up until the end of a charge. It too uses a USB port rated at 500ma  for charging, or for use as a passthrough. Just as with the small Vapor Zeus, the new large Vapor Zeus is advanced in its simplicity. The 1300mAh version is only slightly larger and for vapers wanting longer battery life and longer time between fills on the Smileo. You can follow all the technical tests on the V4L Forum. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail or contact me through the forum.