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Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of disposable vapes to make sure that adult vapers can always find the flavor profile they are looking for. By offering so many brands, even if your favorite device is sold out or not available, you should be able to find a very comparable device in the same flavor. This is great news for adult vapers because unlike prefilled vape pods, disposable vapes are still available in the bright and bold colors that they prefer.

Although the assortment of vapes we offered always had some variation, the range of disposable ecig nic salt capacities ran from about 1ml to 1.8ml, with the vast majority holding 1.3ml. This made the one-to-one comparison of different brands easy but did nothing to help adult vapers who were looking for a longer lasting disposable. All of this has changed very recently and a crop of outsized disposable ecigs are starting to hit the market.


There had already been larger devices like the Sea Air and Posh Plus, but the next generation of disposable ecigs take ejuice capacity to a whole new level. 


Longest Lasting Disposable ECigs


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When we recently reviewed the longest lasting disposable ecigs, one device stood out in the lineup of all-stars. The Posh Plus XL holds an outrageous 5ml of nic salt ejuice with a nic strength of 6 percent. This is over twice the capacity of the original Posh Plus, 2ml capacity, and even larger than the 4ml Puff Bar Flow.


The Posh Plus XL definitely has a bit of weight to it, feeling like a high quality ecig, but is still less than 4.5 inches in length. The ejuice is loaded into  It is fairly narrow, not much wider in diameter than a regular Posh Plus.



There is a lot of overlap in flavors between the Posh Plus XL and Posh Plus but the longevity and ejuice capacity difference is huge. Like the Posh Plus, the ejuice in the Posh Plus XL is loaded into a long-lasting cotton polyfill. In eGo style ecigs, this setup can make it through 15ml before needing a change, which means the Posh Plus XL shouldn’t lose much flavor during its prolonged life.


The Posh Plus XL has a nice shaped mouthpiece and comes with cap. This is a nice feature as this is not a disposable that can be finished in a day and it prevents dirt and crud from finding their way into the device.


The only device capable of matching the Posh Plus XL in capacity is the long-legged Hyppe Max.



The Hyppe Max also holds 5ml of ejuice but has a strength of 5 percent. The Hyppe Max is a bit smaller and its LED light is a bit less involved than the Posh Plus XL. Where the Hyppe Max lights up blue to reveal the Hyppe Bar logo when inhaled. Posh Plus flashes through a sequence of colors and has the trademarked posh “P” insignia lightup. Both have four equidistant lights on the perimeter of the base as well, which are quite similar in appearance although the Hyppe Max lights do not change colors.



Another disposable of comparable size is the Puff Flow which has adjustable airflow. I rather prefer the Posh Plus XL’s draw more than any setting on the Puff Flow but this is a matter of personal preference. Both brands make great flavors but Posh has the added advantage of still being in business. Puff Bar is now closed.



Posh Plus XL



The Posh Plus XL may have an extra-large capacity but it is still easy to use. All you do is open the packaging, remove the stoppers and cap, and vape. The autodraw device is perfect for nic salts and is silky smooth. It may not have adjustable airflow like the Posh Flow but the mouth to lung draw is just about perfect.


One concern about a disposable this large is that the flavor fades near the end. After all, most disposables have barely a quarter of the capacity of the Posh Plus XL. We are happy to report that the Posh Plus XL pulls strong flavor from start to finish. The effectiveness of polyfill designs may have slipped to the backburner when box mods and vape pods took over, but they are still a formula that simply works. The bright and complex fruit flavors that anchor the lineups of every Posh disposable vape model are if anything bolder and cleaner in the XL than in smaller disposables and even pristine refillable vape pod kits.


One unusual feature of the Posh Plus XL is the LED light at the base. Fans of the Posh Plus probably noticed that the otherwise sleek design is accented by a faux-cigarette butt that glows orange like an ember when in use. An unusual design choice but the light is not particularly bright.


