Accessories There are a ton of ways that vapers can customize their ecigs. Some accessories include chargers, lanyards, drip tips, stickers, charms, skins, and more. Chargers The power source that charges your vape. There are many types of chargers including wall chargers, USB charging cables, and USB chargers. There are also adapters available that allow you to plug a USB charger into a wall or car adapter. Lanyards 6901ea191e4f4f1fac9c83b05e9f0b1cA lanyard is worn around the neck kind of like a lanyard for your glasses, and pretty much serves the same purpose. By keeping your ecig in a holder around your neck, you won’t lose it, or get it dirty! Lanyards come in all different sizes, shapes, and are made out of a variety of materials. They are mass produced by some vaping companies, but crafty individuals have made their own out of yarn, cloth, paracord, or leather.               Drip Tips This vaping accessory is used on cartomizers and tanks as a barrier in between the juice and the vapers’ lips. Drip tips are functional, but are also an easy and inexpensive way to customize your vape. They are made out of metal, glass, delrin, aluminum, plastic, and silicone. Some are small, about the length of your fingernail, while others can be very long. There are even fun shapes like mustaches, animals, cartoon characters, and more. The original name “drip tip” came about because you can use this accessory to refill your cartomizer or tank without having to disassemble your vape. But, refilling this way is not ideal. It’s hard to see where the juice is going, and you don’t want to accidentally taste any juice that’s leftover on the drip tip after you’re filling it.                   Extenders To make a mod longer, some vapers use extenders. These can be placed near the bottom of the PV, to hold a larger battery, or near the top that connects the tank to the battery. Not all ecig mods have a place for an extender, and there are different shapes and sizes depending on the type of mod. There are extenders for all different battery threading types. One type of extender is the Gooseneck, a very long, flexible extension that bends in any direction for a custom vape. Skins Ecigs come in tons of different flavors, but if you want a quick and inexpensive way to make your ecig different, you can get a skin for it. A skin is a thin sticker than you trim to fit, and then place over the battery, to fully cover it. It looks like a brand new battery!