Posh Plus versus Posh versus Zaero Disposable

Disposable Vapes


The fast growing popularity of disposable vapes has demonstrated a fundamental truth about vaping: most adult vapers are just looking for a satisfying, flavorful and convenient way to get nicotine.

Disposable vape


Convenience is priority number one, especially for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. And there is simply no easier way to vape than with a disposable ecig.


Flavors matter too, as adults have shown a strong preference for dessert and fruit themed vapes. It is in this area that the newest generation of disposables excel. Thanks to potent and flavorful nic salt ejuices juices, disposable vapes can easily serve as a primary vaping device for a sophisticated adult vaper.  


Most impressively, there is no big financial penalty to be paid. Disposable vapes are priced competitively with the top selling prefilled vape pod kits on the market today. Now that the federal flavor ban has removed pods containing the flavors that adults prefer from the market, disposables are the easiest option for adult vapers seeking flavors and not wanting to deal with the hassle of buttons, charging or refills.



They compete directly with the prefilled vape pod market pioneered by Juul, check out our deep “The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed” for an examination of how potent nic salts changed the expectations and preferences of vapers.


Posh Plus versus Posh versus Zaero


There is a lot of competition in the disposable vape market. Here is a quick overview of the Posh Plus Disposable Vape and how it compares to the original Posh and the Zaero Disposable.



Most disposables are either stick style or mini-disposables. The notable exception is the Posh's stablemate the Posh Plus. Both the Zaero and Posh Plus are stick style disposables. This means they are about 4 inches in length. Where they stand out is ejuice capacity. Most of their rivals hold 1.3ml of nic salt ejuice. The Posh and the Zaero are exceptions, as they hold 1.8ml.


Mini disposables, we conducted a mini vape showdown here, are a bit smaller. They place the battery parallel to the ejuice reservoir and usually hold about 1ml of ejuice. This style of design does cut the length down to less than 3 inches.


Mini disposables generally have a looser draw and certainly have a more compact form factor. All of the major disposables on the market are autodraw and use nic salt ejuices.


Another shared trait of disposable vapes is a wide range of the sweet vaping flavors that adults prefer. It is impossible to compete in this segment without strong fruit vape game. The Posh, Posh Plus and Zaero all deliver.



There has been a recent move to add various nic strengths to disposable lineups. We examined this positive move in our feature: The Best Lower Nicotine Disposable Vapes. The Zaero is the industry leader in this regard. It has a zero nicotine option as well as 1.8, 3.0 and 5 percent strength. The Posh and Posh Plus are only available in 6 percent strength.


Posh Disposable Vape



The Posh Disposable was an early entrant in the nic salt disposable field. In our comparison of the best disposable vapes, the Posh earned rave reviews. Its tight draw and sharp flavors impressed. Moreover, Posh managed to squeeze 1.8ml of ejuice into every disposable. This is over twice the capacity of a Juul pod and made this disposable a less expensive option for convenience and value minded vapers.


Vape counts on disposables depend heavily on how long each drag you take is but the Posh does have longer legs than most other stick style disposables.


The Posh disposable places a heavy emphasis on minty flavors. This is a testament to the appeal this style nic salt vaping has to adult vapers and former smokers.


The Posh has a notably tighter draw than the Posh Plus and a solid lineup of unique flavors. These will probably dictate which device you prefer.


Posh Flavors


Lush Ice Posh Disposable


Whatever the inspiration for the name Lush Ice was, the flavor itself has certainly resonated with nic salt and disposable vapers. To avoid confusion, the Posh Plus take on this flavor is called Minty Melon. But make no mistake, these both are targeting the same flavor profile. With airy watermelon notes, the Posh Lush Ice is a bit fruitier than many of its competitors. The menthol notes are cooling on exhale but this is a brighter and tarter flavor than the original Stig Lush Ice.



Cool Mint Posh Disposable


Icy cold mint is a long standing favorite of vapers. Mint Juul is gone from the US market but adults looking for a crisp, easy to use nic salt mint are not out of luck. Invigorating and clean, the cool mint Posh is has strong notes of coolness with hints of candied mint on inhale.


