New Limited Edition Posh Plus XL Flavors

Disposable Vapes

Now that prefilled vape pods are no longer allowed in flavors other than tobacco and menthol, it is easy to see why disposable vapes have increased in popularity. Sweet fruit and dessert ejuices are the flavors that the vast majority of adult vapers prefer and Posh has launched three new flavors for their excellent Posh XXL disposable ecig.

Why have so many adult vapers embraced disposable ecigs? Because they are easy to use, deliver great flavor and offer a satisfying user experience. The most recent generation of longer lasting disposables contain a significant amount of nic salt eliquid and larger batteries. This allows them to last far more than one day and make them a viable alternative to refillable/open vaping devices.


Posh Plus XL

One of the longest lasting disposable ecigs is the Posh Plus XL. Holding 5ml of nic salt eliquid and with a nic strength of 6 percent, it has seven times the capacity of Juul pod. A larger battery helps extract every last delicious puff from this one-time use ecig. To use a Posh Plus XL, all you need to do is open the packaging and puff. There are no buttons to push, coils to swap, pods to switch, batteries to charge or ejuice bottles to tote around.

The flavors of the Posh family of disposables, which include the original Posh, the Posh Plus and the Posh Plus XL, have always been well-received by vaping critics. That is why it was great news for adult vapers when Posh announced three new flavors for the Posh Plus XL.


Ripe Mango Posh Plus XL

The 5ml Posh Plus XL is a perfect choice for vapers looking for a longer lasting disposable ecig. It is one of the best mango disposable vapes. With seven times the capacity of a Juul pod, the Ripe Mango Posh Plus XL is also the Juul Mango alternative you have been waiting for. The rich mango is complex and elevated by dank tropical flavor tones. 

There is no easier way to enjoy nic salt vaping than a disposable Posh XL. The long lasting device kicks out crystal clear flavor from start to finish. Not only does the Ripe Mango Posh Plus XL make a great device for veteran nic salt vapers but it is a perfect option for heavy smokers due to its nic strength and ease of use.


Pineapple Slush Posh Plus XL

The combination of sweet pineapple and menthol ice makes a great nic salt flavor. The pineapple flavor is bright and sweet. Immediately distinguishable, it has a nice juicy mouth feel and smooth nic salt throat hit. The addition of a mild menthol ice kick balances the flavor out and makes for a great all day vape. It seems that the popularity of various nic salt flavors comes in waves. Expect Pineapple Ice to be a flavor that increases in popularity over the coming year. And the Pineapple Slush Posh XL is one of the best examples of this fine combination.  


Blue B Ice Posh Plus XL

Blueberry Ice is a top notch nic salt flavor. Popular as both a bottled nic salt eliquid and disposable vape, it has a mild fruit flavor and a foundation of chilly menthol. If you enjoy this great flavor and are looking for a long-lasting disposable ecig with great performance, the Blue B Posh XL may be a perfect fit. The juicy notes of blueberry are easily discerned on inhale but it is not a saccharine or overly sweet flavor. On exhale, it is pure icy chill. Posh does a great job with menthol-fruit nic salts and the Blue B Ice Posh Plus XL is no exception. This flavor is popular with adult vapers for a reason. It is balanced, refreshing and makes a great all-day vape.