Online Vape Shops That Ship to Illinois

Pact Act

The shipping of all vaping devices and liquids via USPS to Illinois customers will end at some point in April due to the PACT Act. Fed-EX and UPS have already enacted these restrictions. Check out our feature blog: Pact Act Restrictions on Vape Shipping for a complete run-down.

USPS Vape Shipping Ban

Another impending restriction is a signature verification requirement for all vaping orders. This will be implemented starting on orders placed after 3pm on March 26, 2021.

But Vapor4Life will still be able to provide smoke and ash free alternatives to our home state of Illinois and loyal Illinois customers.

Online Vape Shops that Ship to Illinois

Vapor4Life will work with local carriers to provide convenient delivery options to our Illinois customers. 

Due to these impending restrictions, and additional vape taxes, we recommend stocking up now. Time is running out. But we are happy to announce that adult vapers in Illinois will still be able to place and receive orders from the convenience of their own home and have access to our full lineup of vape mods, pods, eliquids and accessories.

Punitive federal restrictions against ecigarettes and eliquids threaten to funnel adult vapers back onto combustible cigarettes. Luckily, with the help of local couriers Vapor4Life will still be able to ship ecigattes, eliquids, vape mods, vape pods, disposable ecigs, replacement vape pods, coils and other vaping accessories to the Illinois. 

Order Pickup for Chicago Customers

The City of Chicago has banned flavored eliquids and disposables. In response to this restriction, we are now offering in-store pickup. This is also a convenient way to avoid the signature verification requirements that future orders will require starting in late March.

Due to Covid-19, we are taking a number of precautions to make sure that the process is as quick and safe as possible.

Note: The option to select order pickup will appear as a shipping option at checkout. This prompt will only show up for customers who enter an Illinois shipping address. If you live in Wisconsin or Indiana, you can enter an Illinois shipping address to access this option. As Wisconsin and Indiana are not currently instituting flavor bans, there are no eliquid flavor restrictions that would require picking up your order in person. 

Due to the nature of nicotine products, you must show a valid government issued ID and the individual named on the order must be present to pick it up. Every order is verified using the cutting edge Veratad age verification software and we do not sell our products to anyone under the age of 21.


For more information on the states we ship to, check out our resource page: The Impact of the Pact Act.