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Are you interested in selling disposable vapes at your store? Posh Disposables are one of the hottest disposables on the market and are available in a huge selection of the flavors that adult vapers prefer. We also have a huge selection of nic salts, vape pod kits, e-cigs and ejuices.


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Disposable Vapes


Most adult vapers and smokers looking to switch from combustible cigarettes are looking for a simple device that delivers great flavor. Disposables fit the bill perfectly and have taken off in popularity. At the forefront of the disposable vape revolution is Posh.


For complete run down of the best disposable vapes on the market today, check out our feature: The Best Disposable Vapes.



If you are a wholesaler looking to get into disposable vapes, Posh Disposables, the flexible Zaero Disposable Vape and the mighty Posh Plus Disposable Vape are a great starting point. Reliable, flavorful, convenient and affordable, they are exemplars of the new generation of disposable vapes. For a complete deep-dive, check out our deep-dive: Posh versus Posh Plus versus Zaero.


No one has a better selection of disposables than Vapor4Life. We stock up on all the brands and flavors that adult vapers prefer.


If you are interested in setting up a wholesale account and placing a wholesale order, contact us at [email protected]. We have great pricing on these disposables and have found they are a great fit for many businesses looking to diversify their vaping options with an inexpensive cigarette alternative.


Posh Disposables



Almost every new nic salt disposable is an autodraw device. Most disposables fall into one of two categories. There are stick style disposables like the original Posh and the Zaero. The next most common style is a thumb shaped “Mini” disposable of less than 3 inches in length. None of the devices discussed here today fall into this category. Some examples of mini disposables are the Stig, Mojo, Twst and aptly named Myle Mini.


The Posh Plus is an outlier as it is a larger and more robust disposable. It has a tubular shape and much larger battery. It also holds more ejuice. If you were to tear off the top you would find that it uses a more sophisticated cartomizer style design.


Here is a basic comparison of the Zaero, Posh and Posh Plus.



Posh Disposable Vape



As briefly mentioned above, there are two styles of disposable e-cigs available from Posh. The first is the classic Posh. It is a rectangular device and a hair under 4 inches in length. Nearly flat, at a quarter inch thick, it still contains 1.8ml of nic salt vape juice. This is over twice the capacity of a Juul pod, which contains only 0.7ml of vape juice.


The Posh Disposable has a nic strength of 6 percent and is available in nine flavors. It is notable for its great flavor and very discrete form factor. The number of puffs you get from a disposable will depend on how you each drag you take is. The regular Posh should be good for over 200 moderately long puffs and over 300 if you take short, quick drags.


Zaero Disposable Vape



The Zaero Disposable is basically identical to the Posh as far as device architecture but has two important differences. The first is that it is available in an entirely different set of flavors. One of these flavors is the always popular mint.


The Menthol Zaero is a great Juul Mint alternative. It is a cool and refreshing flavor, and has proven popular with fans of Juul’s most popular flavor. Moreover, as it is a menthol flavor it could potentially avoid many of the state flavor bans that are sprouting up this fall and winter.


If you have any questions about vaping and flavor bans, check out our resource page: Vape Bans By State. This page is repeatedly updated and includes municipal bans as well.



The other difference is that the Zaero is available in four nicotine strengths. This seemingly simple innovation is extremely important. Most disposables are only available in one nic strength. For most devices, including the Posh Plus, this is either 5 or 6 percent. The Zaero is available in four nicotine strengths, including zero. The other strengths are 1.8, 3 and 5 percent. This is great for vapers who may want a disposable but do not need the potency delivered by a 5 or 6 percent nic salt.


Posh Plus Disposable Vape



The Posh Plus is a heavier and wider device than the Zero and regular Posh. It is a bit shorter and has a far larger battery capacity. It holds 2ml of vape juice, versus 1.8 in the Posh and Zaero. Posh actually rates the Posh Plus at 500 puffs. This seems a bit optimistic but there is no doubt that it lasts significantly longer than its rivals.


The Posh Plus also generates a bit more vaper than its stablemates. This is due to its design, which as mentioned above looks very similar to the Smileomizer of a Vapor Zeus. For those unfamiliar, this means that the Posh Plus relies on a polyfill soaked with ejuice connected to a center tube. This is time tested technology that delivers great flavor and the shape of this hardware necessitated the tubular shape of the Posh Plus.


The Posh Plus comes in eight flavors, with a heavy emphasis on iced fruits. The nic strength is 6 percent.


Posh Wholesale Flavors


The Posh, Posh Plus and Zaero all deliver great flavor and satisfaction. But if you are shopping by flavor, you will find there is no overlap. Posh intentionally used different flavors for their two devices to keep things from getting too confusing and cannibalizing sales.


Here is a list of the flavors currently available for the Zaero, Posh and Posh Plus. This selection of flavors is likely to grow and this is a strong lineup. Market leader Juul is down to only tobacco inspired flavors, having cancelled their popular Mango, Mint, Cream and Cucumber vape pods. Any of these devices would make a great Juul alternative and in some cases the flavors match-up directly.


PZaero Mint makes an ideal Juul Mint alternative and Posh Mango Frost is a great option for vapers who loved the popular Mango Juul.


Posh Wholesalers


If you have any questions of the Posh, Posh Plus, Zaero or any of the other rival disposables, please contact us at [email protected]


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