Oro Bars Disposable Vapes Review

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What the heck does oro mean? It is the Spanish word for “gold”, but you need not be bilingual to enjoy this newest entrant in the crowded disposable vape market. Despite the best efforts of lobbyists, there is little doubt that sweet and bright flavors are the ones that most adults prefer. And that ease of use and satisfaction are of equal importance. Disposable vapes click all these boxes and this explains their runaway success.


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Oro Vape Bars



The Oro Bar will look quite familiar to any fan of disposable vapes and their lineup of ten flavors has no big surprises. This is a classic stick style disposable. It closely resembles a Puff Bar, Cali Bar, Hyppe Bar, Sea Stix and a dozen other disposable vapes that use a cotton polyfill and 280mAh batter.


Oro Bars is playing the greatest nic salt hits, with Mango, Melon, Lush Ice, Lychee Ice, Blue Razz and Frozen Banana options. If you are looking for a less expensive option than disposable vapes, you can always take a look at a Vapor Titan Clearomizer, a refillable vape pod kit and bottled nic salts.



But if disposables are your preferred vaping platform, you will be happy to know that Oro Bars has a very balanced and solid lineup of ejuice options. And with an ejuice capacity of 1.3ml, almost twice the capacity of a Juul pod, and a nic strength of 5 percent, they deliver a solid all-day vaping experience.


Oro Bar Flavors


Lush Ice Oro Bars


The newest addition to the Lush Ice world, Oro Bars has done a good job with this flavor and it compares favorably to the disposables we profiled in our feature:  Best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes. Not much raspberry to be found here but the watermelon and menthol flavors are strong. Icy cold and sweet, this is a great vape flavor.


Lychee Ice Oro Bars


Lychee Ice is Lychee Ice, you may have preferences as to which brand you prefer but chances are if you like one you will like them. If you have tried Lychee Ice in another disposable, you have a pretty good idea what to expect from the Lychee Ice Oro Bar: dank and ripe tropical fruit flavors with a bold icy finish. This consistency is not a drawback as lychee ice is one of the most balanced and easily enjoyed nic salt flavors on the market. The lychee has an richer and riper flavor than a typical mango flavor with an almost grape-like exhale. The ice is more cold than minty. The balance makes it easy to enjoy all 1.3ml of ejuice contained in each Oro Bar. The nic strength of this delicious disposable is 5 percent.


Blue Razz Oro Bars


Another one of disposable vaping’s greatest hits, the Blue Razz Oro Bar is a delightful flavor which mimics the nostalgic flavor of hard, sugary confectionery treats and couples this with the icy blast of menthol that adult vapers love. The raspberry has enough tartness to keep the sugar gilded finish from being too overwhelming. The hard shell of sweet also adds coolness. A classic flavor well-executed.


Frozen Banana Oro Bar


One of the hottest flavors in 2020 is frozen or banana ice. Frozen Banana Oro Bar is near the front the pack with this great take on a quintessential flavor. The ripe creaminess of banana and the bold sweetness works flawlessly with a sweet menthol finish.


Melon Ice Oro Bars


Honeydew, perhaps the most reviled fruit in ever served in cup, is a beloved nic salt flavor. It is an inexplicable turn of events. But it is a flavor that simply works in a disposable. The icy sheen added to the menthol adds complexity without making the flavor overbearing. It works great with the ripe and the sweet flavor notes. The menthol adds soothing complexity which makes it easy to vape all day. Melon Ice Oro Bars are an ideal disposable for seasoned vapers and recent smokers alike.


Peach Ice Oro Bars


The Peach Ice Oro Bar Disposable is exactly the type of flavor that adult disposable vape users love. The nectary peach is bright and bold. The smooth menthol finish makes for a great all day vape. Both are unmistakable flavors and they work as a team here. A fantastic flavor from start to finish.


Orange Soda Oro Bars


Why are all these Orange Soda disposables hitting the market now and why didn’t someone think of this earlier? Orange Soda Oro Bars are just as sweet, satisfying and refreshing as the name sake beverage. Not quite ready for the confectioners stand but certainly sweet, there is an icy finish which keeps everything balanced.


Strawberry Ice Oro Bars


Strawberry Ice Oro Bar is one of the best disposable vape flavors on the market.  The berry notes and sweetness are amazingly balanced and the icy menthol is a perfect finish. Strawberry is a great nic salt flavor that pairs perfectly with menthol.


Apple Ice Oro Bars


Red juicy apple and menthol ice are a great combination that the tight drawing Apple Ice Oro Bar fully harnesses. There is a hard sour apple sweeties flavor on inhale but the rich fruit notes take precedence. They are merged into a coherent whole with a cold base of menthol. A perfect all day vape.


Mango Lychee Oro Bars


Two of the most unique, delicious, and popular tropical fruit vape flavors were just asking to be blended. And Oro Bars has done it with the Mango Lychee Oro Bar. Both mango and lychee complement each other from start to finish, playing off of each other’s strengths. The mango has a rich and nectary flavor which elevates the almost wine-esque flavor of lychee. There is no need for menthol ice when the sweetness is so well modulated with ripe and authentic fruit notes.