Posh Plus versus Puff Bar Plus

Disposable Vapes


When disposable vapes began to take off in popularity a year ago, most manufacturers used one of two designs. Most disposables, including such popular designs as the original Posh, Puff Bar and Zaero Disposable, were stick style disposable vapes. About 4 inches in length, this style of disposable e-cig usually holds 1.3ml, although the Posh and Zaero both hold 1.8. The other style was the disposable mini-vape like the Stig, Mojo, Twst and Myle Mini.


But as it became clear that smokers and vapers were switching to disposable e-cigs as their primary devices, rather than just a back-up or device to travel with, there has been an increased demand for products that last longer. Disposable vapes are extremely popular because they are super easy to use and generally less-expensive or the same price as the old prefilled, flavored Juul pods.


Our comparison of the Posh Plus and Puff Bar Plus is a great example of why Vapor4Life carries so many brands of disposables. Each brand provides a slightly difference experience but there is a ton of overlap when it comes to flavors and even disposable e-cig designs. By offering multiple alternatives, you can always find your favorite flavor in one of the brands we carry, even if your preferred brand is out of stock.


Puff Counts


A word on puff counts. The fact is, there is no easy way to estimate Puffs as vapers may be taking multi-second draws or just puffing for a fraction of a second. Nonetheless, any disposable vape user is probably aware that stick disposables may be extremely satisfying, flavorful and relatively long-lived, but the counts may be a bit inflated.


In the case of the Posh Plus, although in theory it only has 0.2ml more than the regular Puff Bar, it certainly seems to last considerably longer in my experience. That being said, the easiest way to judge how long a disposable will last is looking at how many milliliters of e-liquid it contains. Some of the larger disposables have bigger batteries and slightly lower resistance coils, but they are still mouth to lung devices that generate a moderate amount of vapor.



If you are looking for a bit more bang for your buck, consider switching to a refillable e-cig like the Vapor Titan Clearomizer or a refillable vape pod kit like the Smok Novo 2. Combined with a nic salt ejuice bottle, you get the same satisfaction, higher performance, better flavor and a full 30ml of salt for less than $20.



Posh Plus versus Puff Plus



The standard Puff Bar and Posh are two of the most successful designs in disposable e-cigs. The Puff Bar is famous for its highly regarded and extensive lineup of flavors. Holding 1.3ml of ejuice, the standard Puff Bar is estimated to be about equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. Crystal clear taste and wide variety of flavors are the Puff Bar’s calling cards. The slightly larger Posh, holding 1.8ml of ejuice, has a lineup anchored almost exclusively on iced menthol infused flavors.



In the case of Puff Bar, the decision to create a Puff Bar Plus was made to provide a longer lasting option to loyal adult vapers looking for a longer lasting experience. The same flavor profiles as found in a Puff Bar appear once again in the Puff Bar Plus, although not every flavor has carried over.



The Posh Plus has a totally different design and is much more than just a bigger Puff Bar. While many similar flavor profiles can be found on both the Posh and the Posh Plus, these are not identical flavors. The Posh Plus nic salts have been reworked to account for a more powerful disposable which generates slightly more vapor.  


Posh Plus



The Posh Plus is one of the first disposables to break the mold. With a unique cylindrical shape and much larger battery, it delivered superior longevity while not sacrificing anything in the way of flavor or satisfaction. To further sweeten the pot, the cylindrical Posh Plus is actually a bit shorter than most other disposable vapes and uses a polyfill similar to high-quality eGo cartomizer or Vapor Zeus Smileomizer. If you are looking for a refillable device that offers similar performance, check out our Best Posh Plus Alternatives comparison review.


The Posh Plus holds 2ml of ejuice and has a 450mAh battery. Just as importantly, the Posh Plus has a flavor lineup stacked with the all-time favorites in nic salt vaping. Almost every flavor is infused with some level of menthol ice and are almost exclusively inspired by the flavor profiles of fruits. There is a reason for this. Fruit and menthol nic salts work exceptionally well with disposable vapes. Here is the Posh Plus Lineup


Frozen Strawberry Posh Plus


This is consistently one of the top-selling Posh Plus flavors. Actually, just one of the top selling disposable e-cig flavors period. A great mix of sweet and tart strawberry, melded with a chilly blast of menthol. Adult vapers have embraced the nice balance of familiar flavors found in Posh Plus Frozen Strawberry.


Frosted Apple Posh Plus


This is an amazing flavor that manages to capture the flavors of sour green apple flavor without seeming too artificial. The ice is not overdone and enhances a juiciness of the fresh picked apple notes.


Pina Colada Posh Plus


Although technically a beverage and not a fruit vape, the tropical flavors of the Pina Colada Posh Plus fit in perfectly with the rest of the lineup. A very distinct pineapple punch makes this nic salt as fruity as can be and delightfully sweet. But the creamy coconut cuts the sweetness and adds the delightful sweetness that heavy smokers switching to vaping crave.


Minty Berry Posh Plus


Slightly icier than some of its brethren, this flavor deserved prominent consideration in our feature on the Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives.


Cream Brulee Posh Plus


The dominant force in our comparison deep-dive into the best Juul Creme alternatives, this dessert vape delivers exactly the smooth vanilla and custard flavors that you expect. Unusual in a disposable e-cig market generally limited to fruit-menthol blends, this unique flavor is tremendous and a real treat for adult vapers looking for a soothing and rich nic salt flavor.


