NKD 100 Salt Flavor Guide

The delicious flavors of Naked 100 ejuice and Naked 100 Salts are the same but the names have been changed. If you are confused about the changes, look no further. We have created this resource page to help you find your favorite Naked 100 ejuice, no matter what it is called now.

NKD 100 Salt

NKD100 Nic Salts are sold in 30ml bottles and have a nic strength of either 3.5 or 5.0 percent. Available in a wide range of the flavors that adult vapers prefer, these are some of the best nic salts you will find anywhere. We compared the NKD100 lineup head to head with VGOD in the our comparison test: VGOD versus NKD100

Lava Flow NKD 100 Salt

No name change here. The longtime best selling Naked 100 EJuice is now the flagship of their nic salt line. Lava Flow NKD 100 Nic Salt is a classic tropical fruit flavors like strawberry, pineapple and coconut, the foul sulfuric gas of a magma flow is that last thing on your mind when vaping this fabulous flavor.

Mango NKD 100 Salt

Now known simply as Mango NKD 100 Salt, this the first of a wave of mango nic salts created to provide amazing Juul Mango alternatives. The flavor formerly known as Amazing Mango NKD 100 is a bright and beautiful flavor.

Melon Kiwi NKD 100 Salt

Once known as Green Blast, Melon Kiwi NKD 100 is a delightful fruity nic salt which features honeydew melon, green apple and kiwi flavors. The tart green apple may not be mentioned in the new name but it is the glue that brings the sweet kiwi and ripe green melon flavors to full fruition.

Melon NKD 100 Salt

Perhaps the most confusing name change, Polar Breeze is now simply melon. Previously, it was known as Frost Bite. Melon NKD 100 is a simple name. It also ignores the fact this delightful salt nic has much more than just melon flavor. Kiwi and green apple add green fruit flavors to this delightful nic salt.

Peach NKD 100 Salt

Peachy Peach NKD 100 Salt was always a superlative peach nic salt. But the name has been pared down to simply Peach. The flavor is still there and as great as ever. Peach NKD 100 Salt is still just peachy. Peachy keen even.

Really Berry NKD 100 Salt

The nic salt formulation of Very Cool Berry, Fans of Naked 100 Very Berry will be thrilled to know that the e-juice artisans at Naked 100 now have this great flavor as a nic salt. NKD 100 Really Berry unleashes the flavor of ripe blueberries and mixes them with a tart and balanced blackberry flavors. The tanginess and balance of NKD 100 is further enhanced with notes of lemon and a layer of sugary sweetness.

Maui Sun NKD 100 Salt

Maui Sun is a fruit ejuice par excellence. Sweet pineapple complements the citrus balance of orange and sweet tangerine. Naked 100 has long been known for authentic flavors and Maui Sun NKD 100 Salt does not disappoint.

Hawaiian POG NKD 100 Salt

Pomegranate, orange and guava work just as good in a salt nic as they do in regular high VG ejuice Naked Salt Ejuice, or the tropical beverage for that matter. The orange instills a bit of citrus bite while the guava and pomegranate provide nectary sweetness. Hawaiian POG NKD 100 is a classic flavor that adult vapers are sure to enjoy.