Happy new year! Earlier this month I wrote about how ecigs have helped me regain my confidence to commit to a resolution in 2013. We all know most resolutions last until February and then disappear for about 11 months. Well vapers I say we make a highly obtainable resolution - to keep vaping through the year! Let's recommit to vaping exclusively. Many people set time frames for vaping goals and reward themselves with vaping gear. This is how I'm going to incentivize myself to keep with my resolution. I am going to commit to this goal for six months, and if I make it I'll indulge in some hot new hardware. I love this idea because my rewards will help reinforce my resolution to continue using ecigs. If you are already well into your vaping lifestyle and have no doubt that you will forever be done with analogs, I have another idea for you. What if you resolve to convert one smoker into a vaper? For our forum faithful, this is similar to the pay-it-forward idea or "PIF". What is one of the first things you did when you began using electronic cigarettes? Most likely you told every smoker you know about your experience, and how they too could switch from analogs to ecigs and love it. Imagine how popular ecigs could be if every vaper helped just one smoker switch? Soon everyone will know what vaping and electronic cigarettes are! Vapers, let's commit to spreading the word about our great smoking alternative. Start with just one person. Lend them some batteries and get them a few packs of cartomizers. Let's see how much we can grow our Vapor4Life vaping family in 2013! Have you set your vaping goals yet or decided who you want to help make the switch? Share your thoughts with us, and let us know how we can help. From Smilin and everyone at Vapor4Life, we wish you a happy and healthy 2013!