Black Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery with cigar-colored Smileomizer"
You have read my blog long enough to know that I don't write reviews just to write them. I decide  what I write about, and I have rules. With only one exception, (a bottle of e-liquid from V4L) I have chosen and purchased, each item I have reviewed. Yes, I do use coupons and discounts, just as you do, if they are available. I would like to think that it is due to my pride and the ability to say whatever I want in a review. But, honestly, I think that I am so sporadic when I write, that I manage to stay off the list of sought-after reviewers. Does this keep me from writing a review when I am moved to do so? No! When I find something really outstanding, I want to share it! Let me introduce you to  Zeus-the father of gods and men. The sky god, he controls lightning, which he uses as a weapon, and thunder. He is king on Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods. He is also credited as the father of Greek heroes and the ancestor of many other Greeks. So, what is his name doing on my new e-cig? Let's find out! To quote Vapor4Life: "The Vapor Zeus story began two years ago as an invention created by Steve Milin. He wanted an electronic cigarette battery that embodied vaping bliss. After countless prototypes and thousands of hours of his life poured into this product, he continued to search for ways to cement the Vapor Zeus as god of the e-cigarette battery industry. Finally, the finished product is here and we are thrilled to showcase our latest and greatest. If there's one Vapor4Life product that says "Steve," it's the Vapor Zeus." So, what is it, and why am I impressed? I purchased the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Starter Kit. I chose black, but it's also available in a cigar color. What makes this battery different is that it's power is regulated at 5 volts. With all the (non variable voltage) batteries you have purchased, the power has been a non-regulated 3.7 volts. What that means is that a fully charged battery may give you 3.7 to 4.2 volts, and as you use it the power decreases, until it finally blinks and fails. The Vapor Zeus fully charged runs at 5 volts, an hour later, 5 maintains 5 volts! Not even with my big, expensive mod from another company do I vape at 5 volts! But just a few puffs with the Zeus convinced me that 5 volts vaping is really impressive! And here is news...the Zeus is the only battery that I know of that is "dual mode"...I can use it as an "auto" or, by pressing the button 5 times, set it in "manual" mode! Wow, I never thought that would be important to me, I'm a manual girl, right? Well, it turns out that isn't necessarily true! Puffing away in auto mode with the Zeus was very reminiscent of my old analog days! Oh, the joy of vapes! In diameter, the Zeus is the same size as my EGOs, but, fully assembled with a Smileomizer, it measures 7 3/8" long. It is more e-cigar than e-cigarette and not for stealth vaping! The first thing you might notice is that it has a 1/4" or so square button that, to me is much easier to use than those small round buttons. It has a good, solid "click" when you choose to use it...but I tend to use Zeus in the "auto" mode. An added benefit is that the button doesn't light up the room at night. It glows with a soft green. It has always been especially irritating to have my mod button practically blinding me while I am driving and vaping at night. I am especially sensitive to light at night, and the light on my battery/mod was just one more distraction I did not need! The end tip of the battery is a mini USB connector, used to charge it or use as a passthrough - wow! Now, to the really important part! The carto is now a "Smileomizer". It looks like a cross between a regular carto and an EGO Mega carto. First you notice a rounded rubber tip, nice and chew-able and it is just a hair shorter. The real change is  in the filter material. What once looked like some fluff stolen from Gramma's best quilt has grown up to be a softer, seemingly more absorbent material. I took a full five minutes to fill with my favorite e-liquid and all was well. The carto performs beautifully and I'm very impressed by the overall performance. You can also use regular V4L WOW cartos on the Zeus, and, I am supposing lower resistance cartos in your dual coil tanks. I tried the regular WOW cartos, but I was so impressed with the Smileomizer, I went back to it immediately! I would say that Mr. Smilin Milin succeeded in his quest. This vape is for the grown-ups! I hope that you add the Zeus to your vape line up! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!