Mango Frost Posh Disposable


Juul Mango was an early casualty of the attack on flavored vapes. Mango Frost Posh is one of the best Juul Mango Alternatives. A sweeter mango, it relies on an icy to finish to balance the flavor profile.


Blueberry Ice Posh Disposable


Balanced blueberry melded with a hint of menthol makes for a great nic salt disposable vape. The menthol cool is subtle, mostly hitting on exhale. The realism of the blueberry sweetness is tempered with faint tart notes. The balance is there to make this an all-day vape.


Frozen Grape Posh Disposable


The candied grape is an unmistakable flavor. When combined with a pinch of icy menthol, it works even better. This is a very satisfying flavor, especially if you are a fan of grapes.


Pineapple Slush Posh Disposable


The bright flavor of tropical pineapple shines brightly in Posh Pineapple Slush. The menthol is not overwhelming, making this ideal for fruit vapers in search of balance. But it still packs enough coolness to make sure that the experience is not overly sweet. A superb pineapple ejuice, Posh Pineapple Slush is a top tier tropical beverage vape.


Pink Lemonade Posh Disposable


Posh Vape Pink Lemonade is a cool, delicious beverage vape. The intricate complexity and beauty of pink lemonade shines through in every puff. The sweet sugary notes keep the citrus sour well in check. The lemon has a tart punch and balances the confluence of flavors.


Cool Melon Posh Disposable


If you are looking for a flavor that is not shimmering with bright, sweet fruit notes but has more complexity than a basic mint, Cool Melon Posh is the vape for you. Honeydew and cantaloupe notes are mild. There is an almost cucumbering essence to the exhale. Very ripe and a great overall ensemble of flavors.


Zaero Disposable Vape



We did an in-depth review of the Zaero Disposable earlier this month and examined all of the flavors available. To recap, although the Zaero shares similar technology to the original Posh there are a couple crucial differences.  The major difference is that the Zaero is available in four nicotine strengths, including zero. The available nic strengths of 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent give the Zaero much more flexibility than the Posh and make it a great alternative to lower nicotine Juul pods and refillable vape pod systems


The other major difference is that the Zaero offers an entirely unique lineup of flavors. The variety of flavor profiles is greater still, because there is not as much of an emphasis on menthol and mint infused ejuices. With the Zaero your flavor choices are Sweet Orange, Menthol, Banana, Blue Razz, Blueberry Lemonade, Tobacco, Grape and Chocolate.


My personal favorite is the sweet and bright Blue Razz, which is amazingly balanced with notes of tart fruit layered atop the classic summer treat. It brings a coolness without the use of menthol. The creamy Banana is also an impressive flavor.


The Zaero matches the Posh in ejuice capacity and puff count. If you are looking for lower nicotine options in a nic salt disposable ecig, the Zaero is your best option by far.  Compared to the Posh Plus, the Zaero has a tighter draw and sharper flavors. This may be the result of fewer menthol/mint options, but the difference is notable.


Zaero Disposable Flavors


Blue Razz Zaero


Zaero Blue Razz flavor has a perfect mixture authentic raspberry, sugary sweetness and a hint of tartness. It retains the coolness of Blue Razz icy beverages but without mint or menthol. Incredibly complex with crystal clear flavors, it is a fruit, beverage and dessert vape all at the same.


Blueberry Lemonade Zaero


Zaero Blueberry Lemonade has a depth of flavor that rivals the best bottled vape juices. Sweet blueberry notes bob in an ocean of refreshing lemonade. There is enough tartness to keep it interesting and make this an all-day vape. A fruit and a beverage vape, this is a fine disposable vape flavor.


Menthol Zaero


One of the best Juul Mint alternatives, the Menthol Zaero packs a wallop of cold that will appeal to adult smokers and to long-time adult vapers who love menthol. Never candied, this is a crystal clear and cold flavor.



Sweet Orange Zaero


A tangy and bold orange, this is a pure fruit vape. The sophisticated flavors found in nature are carefully crafted and recreated. There is a bit of candied exhale but the tartness keeps Sweet Orange from becoming too cloying. Balanced and crisp, it is easy to see why so many adult vapers prefer fruit vapes.