Minty Mint Posh Plus


Formerly known as Menthol Ice Posh Plus, this inexplicable name change does not undermine the overall quality of this disposable. We found that it is one of the best Juul Mint alternatives. But with the Juul flavor long since banned, it is now rising to the forefront of a new category and is easily one of the Best Mint Disposable Vapes. How do you describe a minty mint menthol ice nic salt? Cold, refreshing, a bit of peppermint and spearmint hints on an frigid cloud. If the shoe fits there is little else to say.


Cali Peach Posh Plus


Peach is a natural nic salt flavor. Bright and boisterous, this is one of the most delicious disposable vapes on the market. Expect peach disposables to take off in popularity if other manufacturers are able to match the artistry and execution of this flavor.


Frozen Mango Posh Plus


There are so many mango disposables on the market that we limited our search to pure mango nic salts without menthol. For this reason, you will not find Frozen Mango in our list of best mango disposable vapes. But this certainly does not mean that it does not belong and is not a tremendous flavor, only that it has menthol and we narrowed the field by omitting those. One of the best Juul Mango alternatives, the menthol is not overwhelming and the balanced tropical flavor of mango is there by the bushel-full.


Minty Melon Posh Plus


Minty Melon Posh Plus was at the top of the class when we took a long and hard look at the Best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes. The watermelon is sweet yet mild, adding an airy elegance. Mint is a prominent player, making this one of the icier Posh Plus flavors.


Banana Smoothie Posh Plus


A class leading banana nic salt with a hint of mint, this is easily one of the best banana disposable vapes. Banana is an outstanding ejuice flavor that many adult vapers enjoy. It somehow has less of an artificial vibe than many banana infused sweeties and the creaminess of banana lends itself to great nic salt vaping.  


Minty Lychee Posh Plus


How many adult vapers were familiar with the flavor of lychee a year ago? Well they are now, as lychee is one of the hottest nic salt flavors on the market. Usually paired with menthol, it has a rich and tropical flavor that is more complex and dank than mango. Posh Plus did their usual great job with this one, earning a slot in our showdown of the Best Lychee Ice Disposable Vapes.


Tobacco Menthol Posh Plus


The majority of adult vapers prefer sweet and fruity flavors. A study of 69,000 adult vapers who were former smokers found that tobacco was a far less popular option. That being said, there has always been a minority of adult vapers who prefer tobacco. And intrusive state regulations, failing to account for the real reasons why kids vape, have made flavors their primary target.



It is good news for adult fans of cigarette alternatives that have been cut off from their preferred flavors that Posh Plus did such a great job with Tobacco Menthol. There are many states where the previous flavors are not even an option and this satisfying disposable is the last viable option.




Puff Plus


If you are one of the majority of adult vapers who prefers flavored vapes and wants an easy to use device, what is better than a Puff Bar? How about a huge Puff Bar offered in the most popular Puff Bar flavors. The Puff Bar Plus holds 3.2ml of ejuice and comes with a 550mAh battery. One of the largest disposables on the market, you should be able to extract multiple days of vaping out of this high quality device. With a nicely shaped mouth piece, it delivers the flavor and mouth to lung vaping performance of a Puff Bar but with a lot more staying power. Despite the enhancements, it remains a compact device.


Lychee Ice Puff Bar Plus


Lychee tastes like lychee. There is no directly comparable flavor and it makes for an incomparably delicious nic salt when blended with menthol ice. Puff Bar has long made one of the best and the Puff Plus Lychee Ice delivers the same high standard of flavor.


Cool Mint Puff Bar Plus


A great Juul Mint alternative, one of the trademark flavors in nic salt vaping works as well in the Puff Bar Plus as the Puff Bar. This is a good thing for adult vapers and ex-smokers alike. Cool Mint Puff Plus is icy with a hint of sweetness. A fine all day vape.


Mixed Berries Puff Bar Plus


One of the Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives, the variety of berry flavors here does not detract from the cohesion. A fine mix of sweet with a bit of tangy tart and very authentic, fresh-picked flavor notes. Mixed Berries Puff Plus also makes a great Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternative.


Peach Ice Puff Bar Plus


A nectary and quite realistic peach flavor mixed with a cool dash of mint. What a great combination! You know the peach flavor. Who doesn’t? And it works perfectly in a nic salt. Peach Ice Puff Plus is tremendous.  


Guava Ice Puff Bar Plus


It has not even been a year since disposable vapes introduced the lychee flavor profile to adult vapers and now we another amazing tropical fruit vape flavor to enjoy. The subtle tropical brilliance of guava may make it the next big flavor in vaping. Guava is an aromatic fruit but milder than banana or papaya. Combined with ice cold menthol, it makes Guava Ice Puff Plus a smooth, sweet but subtle all day vape. With a pinch of zing almost akin to a pineapple or citrus, it is a unique flavor that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.


Strawberry Watermelon Puff Bar Plus


Puff Plus Strawberry Watermelon combines a pair of time tested nic salt flavors to create an ejuice that is even stronger than the sum of two very formidable parts. The strawberry flavor is bold and does not fall into the category of saturated overly and sweet artificial strawberry. Instead, there are robust tart notes that balance out both the sweetness of the strawberry and the rock solid watermelon nic salt that serves as this disposable vapes foundation.


Watermelon Puff Bar Plus


The Watermelon Puff Plus demonstrates how just plain watermelon has more than enough flavor to stand on its own. The light, airy and sweet flavors of fresh watermelon really shine. The fruitiness shines brighter without the frigid menthol finish. It may not be a lush ice but adult vapers are sure to love the Watermelon Puff Plus.


Pina Colada Puff Bar Plus


Sweet fruits can get to be a bit much for some former smokers who have switched to vaping. The addition of creamy coconut in the Pina Colada Puff Plus largely remedies this concern. Still sweet, there is a richness and smoothness that make this beloved beverage a great disposable e-cig flavor.