This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum. I received the latest offering from the OMG line a few days ago. This article gives some basic info  on the OMG VV, as well as an introduction into variable voltage. There is a lot of info, so it's separated into two  parts. Basics The OMG VV combines two pieces: the battery tube and the controller head. Included in the kit is a blue protected 1600mah  18500 battery and a universal charger. You can use nipple top batteries and high drain 18490/18500 batteries in this unit if you like. I have tested both batteries and they work without issue. Variable Voltage The three types of ecigs  are: regulated, unregulated, and variable. Regulated  personal vaporizers run at one voltage their entire span of a charge. Many EGOs on the market stay at 3.2-3.4V (volts) their entire life. Vapor4Life sells unregulated ecigs but no regulated ecigs. Unregulated batts start in the 4V range and work their way down with use. Variable voltage is a different beast. It's regulated, but you choose your desired voltage (with a few limitations). This allows one to dial in their personal vaping "sweet spot". The OMG VV charger is much like the one shipped with the OMG All Day only it's rated for 450ma. It took 217 minutes to charge from when the device cut off at 3.2V, and the final off-charger voltage was 4.22V. I haven't tested this with an IMR battery for charging, but have a feeling it should not be used with anything but protected batts (non-IMR) just like the OMG All Day mods. Display Screen I won't give away the message displayed when powering the unit down, but if you click the power button 5 times in a row you will place your OMG VV into a standby state. In use, every time you hold the button down for more than .4-5 seconds it registers as a puff. It's a nice feature, but can lose count at times. You can set the date and time with enough clicks of the minus button to bring up the screen, but if you take more than 8 seconds to change the battery it loses memory, or if you have to do a hard reset (more about that later). There is also a counter for minutes-in-use as well. The battery indicator comes up every time with the puff count in cell phone style measurement, so there is no way to know the actual voltage of the batt, but it does automatically cut itself off when the batt reaches 3.2V. Adjusting the voltage is easy, just hit the plus or minus button under the screen. The power button is on the other side and has been responsive thus far in all my tests. Check back soon for Part 2 of OMG VV Technical Info! Contact Morandir835 via e-mail at [email protected] or through his page on ECF at "Even Though I Nothing Learned, With Strength I Burned."  €“ Emperor