Pachamama Nic Salts Pack Fantastic Fruity Punch

Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust vape juices were created by ex-smokers who wanted bold flavors that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Their Pachamama line of ejuices are dedicated to fruit flavor fans, and now they have added Pachamama nic salts as well.

Pachamama is revered in Incan mythology as the goddess of earth and time. She continues to embody life and fertility for the indigenous people of the Andes.

Pachamama E-Juices Stand Out In Crowded Field

The realism of Pachamama's flavors loom large in a crowded fruit e-juice field. The freshness of these tropical and classic fruit flavors are perfect for nic salt ejuices. Celebrate Mother Earth’s bounty and savor the dynamic interplay of Pachamama’s sweet, mouthwatering fruit flavors. 

Pachamama Honeydew Melon Nic Salt

The life cycle of every fruit salad is the same. All of the other fruits are eaten and the honeydew melon is pitched in the trash. Honeydew? More like honeydon’t! But the slimy, stiff, flavorless honeydew melon of fruit salad fame translates into a perfect fruit nic salt. A skeptic will ask how this is possible! Wouldn't the worst fruit also make the worst e-juice?

The secret of Pachamama Honeydew is that it is always perfectly ripe and lacks the trademark damp Styrofoam texture that you have grown to detest.

The biggest advantage of Pachamana's take on honeydew is that it is always fresh. There is no reason to pick around this juicy, crisp and pulsating fruit. The succulent and subtle notes are ideal for a nic salt ejuice. It has a satisfying freshness from inhale to exhale. For the first time, there is a honeydew flavor that stands up to the test of time. It is sweet, mouthwatering and so smooth that you will want to vape it all day. Pineapple and cantaloupe, you have been demoted.

Pachamama Sorbet Nic Salt

Pachamama Sorbet transports you to a café in Italy, a land of romance and beauty. Close your eyes and imagine being served a perfect raspberry and lemon sorbet by your charming waiter; a rugged, handsome man in his mid to late 30s. He lives with mom and has no plans to move out.

The lemon and raspberry flavor is perfect for a sharp nic salt hit. Pachamama Sorbet is as refreshing and whimsical as a jaunt up a winding Roman road on a pastel Vespa scooter. Grin ear to ear and lean in with abandon. The wind is in your face as you navigate hairpin turns on narrow roads.

Wait! Why is your waiter from the cafe barreling down the road so recklessly? He didn't even glance up as he cut you off on his lemon yellow Vespa. Is he really going to navigate the traffic circle going the WRONG DIRECTION? It is no joke to him, a scooter is his only means of transportation.

Take a drag of Pachamama Sorbet and savor the sorbet notes on inhale. The amazingly buoyant taste will snap you back to attention. The flavors are spot on and never muted. The sweetness of the raspberry transitions to a smooth cloud of lemon on exhale.

Pachamama Fuji Nic Salt

The beautiful thing about the best vape juices is that they often taste better than the fruit the have been formulated to mimic. Take the Fuji Apple. The Fuji cultivar is far from the worst apple, thank you Red Delicious. But it is not that great for making pies. This is odd since it was developed as a baking apple. But the Fuji apple is perfect for vaping, if not baking. Or at least Pachamama’s take on it is.

In case it isn't clear, apples aren't my favorite fruit. I understand people love them but they don't move the needle for me. Despite this built in bias, I am absolutely obsessed with Pachamama Fuji nic salt ejuice. It is my personal favorite. It is crisp, fresh and never cloying. The tartness of the apple gives it an added bit of bite that makes it easy to vape all day. Some apple vape juices fall into the trap of being too sweet or too sour. That is not a probelm with Pachamama Fuji. The apple on inhale is a pretty darn realistic take on a sweet ripe apple, and the exhale is smooth and delicious.

Pachamama Apple Tobacco Nic Salt

One of my most ill-advised smoking cessation efforts involved dipping. My tobacco of choice was Skoal Apple Pouches. They tasted pretty good I thought. The chronic halitosis I suffered at the time, which was described as smelling of “sour apples”, was almost certainly unrelated.

Certain in the knowledge that the flavor combination of apple and tobacco simply works as a flavor, if not a mouthwash in tobacco juice form, I was eager to try Pachamama Apple Tobacco.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust have their apple game down pat. Fans of tobacco nic salts benefit big time from the vibrant infusion of apple. This is a warm and satisfying flavor. The tobacco flavor is robust and works to perfection with the nic salt throat hit. The twist of apple flavor breaks up the rich earthiness and makes this a refreshing vape that fans of fruit ejuices will also enjoy.

Pachamama Icy Mango Nic Salt

At some point “ice” became synonymous with menthol and mint in the ejuice world. I am not sure why this is the case. That certainly wasn’t what “ice” meant in the beer world circa 1995. Back then, ice beer meant a cheap beer that had a slightly higher alcohol content. Or possibly, it meant water filtered through (expletive deleted). Apologies to ice beer lovers who are old enough to vape. All eight of you.

As someone who tests all these e-juice flavors, I am quite thankful that “Ice” means menthol and mint now. I am not really interested in a Molson Ice flavored nic salt, sorry Canada. Although I would not mind the murderous Bud Ice penguin returning during commercial breaks in hockey games. Dooby Dooby Doo.

What I am interested in is a cool, crisp mango flavor. On this front, Pachamama delivers big time. The mango market is a crowded one and it seems everyone has their own take. Pachamama Icy Mango is inspired by sweet and tart mangoes. They locked in the juiciness in with a blast of cooler than cool, ice cold, menthol. This combination was born to be a nic salt.

The herbal mint adds an energizing freeze to the tropical breeze of authentic mango flavor. The intense and cool fruitiness on exhale will have menthol lovers coming back for more. Fans of classic mango will adore the tropical chill of this mirror smooth flavor. Long suffering Miller Ice fans will have to wait until next year for their ejuice of choice.

Pachamama Starfruit Grape Nic Salt

The ejuice flavors we have reviewed so far are easily located at any grocery store. You are probably familiar with and will appreciate the delicious realism of Pachamama’s take on flavors like Fuji apple, raspberry, tangerine and strawberry. With Pachamama Starfruit Grape, Charlie's Chalk Dust has chosen to take the widely available grape and pair it with exotic starfruit.

Starfruit has a distinct sweetness that is balanced with a punchy tartness. Outside of the vaping world, the actual starfruit is readily identifiable because it resembles a five pointed star. Hence its name.

Starfruit is not related to durian. Both are staples at Asian grocery stores but only one smells like an old sock soaked in sewage. And for obvious reasons, Charlie’s Chalk Dust opted to avoid the one known as “stench fruit”.

While the time is not yet ripe for the durian ejuice revolution, I highly recommend Starfruit Grape. The starfruit flavor they've developed is unique and delicious. Their realistic take on grape might be the best of the bunch. This plucky blend hits your mouth with a delicious flavor burst that is easily enjoyed all day and works perfectly as a nic salt.

Pachamama Strawberry Watermelon Nic Salt

This is a unique take on a classic vaping flavor combination. What sets Pachamama apart is their dedication to recreating fresh and natural fruit flavors. Have you ever wondered why strawberries taste so good? It is the balance of juicy sweetness and tart acidity. Layering refreshing, sweet watermelon on this delicious foundation makes for an enticing vape flavor. 

Strawberry and watermelon are a natural combination. So natural that there are over 87,000 different ejuice variations to choose from. But if you love the one-two punch of watermelon and strawberry, make sure you give Pachamama Strawberry Melon a try.