Banana Zaero


A creamy delicious banana with ripe and balanced flavors, fans of fruit will be drawn to this soothing flavor. It avoids the artificial banana flavored trap, with notes of greenness that keep it fresh and prevent the natural sweetness of banana flavor from overwhelming the vaping experience.


Grape Zaero


The Grape Zaero has the perky and enjoyable Concord inspired flavors that vapers have enjoyed for years. A worthy fruit vape, Zaero Grape delivers ample balance and a mild exhale. Disposable vapes have come a long way with their flavor and complexity.


Chocolate Zaero


The Chocolate Zaero is a rich vape. There is milk chocolate sweetness and decadent notes of cocoa. Balanced and flavorful, this is a great alternative for anyone who is tired of fruit and beverage vapes but still wants sweetness and complexity.


Tobacco Zaero


State and federal restrictions designed to drive adults back onto tobacco are out in full force. The only good news is that there are some solid tobacco disposables on the market. The rich flavor of Virginia tobacco is perfect for the tight drawing Zaero disposable vape. The Zaero gives you the flexibility to pick the nicotine strength that works for you, which is a huge advantage over the competition.


Posh Plus Disposable Vape



Despite the success and popularity of the Posh, there is no denying that there is a lot of competition on the market. In response, Posh went back to the drawing board and the result is the Posh Plus Disposable. It has a slightly more wide open hit and bit more vapor production than the Posh and Zaero.


The first thing you will notice about the Posh Plus is that there is not a lot of shared DNA here. The Posh Plus is a cylindrical design. It has a tapered mouth piece and a lot more heft than the original Posh. This weight difference is largely due to the massive 450mAh battery. This is larger than just about any prefilled pod system and is competitive with many refillable vape pod kits. If you are interested in refillable vape pod kits, check out our Top Ten Juul Alternatives.



But the Posh Plus is more than just a Super-Sized Posh. The original Posh shared the form factor of a Juul, but the Posh Plus is looks more like a short ecig. The mouthpiece is shaped like many of the prefilled kits on the market but is narrower due to the cylindrical shape of the Posh Plus. The plastic base has a rough surface. This is a callback to the original cig-a-likes and it lights up red like the lit end of cigarette.



The differences are more than skin deep. The Posh Plus has an increased ejuice capacity of 2ml and a larger battery. What this change means for the vaper is a device that is rated for an astounding 500 puffs. This can be attributed to the battery, as the capacity is only 0.2ml than the original Posh.


With a nic strength of 6 percent, this should get the average smoker through several days and is roughly akin to two packs of cigarettes.


Posh Plus Flavors


The unique Posh Plus flavors warrant closer examination. Originally, there was little overlap with the Posh. This has changed as customer flavor preferences override their preferences disposable device design.


Minty Melon Posh Plus is a direct competitor with the Lush Ice Posh. The Menthol Ice Posh Plus has a natural rival in the Cool Mint Posh. Mango Frost Posh and Frozen Mango Posh Plus also clearly share inspiration. Pineapple Slush Posh and Pina Colada Posh Plus share less DNA but are both pineapple-centric flavors.


There are enough differences between the flavors to make it worth trying both. If you greatly prefer the experience of the Posh Plus, it will probably get the nod due to the similarities in flavor profiles that these disposables share.


But at the end of the day, you will probably prefer one flavor over the other. The overall Posh Plus lineup is much more heavily stacked than the Posh. There are eleven flavors to choose from, including the outrageously good Cream Brulee. There is no comparable flavor available on the Zaero or Posh.


Frozen Mango Posh Plus


The ripe and complex flavors of tropical mango work in perfect concert with ice cold menthol. And Posh Plus gets the most out of this outstanding flavor combination.  If you are looking for the Best Juul Mango Alternative, the Posh Plus Frozen Mango is a great starting point. It has the ripe, never overly sweet, tropical mango flavor that adult vapers love and a frigid blast of menthol that tantalizes the taste buds.



