Nicotine Free Ziip Pods Review

Road to Zero

Vapor4Life was founded with the goal of switching smokers to vaping, and then helping vapers reduce their nicotine to zero. That is no typo. Our goal is to help our customers advance to the point where they no longer need our products. This is the road to zero.

Zero Nicotine Ziip Pods are no longer available but there are nicotine free Zaero pods. They come in four nic strengths. There is a zero nicotine version and three nic salt formulations: 1.8, 3 and 5 percent.

Here is our review of Zaero Disposable Vapes.


Reducing your nicotine level has always been option with refillable ecigs. Whether you prefer high VG ejuices and box mods or traditional ecigs, there was always a zero option. Our Wow and Premium ejuices are available in seven different strengths, and we wanted to offer this level of flexibility to vapers who use Juul compatible pods.

Juul Compatible Pods

Most Juul compatible pods and the prefilled vape pods for rival devices are available in just one or two nicotine strengths. Juul versus Vuse Alto may be the convenience store vape store rivalry for the ages, but you will not find many options when it comes to nic strength. Click here to read our review of the Vuse Alto flavor selection. The same limited selection holds true for other prefilled pod systems. They are great if you are looking for an alternative to cigarettes, but not as useful if you are looking to ratchet down your nicotine intake.

But now the greater flexibility that ecig users have long enjoyed is now an option for Juul users. Ziip Pods has taken nic strength to another level, well actually up to 6 levels in some cases.

Nicotine Free Ziip Pod Flavors

Ziip Pods Mango

Ziip Pods Mango is the zero nicotine entry the competitive mango pod market. Of course, it is also available five other nicotine strengths, all the way up to 6 percent, and it compared favorably to its many rivals in our comparison of Juul Mango alternatives. Ziip Pods Mango is a bit sweeter than Juul Mango. It stays very true to the authentic mango flavor, rather than venturing into the world of mango candy flavors. This means there is a tartness and ripeness that makes for a more pleasurable all day vape. Ziip Pods Mango has a surprisingly cool pull, it is not iced with menthol but is refreshing. There is no mistaking the realism of the mango, even though Ziip Pods Mango has a surprisingly cool flavor. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5.0% and 6.0% nic strength.

Ziip Pods Mint

Ziip Pods Mint is a cool and refreshing mint flavor. The inhale is wintery fresh and not overly herbaceous. The exhale is ice cold. It leans more towards menthol than spearmint, and is a great option for anyone looking for a clean and crisp vape flavor. There is a reason why mint is one of the most popular vape pod flavors around. Ziip Pods Mint provides the straightforward and enjoyable flavor that fans of ice vape juices love. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5.0% and 6.0% nic strength.

Ziip Pods Tobacco

Unfortunate events and flavor bans could potentially leave flavors like Ziip Pods Tobacco as the last vape standing. Luckily, Ziip Pods Tobacco delivers enough flavor to appeal to almost any vaper. Check out our review of the Best Tobacco Vape Pods if you want to see what the competition is doing.  But Ziip Pods Tobacco is good enough that it made our list of Best Tobacco Nic Salts as well, although nic salts are not present in the zero nicotine level version of the Ziip.

Ziip Pods Tobacco is inspired by Virginia tobacco blends. This means that the flavor notes are bright and there is a level of sweetness that will be familiar to smokers. There isn’t much throat hit from a nic salt, let alone a zero nicotine version, but Ziip Pods Tobacco does have a bit more kick than its stablemates. There is also a level of nuttiness that gives the pod even more oomph. Not that Ziip Pods Tobacco is overly fragrant or perfumed, it just has a very forward flavor that cigarette smokers will enjoy. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0% and 5% nic strength.  

Ziip Pods Cappuccino

Longtime ecig vapers probably remember when coffee was one of the dominant vape juice flavors. A rival to tobacco, the best of these managed to balance the bitter earthiness of coffee with a mix of cream and sugar. Ziip Pods Cappuccino continues this tradition, emphasizing a complete Cappuccino flavor.  Strong nutty, caramel, cream and sugar flavors do not overrun a solid and fundamentally authentic coffee foundation. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5% and 6% nic strength.  

Ziip Pods Strawberry Milk

Ziip Pods Strawberry Milk manages to deliver a very authentic strawberry flavor and blend it seamlessly with a cool and creamy milk. They managed to strike a nice balance here. The flavors though strong, are not overwhelming. The essence of strawberry milk is present from inhale to exhale. As far as creamy strawberry vapes go, this is one of the best. Thick, satisfying and rich. That Ziip Strawberry Milk it is available in Juul compatible form and with six nic strength options is a huge bonus. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5.0% and 6.0% nic strength.