The Posh Plus XL takes this several steps further. An LED Posh logo flashes through a series of different colors when the device is being drawed upon. Maybe it is meant as advertising for a product that has had many traditional marketing channels cut off. Or perhaps it is meant to be whimsical. The LED light certainly does look cool and while not overly bright, is certainly tough to miss.


Now let us take a look at the Posh Plus XL’s stacked flavor lineup.


Posh Plus XL Flavors


Blue Razz Ice Posh Plus XL


Blue Razz is a delightful and sweet flavor. It is the quintessential flavor of summer and hard sweets and works even better when the sweetness is cut with a cool menthol finish. Posh has pretty much mastered fruit and menthol nic salts at this point and the Blue Razz Posh Plus XL does not disappoint. One of the best Blue Razz Disposable vapes.


Arctic Melon Posh Plus XL


Honeydew and watermelon are a pair of melon flavors that work perfectly in a disposable vape. What makes this tremendous Posh Plus flavor arctic is a frigid menthol ice that is as smooth as a frozen lake. Not quite a Lush Ice due to the inclusion of honeydew, this is still the exact type of fruit and mint nic salt flavor that adult disposable vape fans love.


Mighty Mint Posh Plus XL


Fruit and menthol nic salts owe much of their popularity to a minty ice flavor that smooths over the sweet and edges and soothes the taste buds. But the most popular ejuice of all is mint and menthol pared down to their most basic element. This is exactly the flavor that Mighty Mint Posh Plus delivers. The precision and clarity of this nic salt makes Mighty Mint Posh XL one of the best mint disposable vapes and certainly among the largest.


Cool Grape Posh Plus XL


Whether it is grape, gum or eliquids, the classic flavor of Concord Grape is unmistakable and aims to please the taste buds. Although sweet, there is enough signature grape flavor to keep this flavor from becoming cloying. And the exhale of menthol ends each puff on a cool note.


Kiwi Berry Ice Posh Plus XL


In a world of disposable vapes dominated by the bright and sweet fruit flavors that adult vapers prefer, kiwi is just about the brightest and most tropical flavor all. The tantalizing sweetness never oppresses the taste buds and melds perfectly with a complex mixed berry base. The kicker is the cold menthol exhale which pulls the complimentary elements together into a cohesive and delightful nic salt.


Frozen Lychee Posh Plus XL


The crisp and tropical complexity of lychee nic salts have been a revelation for adult vapers everywhere. Never before has a more obscure fruit proven to be better suited for mouth to lung vaping. The ice is a crucial element. There is a reason why every disposable ecig comes in this flavor. It is that darn good. An ejuice flavor found in the Posh Plus, this is one of the best lychee disposable vapes.


Frozen Apple Posh Plus XL


A shiny and ripe green apple, there is a juicy foundation here that the icy mint plays off of. Fans of iced fruit vapes will love this signature vaping flavor.


Peach Iced Posh Plus XL


Peach has inspired countless delicious ejuices and the Peach Iced Posh Plus XL can join this illustrious list. Sweet, complex and unmistakable peach, the wisps of icy menthol provide a cool throat hit but do not mask the delicious fruit flavors.


Strawnana Ice Posh Plus XL


Popular disposable vape flavors seem to come in waves and the most recent craze is the combination of strawberry and banana. The creaminess of banana works well with the tart strawberry. A combination that is as good in a fruit bowl as it is in a nic salt.


Minty Strawberry Posh Plus XL


The creaminess of banana works well with the tart strawberry. A combination that is as good in a fruit bowl as it is in a nic salt.


Frozen Mango Berry Posh Plus XL


One of the best mango disposable vapes, mango has always worked great as a nic salt and adding icy menthol was a master stroke. If you are still looking for the best Juul Mango alternatives, consider the Frozen Mango Berry Posh Plus XL a great starting point. The addition of a balanced tart berry element really draws out more flavor and the smooth disposable Posh Plus XL is perfectly suited for this type of sophisticated nic salt vaping.


This is the style of vaping that the majority of adults prefer, as demonstrated in Dr. Farsalino’s study of 69,000 adult vapers and former smokers. If you are in the market for the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternative, this flavor is also worth a shot.