Nic Salt Vaping: Vapor Zeus vs Vapor Titan Clearomizer



The Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus are two of the best devices for vaping nic salts but they provide quite different experiences. Which one is right for you depends on a number of factors both objective and subjective. Both are sold in convenient starter kits, which means everything you need is in the box. Ideal if you want to avoid the waste and expense of disposable ecigs and prefilled vape pods.


Without further ado, let’s examine which of these e-cigs is best for enjoying salt nic.


Nic Salt Ejuices



Both the Vapor Titan Clearomizer and Vapor Zeus are mouth to lung ecigs designed to provide a very authentic experience for former smokers. Both were designed with high-PG ejuices, such as the Wow and Premium Eliquids, and the crystal clear flavor and sturdy throat hit these formulas provide. The are most assuredly not meant for the higher-VG ejuices that box mod users enjoy but they are perfect for nic salts.


If you have any questions on what makes an ejuice a nic salt, check out our feature: Intro to Nic Salts. summarize the key points, nic salts simply describes the form of nicotine used in an ejuice. You could conceivably make a lower nicotine ejuice with nic salts, and in fact find that exact thing in the Zaero Disposable and other lower nicotine disposables. But the defining trait of nic salts is their pH. This means that you can add far more of them into an ejuice and not make the flavor and throat hit so harsh as to be intolerable.


Nic salts are ideal for adult smokers looking to switch to vaping who are looking for satisfaction rather than the act of vaping. Nic salts are also a great price performer. Each 30ml is equivalent to a dozen or more disposable vapes and almost 43 Juul pods.


Vapor Zeus



There are scads of refillable vape pod kits on the market but none match the Vapor Zeus in pure performance and flavor. The enormous quantity of polyfill and capacity in a Smileomizer dwarfs just about any autodraw device on the market. This does not mean the Zeus is overly thirsty or inefficient. On the contrary, a Smileomizer full of nic salts last me several days.



The Vapor Zeus comes in several sizes: 650, 900 and 1200mAh. I understand that some people are looking for the most compact design possible but battery life is my primary priority. The fractions of an inch width difference and expanded length are more than offset by the 1200mAh version having nearly twice the battery life of the 650mAh version.


There are several models of the Vapor Zeus and all work perfectly with nic salts. The most logical choice is the Vapor Zeus Auto, which requires no buttons or setting of voltage. You just fill it and vape.



But for those who like to fiddle with settings, there is a Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage. If you prefer to control the firing of your ecig, a Vapor Zeus Manual is your best option. You can get the Vapor Zeus Manual as both an auto or as a variable voltage. If you want both, there is also a Dual Mode Vapor Zeus which can autodraw or rely on a fire button.


Vapor Titan Clearomizer



The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is a smaller and less powerful device than the Vapor Zeus. But this does not mean it is any less suitable for salt nic. The beauty of nic salts is that you do not need a very large or powerful device to get a satisfying drag. It is all about flavor. And on this count, the Clearomizer absolutely delivers.



If you are just making the jump from smoking to vaping, the Clearomizer may be the logical choice. For one, it is a less expensive product. It also has a clear tank, making it easier to fill. It does have a much smaller battery than any model of Vapor Zeus, but this is partially offset by its lower output. It is also a slimmer design.


The Vapor Titan is not necessarily a less satisfying experience than a Vapor Zeus. The flavor is simply crystal clear but there isn’t quite as much vapor and it requires more refills. But it is also a slimmer and lighter device.


Disposable Vape Alternatives


Prefilled vape pods were the go-to nic salt device for years before the federal flavor ban knocked out all of the bright and sweet flavors that the majority of adult vapers and smokers prefer.


This opened the door for disposable vapes to take over a big chunk of the market place. The reason that disposables are so popular is that they are super easy to use and satisfying, exactly what most adult vapers are looking for. The reason Vapor4Life carries such a wide range of options is that there is a lot of overlap between flavor lineups. If your favorite mango flavor in your favorite brand is sold out, you will find dozens of other similar devices to choose from.



Final Thoughts


The Vapor Zeus is certainly the more powerful and high performance device but the Vapor Titan Clearomizer is very easy to use, satisfying, less expensive and has just about perfect flavor. I prefer the heartier vapor and authentic draw of the Vapor Zeus, but there is a great case to be made for both.