what-is-a-smileomizer This is a guest post by Morandir. Recently, V4L  announced the release of two new flavors-  Smilin Special Cigar in medium and full flavor. Smilin sir has been working on these for a bit now (first samples appeared back in February of this year). They're available in both 30ml bottles and pre-filled cartomizers. My final versions arrived recently, and all week I've been testing and using both flavors.  Let's take a closer look at the two new offerings. WOW Smilin Special Cigar Medium Will first touch upon the physical aspects of the juice. Judging on viscosity will put this at a 80/20-75/25 PG/VG  ratio. Vapor production supports that theory. It's a dark brown colored juice, very much the color of a cigar. As for taste (which as always keep in mind is subjective) this is easily one of the closest mimics to a cigar thus far. It has a very robust tobacco taste, with a strong throat hit. The kicker though is the one aspect it has that most cigar flavorings lack, that numbing peppery sensation in your mouth. This by no means a juice for anyone who isn't a fan of cigars. As for how it's affected by voltage/wattage with a single coil-  at 3 watts it's almost tame juice. The tobacco flavor while still robust loses some of the depth. The extra kick also goes away almost entirely. At 6 watts the flavors start to wake up along with the peppery taste. At 9 watts and above you truly get the cigar experience. Again this juice isn't for the faint of heart. Was able to get it to 11.5 watts on a single coil before I called it quits, wasn't that the juice scorched, it just became too harsh even for me. In a dual coil got to that level at 10.8 watts. All in all, when it comes to cigar authenticity it hits right on the mark. WOW Smilin Special Cigar Full Flavor Will again start by delving into the physical aspects of the juice. Judging on viscosity and flow rate will put this at 75/25-70/30 PG/VG range. Vapor production is very close to that of the medium, so it's thickness could be the result of its flavorings. It's a darker cigar brown than its brother, which makes sense considering the flavor is much more concentrated in comparison. As for the flavor.... To say it's dead on is the only way to put it.  If you're not a cigar fan you will not like this juice. You want a full-bodied cigar, this delivers. An edging on overwhelming tobacco taste, very strong throat and mouth hit, along with that numbing peppery sensation it's brother shares. Reminds me a lot of a high-end cigar that used to be a favorite of mine over 3 years ago. There is a drawback though with this flavor, mimics a cigar too well. Had to vape this like a cigar, not like a cigarette, in order to enjoy it. For some, this will take time getting used to. As for how it's affected by voltage/wattage with a single coil- Even at 3 watts, this juice will hit like a brick for those not prepared. Highest I got before tapping out was 8.5 watts. In a dual coil had to call it quits at 7 watts. This juice gives exactly what it advertises, an unparalleled cigar experience. Give them a try and let me know what you think about V4L's latest flavors!