Cream Brulee Posh Plus


Posh Plus makes perhaps the Best Juul Crème Alternative. Rich and velvety, it delivers the vanilla and custard richness that you expect. Notes of caramelized sugar are evident throughout. There is a bit of throat kick with Posh Plus Cream on exhale but the inhale is silky smooth. The complexity of Posh Plus Cream Brulee is a marvelous and really captures the upscale French dessert which inspired it.


Menthol Ice Posh Plus


Are you looking for the Best Juul Mint Alternative? Look no further than Posh Plus Menthol Ice. It has a pure menthol flavor, frigid and bold. There is a hint of sweetness to keep it from overwhelming the taste buds. The draw of Posh Plus is perfect and the vapor production is exactly what you want from a mouth to lung disposable.


Minty Melon Posh Plus


A Lush Ice by any other name is still just as sweet and icy. That is the lesson we have learned from Posh Plus Minty Melon. Included in our comparison of the Best Lush Ice Disposables, the Posh Plus watermelon and menthol blend delivers all the flavors that Lush Ice fans have come to expect. The regular Posh Lush Ice arrived on the scene first, hence the naming convention, and it does not have notable raspberry notes. But all of the crisp and fresh watermelon that seasoned vapers demand is here. If you were waiting for the long-lasting Posh Plus to offer the hottest flavor in vaping, Lush Ice, your wait is over.


Fireball Posh Plus


Posh Plus Fireball is hard candy, cinnamon flavored disposable vape.But don’t worry about it being too spicy to vape. The cinnamon is tempered with an icy glaze of cooling mint. The result is a fascinatingly balanced vape. It really captures the red hot candies flavor, but leans much more heavily on sweetness than heat. The cinnamon a bit feisty, as expected, and the result is a great all day vape.


Cali Peach Posh Plus


The distinctive flavor of peach has always worked great as a vape. It is sweet but has enough distinctiveness to stand out in the crowded field of fruit vapes. Posh Plus Cali Peach is exceptionally good.


Minty Berry Posh Plus


Posh Plus Minty Berry takes the classic mixed berry vape flavor profile, one of the most popular on the market, and adds a dash of menthol. The combination is nearly irresistible as the sweetness never overwhelms and the iciness enhances the fruity flavor tones.


Pina Colada Posh Plus


Posh Plus Pina Colada is an outstanding beverage vape and a testament to the impressive flavors available in disposable vapes. The sweet pineapple and creamy coconut quite accurately replicate the flavor of this legendary tropical drink. The fruit notes are sophisticated rather than sugary. The unique flavor elements complement each other perfectly, just like in a real Pina Colada.


Frosted Apple Posh Plus


Posh Plus Frosted Apple may be inspired by the most wholesome of fruits but it has a frosty edge that adult vapers will adore. The complexity of the ripe apple flavor is impressive and the nic salt smoothness brings out an amazing depth of flavor. The frosty edge of menthol is not only cooling but adds a sharpness to the fruit dominated inhale. This is a perfect vape for fruit lovers and fans of menthol vapes.


Frozen Strawberry Posh Plus


Posh Plus Frozen Strawberry manages to improve upon the the sweet and refreshing delights of a great strawberry vape juice. The mint is mild and works well with a foundation that is closer to a fruit than a candy. The inhale is sweet and tart, while the exhale is icy cold. The complexity of strawberry vapes never ceases to amaze but Posh Plus Frozen Strawberry really benefits from the bold winter chill.


Tobacco Menthol Posh Plus


The big and robust Posh Plus is an ideal disposable for menthol smokers. Rather than a straight mint flavor, like the excellent Zaero Menthol, it also aspires to capture the essence of bold and rich tobacco. Posh Plus Tobacco Menthol is remarkably authentic and perfect for heavy smokers looking to make the switch to a disposable.




The Posh Plus provides an upgrade in battery and juice capacity. The draw is not as tight but the vapor production is slightly better. It may all boil down to your flavor preferences at the end of the day. But if you desire to reduce your nicotine level or 6 percent nic strength is too much, the Zaero Disposable remains the clear winner.