It was 11:45 PM and was freezing. "What the hell am I doing out this late?" I asked myself. Oh yeah! The biggest gaming release of the year was last night! Finally, my wait was over for Grand Theft Auto V. But the wait last night was much longer than expected. Apparently, some other people heard of the biggest game of this century, and I was one of 400 people at my local GameStop. Great. I was huddled up with some fellow gamers and we were talking about, what else, THE GAME OF COURSE! One of the gamers decided to light up a cigarette, so I pulled out my vape. It's second nature for me now that I forget that my Dial-A-Volt and tank setup can make some heads spin. The guy stopped mid-sentence and asked, "The hell is that thing?" I replied, "OH! This?" as I chuckled. "It's my e-cig. I work for a company up north called Vapor4Life."   He told me that my Dial-A-Volt DEFINITELY didn't look like an e-cig. I laughed again and told him about the many different types of e-cigs. I told him to take a drag. Reluctantly, he gave it a try and coughed a little. I told him that coughing was normal, but even before I could finish, he yelled out, "DAMN MAN, get me one PLEASE!" I gave him my card, and soon my number was being called and I had to leave our conversation. I felt bad, but come on, Grand Theft Auto V was the reason I was waiting in the cold for over an hour! I was FINALLY on my way home. No plans for sleep. I had my vape and some snacks for my all-nighter and then...*flash-flash* Dial-A-Volt had died out on me after vaping it all day! I was so hyped up for this game that charging an e-cig was the LEAST of my worries. I got home and I swear my Vapor Zeus was calling for me! Sitting right next to my PS3, I swear it had an aura. I went to vape it... also dead. But not a second later it dawned on me. Those charging cables for PS3 controllers ALSO conveniently work on the Vapor Zeus! I plugged mine in and started vaping immediately. Damn did that passthrough come in handy! Not once did I need to leave my seat for this epic journey. Six hours of gaming later, I saw it was time for work! Yeah. This game is that good.