Steampunk mod Steampunk mod seen at VapeBash 3"
    There are some pretty damn crazy, I mean CRAZY mods out there. If you think all ecigs look alike, you my friend are in for a big surprise. People have been modding their electronic cigarettes since the devices were invented. There are ecigs made of Altoids tins, Nintendo controllers and Atari joysticks. One company has even made vaporizers out of energy and pop cans. They have glass straws that serve as a drip tip. There are ecig mods made of all kinds of old school tobacco pipes. Here are the 5 strangest vape mods we've seen out there. #5)  The inhaler Inhaler mod   A lot of smokers are forced to start using albuterol inhalers because of health problems caused by smoking tobacco cigarettes, making this mod pretty ironic.   #4)  The gun mod Gun mod   I found this one on Pinterest. Unfortunately, it doesn't link anywhere, so I have no idea where it came from or who created this beast. I posted it on Facebook and got quite the reaction.   #3)  3D printed mod 3D mod     GrimmGreen was vaping a bright green mod at VapeBash very similar to this one. Seriously how cool is this?   #2)  PRIMUSz PRIMUSz   This bad boy is pretty crazy. I met the guys from Element Vapors who created this mod at VapeBash 3. Their mod uses Bluetooth and cloud computing on an app. It records puffs, minutes spent vaping, flavors used, nicotine strengths, ohms, and watts. #1)  The Steampunk mod There are a lot of these guys out there, each one cooler than the next. These mods made out of copper can get pretty heavy. The bigger the better, and we say bring it on! At this year's VapeBash, the Steampunk contest winner was this dude (see first photo at top) who had created a totally crazy backpack Steampunk mod with tons of metal tubes sticking out of it everywhere. And to top it off, it's completely functional! Black Vapor Zeus Now, these are all crazy and fun mods, but probably not best for everyday use. If you're looking for a mod that lasts all day and night, produces clouds of flavorful vapor, but is still easy to use, you need the Vapor Zeus. This e cigarette battery runs at a consistent 5 volts and features a USB passthrough. It's available in three sizes (650mAh, 900mAh, 1300mAH), and five colors (black, cigar brown, magenta, green, and blue). It will easily become your favorite daily e-cigarette! What's the strangest vape mod you've ever seen? Got one that tops these?