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I don't know if it's just me, but I find myself needing a second flavor to cleanse my palette every hour or so to help refresh my taste buds. I tend to chain vape, and after a while, I start not feeling and tasting the flavor of my main vape "WOW New Menthol" as much. I thought it was my gear. I tried switching out batteries, topping of my charges, refilling my tanks. Nothing was working. After about a half hour of frustration, I inevitably would switch to another flavor tank, and be vaping completely fine again. Then when I went back to my menthol, the taste was back to where I wanted it to be. I think there is an aspect to vaping where we need to refresh our palettes after a while to get back to that "fresh tank" or "new cart" taste. The French call it an "amuse-bouche", which can be loosely defined as "fun for the mouth". Its how they clean their taste buds between courses. Generally a lightly flavored sorbet, lemon or the like is used. My current amuse-bouche is "WOW Doc Pepper" but I am thinking I might pick up some lighter citrus and fruit flavors to see if it leaves my mouth cleaner. But then again, maybe its my mind playing tricks on me. What do you think? This is a guest blog post by Michael Britt.