Ziip Pods Strawberry Lemonade

Ziip Pods Strawberry Lemonade takes full advantage of Ziip’s rock solid strawberry vape juice flavor. The sweetness and fresh flavor is easily distinguished by even the most cigarette stunted palette. But rather than relying on a single flavor profile, the sugary nectar known as lemonade is added to the mix. The final result is a finely tuned and balanced beverage vape that works perfectly with a Juul compatible pod system. Mild, a bit sugary and fruity, fans of beverage and fruit vapes will love this one. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5.0% and 6.0% nic strength.

Ziip Pods Watermelon

Ziip Pods Watermelon delivers a forceful and fruity wave that splits the difference between fresh watermelon and watermelon candy. Watermelon makes for one of the most refreshing vape flavors around. Ziip Pods Watermelon is not overly sweet or strong, but it is not too watery either. The fruit flavor is most notable on exhale, and inhale packs the impact of a hard candy tempered with fresh fruit. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5.0% and 6.0% nic strength.

Ziip Pods Grape

Ziip Pods Grape is one of the best grape vape pods on the market today. This is the classic purple, concord variety of grape. A bit candied, and reminiscent of grape soda or gum. Fruity and sweet, the flavor is impressively bold and surprisingly nuanced. Ziip managed to fold a lot of different flavors into this great grape. It manages to not be too cloying while hitting all the right notes. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5% and 6% nic strength.  

Ziip Pods Blueberry

Blueberry is an essential and classic vaping flavor. More closely associated with high VG juices, Ziip Pods Blueberry works as a flavor by striking a balance between tart and sweet. Authentic and refreshing, this blueberry is not a one flavor wonder. Fruit vapers will love Ziip Pods Blueberry and its mellow yet bold flavor.  Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5% and 6% nic strength.  

Ziip Pods Pineapple

The vibrant flavor of Ziip Pods Pineapple is an accurate and refreshing take on this quintessential tropical fruit. Sweet and mildly tart, the sweet and almost tender flavor of pineapple has is ideal for a Juul compatible pod. With an almost beverage level of complexity, pineapple manages to be refreshing and bright without tiring the taste buds. Vapers who love complex fruits will appreciate the level of craft that Ziip Pods used when formulating this flavor. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5% and 6% nic strength.  

Ziip Pods Pog

Sticking with the tropical theme, Ziip Pods Pog expertly meshes passion fruit, orange and guava flavors. Much like the drink of the same name, Pog has an unusually compelling flavor synergy. It is remarkable that such a tropical delight can be vaped, and that it can generate such brightness without exhausting your taste buds. A great all day vape. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5% and 6% nic strength.  

Ziip Pods Peach

Tart, fresh and unmistakable, Ziip Pods Peach does not require any additional flavors to muddle the purity of this perfectly vape juice. You cannot miss the peachy keen bite of peach, and can assured that there is no pit to detract from the experience. Everything is peachy with this flavor. The tartness quickly mellows as the native sweetness of peach washes over. Perfectly ripe every time, Ziip Pods Peach is an inviting and refreshing flavor. Available in 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5% and 6% nic strength.  

Ziip Pods Froopy

Ziip Pods Froopy is a classic breakfast cereal vape. You toucan enjoy the creamy milk flavor that layered on top of a rainbow of fruit flavors. Don’t let cereal inspired name throw you for a loop. The fruit flavors are surprisingly authentic and true to their natural form, rather than what passes for fruit flavor in a cereal. The end result is a vape that is smooth, creamy and bold enough to be enjoyed throughout the day. Available in 0%, 3.0% and 5.0% nic strength.

Ziip Pods Cinnamon Roll

Ziip Pods Cinnamon Roll takes the distinct flavor of cinnamon and cuts the sharpness with a mixture of sweet icing and cakey depth. This is a mild cinnamon vape. A perfect partner for a morning cup, dessert or chocolate. The mellowness of the cinnamon gives this flavor the legs and versatility to work as an all day vape as well. The clear cinnamon notes enhance the sweet notes. It is never too earthy, wooden or fragrant. Ziip is on a roll with their solid rock solid take on a delicious breakfast treat. Available in 0%, 3.0% and 5.0% nic strength.

Ziip Pods Cheesecake

Ziip Pods Cheesecake is one of the few cheesecake pods on the market. Generally, cheesecake flavors are high VG formulas and folded into complex dessert vapes with even more flavors added. Ziip’s take on cheesecake is a bit more pared down and in some ways more satisfying for cheesecake lovers. This is a silky smooth flavor. The sweetness is well modulated and not overpowering. The cheesiness is mostly evident in the form of the creamy inhale. Dessert and cream ejuice vapers should try this balanced and flavorful Juul compatible pod. Available in 0%, 3.0% and 5.0% nic strength.