Pop Clouds The Salt

Pop Clouds E-Juice

Los Angeles sometimes seems to be the epicenter of the ejuice universe. Or perhaps epicenter is the wrong word to use in South California.

Pop Clouds is looking to continue the Los Angeles tradition of ejuice innovation with their adventurous line of pop rock inspired flavors. Sold under the banner Pop Clouds The Salt, the name and the tastes they evoke are a mouthful. You will rock out with the fruit tartness of classic popping candies, and a wide array of distinct flavor profiles.

If you like fresh, sweet flavors with a stimulating mouthfeel these are a perfect nic salt ejuices for you. Available in 3.5 and 5 percent nicotine strengths, the quality and variety of flavors available is exhibit A for switching from a prefilled to a refillable pod system.

Vaping Nic Salt

If you are not sure if nicotine salt ejuices are the right choice for your vaping journey, our definitive guide to nic salts will answer any questions you may have.  If you are looking for a device which is optimized for for nic salts, we review ten amazing vape pod systems in our article Top Ten Juul Alternatives. Here is a quick breakdown of that compares regular ejuice and nic salts.

Pop Clouds Salt E-Juices

Pop Cloud Salt Blue Razz is not your standard blue raspberry ejuice. It has a bit of extra zing that may remind you of pop rocks. You may remember these candies. There was a myth that combining pop rocks and Coke could cost you your life. An exploding stomach, or something unpleasant like that. Don’t worry. That was just a myth and this flavor is the truth. The unique Pop Cloud mouth feel is never overpowering, but it adds to the experience. The sweetness is sharp and there is a surprisingly creamy finish that goes great with the silken nic salt throat hit.

Pop Cloud Salt Butterscotch answers the age old question- What is the difference between caramel and butterscotch? The difference is that butterscotch is made from brown sugar, and this gives it a more balanced flavor. This makes Butterscotch perfect for a perky, creamy nic salt juice. Pop Cloud Salt Butterscotch is sweet, but not overpowering because it stays true to its butterscotch roots. It has a warmth of flavor, savory tones and a distinct mouth feel that is enhanced with the Pop Clouds touch, which will remind you of pop rocks candy.

Pop Cloud Cherry duplicates the candied goodness of cherry pop rocks in a delicious nic salt ejuice that you will want to vape all day. This creamy cloud provides an authentic take on a candy that pops in your mouth. The cherry flavor has a fizzy edge but the throat hit is never harsh. The combination of tartness and candy cherry sweet is timeless.

Pop Cloud Cotton Fluff is perfect for anyone looking for the nostalgic flavor of cotton candy fused with a mouth feel that will remind you of pop rocks candy. The sweet, sugariness of the cotton candy is cut with a subtle fizzy burst that makes this an all-day vape. A perfect flavor for a nic salt, sunny days are here again with Pop Cloud Cotton Fluff.

Pop Cloud First Flight is a bold fusion of tropical flavors that soars above its fruity nic salt rivals. E-juices have come a long way since the first vape cloud took flight all those years ago. Peach is the flight leader, but pomegranate and citrus are able wingmen providing a balanced combination of sweet and tart. First Flight’s secret weapon is the unique fizzy mouthfeel and this is crucial to the experience. It breaks up the hard candy shell and adds a dash of zest that will remind you of pop rocks candy. The nic salt throat hit is more super cruise than afterburners, smooth with an enjoyable kick.

Pop Cloud Grape is an all-day vape that will make you smile. If it reminds you of grape pop rocks it is because Pop Cloud spent a lot of time perfecting the flavor of this nic salt. The added dose of fizz and the spot replication of grape rock candy makes for a refreshing and surprisingly complex flavor. Like a great grape candy, Pop Cloud Grape is never too sweet and balanced with delicious notes of juicy fruit and tartness.

Pop Cloud Green Apple is a jolly flavor that will bring a smile to your face. It has fully duplicated the sour apple candy flavor that you know and love. Green Apple is highly a desired vaping flavor, and there are plenty of excellent contenders. But Pop Cloud did an amazing job with this nic salt and it stands out in the crowd. Succulent, sweet, sour and tart. The Pop Cloud fizzy mouth feel is the finishing touch on a fruity nic salt masterpiece.

Pop Cloud Orange offers up a slice of citrus goodness with a sugary finish. There is no mistaking this orange soda, orange candy inspired nic salt e-juice for any other fruit. The flavor is true from start to finish. The Pop Cloud treatment includes a bit of fizz and a smooth flavor that has just the right level of throat hit for a nic salt. Orange you glad that Pop Clouds made this citrus wonder?

Pop Cloud Peach is peachy keen. There is no pit in this nic salt ejuice, just pure vaping enjoyment. Sweet, juicy peaches are one of nature’s flavor miracles. And this juice is always ripe and ready. Pop Clouds does a tremendous job at capturing the hard candy essence without blasting you with too much sweetness. There is enough fruitiness to satisfy the pickiest vaper, and the fizzy Pop Clouds mouth feel is executed to perfection in this nic salt.

Pop Cloud Salt Watermelon will remind you that it is always summer somewhere. The authentic taste of watermelon pursues you from inhale to exhale. What makes this a top flight e-juice is that the watermelon flavor has a wow factor. There is a candy edge that meshes with the juiciness of fresh watermelon. There is a crispness to this nic salt which will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide the throat hit you demand.