pokemon go vaping There’s really no way to insulate yourself from Pokémon Go, the video game that has taken over every aspect of humanity. You can’t leave the house without quite literally physically stumbling upon someone who is trying to catch a Zubat. You can’t turn on the radio or television without hearing a news story about Pokémon Go. You can’t even get on the internet without seeing a news story about all the Craigslist missed connections that have come up from people spotting each other playing Pokémon Go.   People love it, there are a ton of potential benefits, it’s getting both positive and negative news coverage. Oddly enough, I could be talking about either Pokémon Go or vaping. I caught a Weedle trying to vape my Vapor Zeus last night and it got me thinking about all the things Pokémon Go and vaping have in common.   Once You Get One, You Have to Get Them ALL   Pokémon’s slogan has long been “Gotta Catch ‘em All.” Once you capture one, you see another one with cooler features and more power, so of course you need that one too. If you see another Pokémon trainer with a rare Pokémon, you want it to be yours. Sometimes you’ve got to fork over a lot of money if you want to get every single Pokémon you “need.” I think we can all agree that this sounds a lot like what happens after you get your first box mod. It might be a relatively simple mod with a few neat features. The next thing you know, you’re walking around and you spot a guy or gal with a more advanced mod. You need this mod now. After a few weeks, you start thinking you need a cooler mod with even more features. You sell your old mod. You dip into your retirement fund. You refinance your house. Eventually, your shelves are filled with more than 100 mods. But you still need more. You always need more. It’s All Over the News   The news is filled with sensational stories about Pokémon Go that may or may not be true. One thing is true. Everyone has an opinion on the new video game craze and they are not afraid to share it. News anchors, journalists, and comedians have all weighed in on Pokémon Go, supporting or ridiculing it at their whim. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Everywhere you look, you can find a news story with unfounded claims about vaping, images of celebrities vaping, or reports on the effects of e-cigarettes and their popularity. When the FDA finalized its deeming regulations, the mass media went even more nuts. It’s only a matter of time before the news starts reporting that box mods are making people walk into trees.   You Can’t Resist Posting Photos   Scroll through your Facebook news feed after you read this. My guess is you’ll see at least one photo of someone catching a wild Eevee that’s perched itself on their friend’s hand or face. Compare this to the good ol’ “handcheck” in the vaping community. For those who are unacquainted, that’s when a vaper posts a pic of their hand holding whatever mod they’re using. Google Images is filled with pics of intricate coil builds and images vapers blowing clouds. It’s easy to lose yourself in them.     If You Don’t Do It, You Don’t Get It     Vapers know that when you see someone else vaping, you feel a certain type of camaraderie that you just can’t explain. Maybe you give a knowing look or a friendly head nod, and deep down in your heart you know that you and this stranger are intrinsically linked. I’ve experienced this while playing Pokémon Go. Just like when I vape in the car, I looked over at a stoplight, and the woman in an SUV next to me was playing Pokémon Go too. Represent.   Those people who don’t do it just don’t get it. Pokémon Go players are facing a lot of hate from people who have never even played the game. There are a lot of vape haters out there, but if you’ve tried vaping, you understand why people are so fiercely defensive of it...why they’re so into it. I’ve got to go now, there’s a Squirtle in our vaping lounge.