Best Juul Alternatives

Update 10/25/2019: Juul compatible pods and Juul Mango, Fruit Medley, Cucumber or Crème are no longer available on the US market. If you are looking a for a nic salt alternative to your favorite discontinued Juul flavors, check out these resource pages: The Best Juul Mango Alternatives The Best Juul Crème Alternatives The Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives

Disposable Vapes

Juul cutting off the spigot of flavors could not have come at a better time. There is a new generation of disposable vapes that take full advantage of smooth nic salt formulas to deliver the flavor and performance that vapers demand. They are compact, easy to use and actually an affordable option when compared to prefilled vape pod kits. If you want access to multiple nicotine levels, your best bet is the Zaero Disposable Vape. It comes in four nic strengths, including zero. If nicotine strength options are not a concern, you will have even more disposable vape options. We just can’t seem to contain ourselves when it comes to getting new pod mods. You can probably relate. The Suorin iShare and the SMOK Fit are the two most recent vape pod systems we’ve added to our selection. Check them out and see which one is the for you! Suorin iShare The Suorin iShare vape kit is undoubtedly one of the coolest, most convenient pod mod setups to hit the market. In this super-affordable kit, you get two 130 mah pod mods and a pair of refillable pods that each holds 1 ml of eliquid. The icing on the cake, though, is that the Suorin iShare includes a portable charger that houses both batteries. That way, you can charge them both at once and keep them in rotation. The iShare gives a good throat hit and whatever flavor you’re vaping comes off tasting delicious. It’s not only a super-small, super-portable vape, it has everything you need (besides juice, of course) to vape on the go. SMOK Fit Sleek and streamlined, the SMOK Fit is a discreet and sexy pod mod that gets the job done. As far as aesthetics go, it’s not too dissimilar from the vape pod system that started the recent pod craze. It comes equipped with refillable 2 ml pods, though, which can be a huge asset. The SMOK Fit is lightweight, but durable. If you’re a smoker, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to carry around and put in your pocket. Another big pro is the fact that you don’t have to push a single button to get that smooth, but intense throat hit every time you vape. Shop our full selection of pod mods, vape pods, and Juul-compatible pods to stock up now.