PACT ACT Restrictions on Vape Shipping

Greetings Vapor4Life Customers,

The Vape Mail Ban (S 1253) has been signed into law and will impact our ability to sell and ship all vape products. While we are working to create a new network for shipping, there is no official list of states we will be able to ship to as of yet. For this reason, we recommend stocking up now. 

The restrictions being placed on shipping may dramatically limit your ability to purchase eliquids, coils, pods and vape devices online. We strongly recommend that you stock up before the dates listed below.  

We are working to locate affordable shipping options and will keep you posted with any updates.



2021 Vape Shipping Restrictions

What you should expect:



FedEx Vape Ban

Thursday February 25, 2021 will be your last day to order vape products using FedEx. 



UPS and DHL Vape Ban

UPS & DHL have also banned vape shipments.



USPS Adult Signature Required for Vape Products

After March 25, 2021, USPS will require an adult signature for delivery of all orders.  This will increase your shipping cost by $7 per order.  We may stop shipping to states on this date that we don’t expect to be able to ship to long term.



USPS Vape Ban

Sometime in April – US Mail will no longer accept vape shipments.

We will stop shipping via USPS.  We are working with regional delivery companies, but we do not expect to be able to ship to all states.  In states that we will ship to it is likely that there will be an interruption in our ability to ship.  Exact date is pending the rule implementation by USPS.



New Shipping Options

While we are working to expand our network, there is no official list of states we will be able to ship to yet. As there is no finalized list, we recommend stocking up now. 

International Orders

For Australia & Canada customers, FedEx, UPS, DHL & the US Post office will no longer allow us to ship to you in April.  We are investigating other shipping options.  We recommend stocking up.


For all other countries.  We do not expect to be able to ship to you when the new rules go into effect in April.


These harsher regulations are a result of the PACT Act, signed into law as part of a congressional omnibus spending bill in December. It has broadened the definition of tobacco products to include vapes and vaping supplies.

We will keep you updated as soon as we know more. We thank you for your patience and loyalty. We are doing everything we can to continue serving you.


In the interim, you may want to stock up as much as possible before the changes listed above take hold.