So my dad made the switch! That's right, after a year of pestering him to throw out his cigarettes, he finally broke the habit! So what got him to commit to vaping? He was finally ready! When I first started to learn the ins and outs of e-cigarettes, I started telling every smoker I knew. I'd show off my e-cig like it was the hottest thing in town.I'll admit, a lot of the time I was ignored, but some smokers I knew switched to vaping rather quickly. Others just thought it was some gimmick, like my dad. I'd come back home to visit with a new flavor or a new e-cig so excited to show them off! He'd ask about them. More often than not, his first reply was always "Let me hit that," with a grin. He thought they were more fun than habit breakers. He always seemed to like the flavors but always thought the whole thing was "complicated." But, looking back, I could see that I was maybe a little too pushy. I'd always ask, "Dad, why don't you give those up?" Or I'd tell him, "It's really not all that hard, just look." Well, it was time for a new approach. I got together a Vapor Zeus kit and filled a Smileomizer with a flavor I knew he'd love, New Menthol. I went to visit him but didn't say anything about him smoking cigarettes. I showed him the Vapor Zeus, and he tried vaping it like he normally does. Jokes flew, but when I left, I "forgot" the Vapor Zeus and left it behind. A couple of weeks later, I saw him using it. All I asked was, "What happened?" He told me that he didn't make a run for cigarettes over the weekend and that he knew "this thing" had nicotine, so he just vaped it. He started asking me all types of questions, and I knew at that point he was committed. I look at him now and he's been smoke-free for over a month. I seriously can't believe it, but I think he made the switch because he was finally ready. That, and I wasn't there bothering him about it either. Do you have any stories about a stubborn smoker turned vaper?